Family pranks Grandma as she touches screen prompting shark attack

Horrific Shark Attack Caught On Tape: Family Looks On As Great White Almost Kills Grandmother.. Kind Of [VIDEO]

Watch this horrific shark attack as a grandmother almost loses her life with her family looking on as the massive shark lunges at the woman.

Kind of.

In all seriousness, watch this incredible prank on a grandmother as her family instructs her to touch a screen that prompts a shark to come flying in out of nowhere and almost break the glass.

Obviously caught off guard, the grandmother goes flying backwards trying to escape the “shark attack” in one of the more hilarious pranks we’ve seen lately.

OK, so maybe it’s not that what you were thinking, but that trip and fall definitely could’ve ended badly!

What would you do if your family pulled this shark attack prank on you?

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[H/T KillSomeTime]