Through DARPA, our military joins researchers to test brain implants as a possible treatment for PTSD.

Seven Myths About The Brain You Thought Were True [VIDEO]

When it comes to the human body, the human brain is still considered a mystery. As of now, our brain is responsible for the functioning and well-being of our body yet, it is said we only use 10 percent of it. If we are able to land a man on the moon, create nuclear power, and do other wonderful and terrible things on just 10 percent, what would happen if we were at 20, or 50, or 100 percent? Could we even fathom the benefits or consequences? Despite this wonder, there are things about our brain we do know, but there are things about our brain we think we know. For most people, it is what we think is what is taken as fact. Fortunately for AsapSCIENCE, they made a video that shows us the seven myths about the brain we thought were true.

And here is something that will blow your mind too! That part that we use only 10 percent of our brains is also a myth! (The video will explain in detail)

Uploaded on the official Youtube account for AsapSCIENCE on July 6, 2014, the video has now been viewed just over 1.8 million times. Pertaining to its popularity on Youtube itself, it is – at the moment of this article’s publication – the eighth most popular video. Throughout the video, it explains the seven big myths about the brain that we consider to be true. Below are the seven myths listed for easy referencing along with the video.

  1. The bigger the brain, the better.
  2. Alcohol kills brain cells.
  3. Drugs create holes in the brain.
  4. The brain has 100 billion brain cells.
  5. We only use up to 10 percent of our brain.
  6. The dominant side of the brain shows what type of person you are.
  7. We have only five senses.

This video even does a shout-out (or shameless plug) to the company General Electric, or GE to most. The kitchen appliance company has scientists at their global research centers working on learning more about the human brain. As a matter of fact, Business Wire reports that GE is teaming up with NFL and leading healthcare experts to accelerate concussion research, diagnosis, and treatment. Also, Medical Xpress reported that the FDA approved GE’s brain imaging tool for Alzheimer’s patients. In short, it is evident that GE is prominent in the brain field.

As for AsapSCIENCE, we, The Inquisitr, reported on another video they did on eating bugs as a part of our daily diet. It seems the video got traction since a company is trying to make a crickets worth eating for Americans.

In conclusion, this video may not give us anything that may change the world or even improve our lives, but it is always interesting to know how certain things work scientifically, especially the human brain.