Woman Rushed To ER After Suffering Allergic Reaction To Husband’s Sperm

Most people have allergic reactions to food, certain medications or even household products, such as detergent. But, one woman had an allergic reaction to someone as opposed to something.

According to the Huffington Post, tests revealed one woman is actually allergic to her own husband. As a matter of fact, the allergic reaction was so severe, she actually had to be hospitalized so doctors could figure out what the problem was. Her medical condition was so bizarre she and her husband were featured on TLC’s popular series Sex Sent Me to the ER.

For confidentiality purposes, the show’s producers identified the couple as Kristyn and Sean. She reportedly developed several allergies after giving birth to their son. Her condition actually prohibited them from having intercourse for more than a year. However, Kristyn refused to be deterred. She wanted to make her husband’s birthday a special one. So, she planned to surprise him with a romantic night. Unfortunately, the romantic night quickly turned into a complete nightmare.

She began to experience severe swelling and burning sensations. As the allergic reaction worsened, she suffered difficulty breathing and eventually passed out in route to the emergency room.

After a series of tests, doctors discovered that Kristyn had developed condition known as seminal plasma hypersensitivity. While the allergic reaction is relatively similar to a peanut allergy, Kristyn suffers allergic reactions to semen. Needless to say, her husband Sean felt some kind of way by his wife’s strange condition.

“All I heard was that she could be allergic to her husband,” he said on the show. “[I thought], ‘Allergic to my husband how? You mean because he’s too fine? Too good-looking and all that?” Unfortunately, his “good looks” are the least of her problems.

Dr. Carmela Yomtoubian, an emergency room physician at Loma Linda University Medical Center, briefly shared details about the rare condition.

“During pregnancy, a woman’s immune system is mildly suppressed in order to not reject the baby that is growing inside of her,” she said. “During this time period, if the patient is exposed to some sort of new allergens, she can develop a hypersensitivity to that thing.”

An allergist also confirmed that Sean’s seminal fluid was the cause for Kristyn’s allergic reaction. The couple can continue to have sex, but it has been recommended that they use condoms at all times.