tiny hedgehog

Watch This Tiny Hedgehog Eat A Tiny Birthday Cake In A Video So Cute We Can’t Even…

Feeling Down? Having a great day? Not leaning too far either way? It doesn’t matter. You need to watch this video of a tiny hedgehog and friends eating birthday cakes and wearing tiny birthday hats. Trust us: This is something you need in your life. #TheCuteItBurns

Wow. We haven’t been this overwhelmed by The Cute since that baby goat got a fly up its nose.

Of course, a video like this needs no further words from us. It’s a hedgehog eating a tiny birthday cake. It doesn’t even matter if it’s the hedgehog’s birthday. Just watch it again, and try to act like your world didn’t get just a bit brighter, even on the second go.

The video comes to us by way of Tumblr’s Tastefully Offensive, but it’s from the channel of YouTube user HelloDenizen. You might remember HelloDenizen from previous videos such as Tiny Hamsters Eating Tiny Burritos. If you don’t, here you go. Don’t thank us; just click play.

And, just because this sort of thing can’t be seen enough, we’ve grabbed some select GIFs from Tumblr user HoboLunchBox. Use them wisely.

tiny hamster pigs out
Tiny hamster pigs out.
tiny hamster still going
tiny hamster still going
tiny hedgehog with birthday cake
tiny hedgehog with birthday cake