Anthony Cumia Won't Return To Opie & Anthony, Plans To Start His Own Podcast

Anthony Cumia Won’t Return To Opie & Anthony, Plans To Start His Own Podcast

Anthony Cumia won’t be returning to Opie & Anthony after being fired for posting a series of racist tweets this week, but he reportedly doesn’t plan on leaving radio entirely.

The shock jock was fired Friday by Sirius XM Satellite Radio after posting a series of racially charged tweets about a fight he had with a black woman. In the rant, Cumia referred to the woman as a “savage” and claiming “they aren’t people.”

“It’s really open season on white people in this day and age,” Cumia wrote. “No recourse. Fight back and you’re a racist.”

Anthony Cumia later deleted the tweets.

Now it appears that Cumia will be gone from the show good. A source told the New York Daily News that he does not intend to come back to radio, but instead will start a live podcast-style show from his home in Long Island.

“I would say that he is history as far as any corporate-owned media are concerned,” the source said Saturday.

It is believed that Anthony Cumia would call on some of the comedians he shares time with on the Opie and Anthony show, including Bill Burr, Nick DiPaolo, and Jim Norton.

But Cumia’s fans are still fighting for his return. Many took to Twitter to express their support, including fellow comedian Ralphie May.

Many fans have also signed in on a petition demanding that SiriusXM give Cumia his job back.

“We are hereby pledging to boycott your service until you reinstate Anthony Cumia,” read the petition. “A member of your staff should not lose their job for exercising their First Amendment right to free speech.

Other fans are tweeting screenshots of their cancelled SiriusXM subscriptions, posting them with the hashtags #IStandWithAnthony and #CancelSiriusXM.

Anthony Cumia has not officially announced his plans now that he’s been fired from Opie & Anthony.