Rob Kardashian Birthday

Rob Kardashian Plans To Attend Khloe’s 30th Birthday Party

Rob Kardashian would love nothing more than to hang out with his sister at her upcoming 30th birthday party. Unfortunately, it would appear that Khloe and the rest of his family are extremely concerned about what will happen if he attends the shindig in Las Vegas.

When Rob decided against attending Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s wedding back in May, his relationship with the rest of the family got a little tense. In fact, reports suggest that he hasn’t spent any time with his siblings since Kim’s big day. However, that doesn’t mean Rob doesn’t want to help Khloe bid farewell to her 20s.

According to the folks over at Hollywood Life, Rob Kardashian has every intention of heading to Las Vegas for the upcoming birthday party. Unfortunately, the rest of the Kardashian clan are anxiously biting their nails about the situation.

An anonymous source told the website:

“Rob will be joining in on the festivities for Khloe’s birthday, but the family wants him not to join in the club portion of things due to all the temptations it will bring with alcohol. Khloe wants him there for her birthday but he will be a part of all the private stuff Khloe will do tonight and not the paycheck portion of the night.”

The International Business Times reports that Rob Kardashian’s family is deeply concerned about his struggle with drugs and depression. Khloe is particularly worried about his health at the moment, which explains why she may not want him hanging around Las Vegas while she’s throwing a lavish party.

A completely different insider said about Rob’s relationship with his sisters:

“[Kim] hasn’t bothered to even attempt to talk to him since returning from her honeymoon, [while] Khloe has sent him text messages and left him several voice mails. Rob hasn’t returned any of Khloe’s phone calls or texts. He feels completely estranged from his sisters and family. He really isn’t in a good place.”

Is there any truth to all of this drama? That’s really hard to say at the moment. This sort of stuff tends to follow the Kardashian’s around like a stray puppy, so separating fact from fiction is always a little difficult. Given Rob Kardashian’s recent behavior as of late — including a tweet that suggests he has a son — none of this stuff seems too far fetched.

What do you think about all the Rob Kardashian drama?

[Lead image via The Huffington Post]