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Joy Behar, Other Hosts Of ‘The View’ Absent At Sherri Shepherd’s Wedding

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As our own Michael Söze reported earlier today Sherri Shepherd wed Lamar Sally over the weekend and while the Chicago ceremony at the Fairmont Hotel was a private event, it’s being reported that some specific women who should have been there did not attend, those ladies are Shepherd’s The View co-hosts Whoopi Goldberg, Barbara Walters and Joy Behar.

According to one wedding insider:

“I assumed that they would be there as did all of the wedding party and guests, or they should have at least sent a video of congratulations as well as expressing why they regret they could not attend or to show they were at least there for Sal & Sherry in spirit.”

At least two of the shows hosts Whoopi and Barbara were only a few hours away in New York at the time of the wedding, leading to some speculation that they simple didn’t support their fellow co-host.

While the ladies of the view were not in attendance there were still plenty of celebrity pals supporting their nuptials including Elisabeth Hasslebeck and husband Tim Hasselbeck, Jay Tucker, Yvette Nicole Brown and comedian Kym Whitley among others.

According to the Sun Times:

The eatery [P.F. Changs] presented them with a special red velvet cake, the bride’s favorite. One of Sherri’s adoring fans happened to be celebrating her birthday at the eatery, and Sherri graciously took pictures and the fan told her how “skinny she looked.” Local music retailer George Daniels was among the many wedding guests and was seen dancing with Hasselbeck at the reception. (Were they steppin’?)

There’s always drama between ladies of The View but who knows, perhaps they simply couldn’t make it this time around.

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2 Responses to “Joy Behar, Other Hosts Of ‘The View’ Absent At Sherri Shepherd’s Wedding”

  1. DeBora Wealthy Gross

    Really, I don't want to suggest ne decention among the ladies of the view but this wedding has been planned since last year and all of a sudden, Joy gets married on the same day as Sherry and Barbara didn't attend nor Whoopi, WTH…Speechless in NYC…I truly don't get it. As of not now but right now, I've lost love for the OLD TIMERS of the view!

  2. Martha Ann Kieffer Henry

    Oh please! Does anyone really care who did or didn't go to Sherri's wedding? Why was she wearing white for a second wedding and why 3 dresses and why wear one on TV after the fact. It's all too tacky for words!

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