'Destiny' beta release date set for later this month

‘Destiny’ Beta Release Date Set For Later This Month

The Destiny beta release date has been set, so if you missed out on the alpha you will get another chance to take on Bungie’s latest shooter epic if you’ve already pre-ordered.

The first time, we were given the chance to play as the three classes, and they played differently enough that some gamers already decided what their favorites would be. There was only one map available, but the variety of options was enough to get the participants excited.

Since then, the drone companion voiced by Peter Dinklage of Game of Thrones and X-Men: Days of Future Past fame has been redone. Hopefully the generic sticks in the ground which give the player missions in each round will be upgraded to actual characters, since they felt like a cheap stand-in.

Some gamers who played the Destiny alpha complained that there were no support classes, such as medics and such. By the Destiny beta release date, Bungie might have that potential problem fixed so that each of the classes available will have a side ability to heal teammates.

By the time the Destiny release date hits in September, Bungie is hoping to have the game everybody seemed to generally love mastered. Then perhaps they’ll release more maps and classes in DLC, and possibly add new mission types.

Bungie president Harold Ryan announced with the confirmed dates for the beta:

“As we prepare to launch our first Beta on multiple console platforms around the world, we are excited and eager to open the flood gates. We already love to play ‘Destiny,’ and with your help we can be ready for our launch in September.”

Another potential gripe about the alpha was that it was only available on PlayStation 4, but the beta is being planned for release on all announced consoles, even if the PlayStation consoles will get earlier access.

The Destiny beta release date is set for July 17 on the PlayStation consoles, and almost a week later on July 23 for the Xbox consoles. There is a planned PSN maintenance outage on July 21 and 22, so for a couple of days Microsoft console owners will get some time for themselves to make up for getting access almost a week later. Access to the Destiny beta will end at midnight Pacific Time on July 27.

Only gamers who have pre-ordered Destiny at participating retailers will gain access to the beta. All the codes are currently taken, so there are no openings left.

Will you be joining the rest of the world for the Destiny beta release date?

[image via edge-online]