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Interested in Marrying a Princess Lost in America?


Just recently, Ian Usher of Australia, sold his life and belongings for $399,300 through eBay. He made the move to start a new life after breaking up with his wife. He was hoping for $500,000 but settled for less.

But even before that sale is finalized, here comes another odd offer. Deven Trabosh, a 42-year old single mom, is looking to sell on the Internet her four-bedroom home in South Florida and a chance at marrying her.

Her ad on Craigslist says: “Marry a Princess Lost in America. Traveling Lady in immediate need of her Prince Charming, someone who wants to share & create magical moments, imaginations & fantasies for LIFE!!! If you want to live the never ending dream and experience the real love, life and the romance you have always felt was a fairytale then this is the vibrant outstanding woman of your dreams!”


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6 Responses to “Interested in Marrying a Princess Lost in America?”

  1. Scott C. Arnold

    If I had the money to spend, I would say yes to her ad. My priority would her, not the house. If she likes the average guy, let me know.

  2. deeply in love with you.

    hi im very interested in you. im from singapore. do you mind? and im deeply in love with you. i believe love at first sight. this is it. now i have fall in love with you. trust me. i am true towards you baby.

  3. Mitch

    America the land of crazy things lol, she looks nice,i wonder how nice her daughter looks from 21:p

    This now came on a news site in belgium(europe):p

    strange world…nice women,nice house…looking for love…why?Love is all around dont search for it,love have to find you…thats what i think;)

    byebye greetz from belgium:p

  4. shaffie

    I hope to meet the princess but being given a chance at first

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