Brazilians have more stamina in bed?

‘Bedroom World Cup’: Brazil Has Most Stamina But England Has Most Toys, Says Sex Survey

The finale of the football World Cup is taking place today, Sunday, and excitement has reached fever pitch.

But there is another measure of physical prowess in an area that has been dubbed “The Bedroom Word Cup.” A new survey examined which nationalities are champions in the bedroom, even if their performance on the pitch leaves something to be desired.

The Daily Mail reports that the luxury sex toy brand LELO carried out the research across 30 countries asking 35,000 21-55 year-olds about their sexual habits.

One encouraging figure to emerge was that 79 percent said they were satisfied with their sex lives; the world average for foreplay and intercourse together is 32.5 minutes. Of course, being an average means there are those who last longer, and those who last less.

Brazil claims top place for stamina with 34 percent saying they last for 46 minutes or more. However, in Australia, at least 10 percent of the population have to make do with 10 minutes!


Some 55 percent of the world have had between one and eight sexual partners, but in Japan the figure for half the population is only three, And, for 45 percent of Japanese, it’s all over in 20 minutes or less.

The English and the Greeks appear to compensate for their lack of footballing ability by their bedroom activities, with 25 percent claiming to be “satisfied” in bed. Perhaps they just have lower expectations!

At least they’re better off than the Chileans, where only 13 percent say they are satisfied.

As far as numbers of partners go, 26 percent of Swiss – and 26 percent of Greeks – have slept with over 20 partners. For England, that figure drops to 20 percent.

As in football, many people admit to “playing away.” Unsurprisingly, the French are the champions in this league, with 75 percent of them owning up to “cheating.” Again, as in football, the Latin American countries are very strong in this group, with almost half the populations of Colombia, Brazil, and Chile admitting to not always playing with the home team.

Do people cheat because their needs are unsatisfied, or are the simply tired of faking it?

fake orgasm

Some 50 percent of all sexually active adults have faked it at least once. Once again, Latin Americans are the champion fakers, with up to 70 percent of people from Colombia, Chile, and Brazil owning up to faking. At the other end of the spectrum, less people fake it in Portugal and Greece, and the Dutch say only 6 percent of them ever have.

But then again, if all else fails, there are always sex toys. As Woody Allen famously said about masturbation: “At least sometimes I like to have sex with someone I really love!”

sex toys

Of course, the pleasure doesn’t have to be solitary. Sex toy usage is increasing across the world, but England is way,way ahead with a whopping 94 percent having used or owned a sex toy, and four percent having 16 or more!

Now that Brazil is well and truly out of the Word Cup, Brazilian men can return to their second strongest passion, and maybe try to improve on the 46 minutes!