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WWE News: Recent Announcement About CM Punk Intensifies Speculated Return

Mark July 17 on the calendar, because that’s the last day CM Punk is officially a WWE superstar. Regardless of his walkout, he is still under a WWE deal until July 17 at 11:59 eastern time. Nothing major has come out, regarding his status, in quite some time. In fact, the last true report of a potential report came out when Raw was in Chicago. On that day, Paul Heyman came out to his music, while trolling the fans in the process.

There are nine more days on his current contract, which begs the question; will he be renewing soon? Well, according to this report, a recent announcement by WWE has amplified the chances of a potential return.

Speculation is once again rife that CM Punk could be returning to WWE now that his wife AJ Lee recently returned. The speculation was heightened on Monday when WWE announced that they were featuring CM Punk on the WrestleMania Rewind episode this week.

Included in another story is the fact that his wife AJ Lee recently came back and won the WWE Diva’s championship. Her comeback to World Wrestling Entertainment seems to have “no bearing” at all on if Punk will return or not. It’s still shocking that two newlyweds can be apart for so long, without any yearning to be together.

If anything will bring Punk back to the WWE, it will be AJ and nobody else. Yes, the money and perks are a great thing, but if Punk and Lee are inseparable, then the proof will come to fruition.

In recent weeks, Punk has been very vocal on Twitter about many topics. When Emma was released, then reinstated in the same few hours, Punk delivered his opinions, without actually giving his opinion. Seth Mates, a former WWE-Creative writer, took to Twitter and offered his thoughts on WWE taking back the termination.

Punk retweeted that tweet, nearly confirming that he still has beef with Vince McMahon, Triple H and the WWE as a whole. Mick Foley even mentioned that Punk doesn’t contact with him anymore like he used to.

The idea of Punk returning to WWE is almost being saturated with speculation and guessing. With his situation, it’s too hard to predict when he will return. It’s been said many times, but everybody returns at some point. For proof, look at Stone Cold, Brock Lesnar, Batista, Chris Jericho, the Ultimate Warrior and Shawn Michaels for good examples.

In nine days, WWE will have a decision to make. They can renew Punk’s deal without even asking him first. On the other hand, the Chicago-native could have an epiphany and suddenly return. At Money in the Bank 2011, he decided to return. It took that long for him to decide that it was time to make change in the WWE once again. The clock is ticking and the ball is in Punk’s court.

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