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Unemployment Extension 2014: Republican Supporters Claim John Boehner Was Right To Deny More Benefits

Unemployment Rate

The 2014 unemployment extension is still on the lips of many, but now that the unemployment rate has dropped to the lowest levels in six years, it’s claimed by Republican supporters that John Boehner and the House of Representatives were right to deny the extension of further unemployment benefits.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, the new unemployment extension bill in the Senate being created by both a Republican and a Democrat has removed retroactive benefits in hopes of saving money in order to entice more votes out of reluctant Democrats and Republicans. Although the report on the “regular” unemployment rate says the U.S. added 288,000 jobs, the Bureau of Labor Statistics also says the real unemployment rate is still at 12.1 percent and that during the last 14 years there has actually been a net decrease in jobs for native-born American citizens. This is claimed to be due to the large influx of legal and illegal immigrants, who have taken millions of the available jobs.

Charles Krauthammer is a syndicated columnist and Fox News contributor. Speaking about the 2014 unemployment extension, Krathammer claims Boehner was right to deny a vote on the issue:

“These six months which Obama heralds as the largest, fastest growth in jobs in the U.S. since 1999, have coincided with the six months of which we have no longer extended emergency unemployment, long term unemployment. Remember at the end of last year the furious debate, the president, the Democrats saying, if you end this the sky is going to fall, people are going to go starving, there’s going to be an increase in unemployment. It’s had precisely the opposite effect.”

This quote almost sounds similar to those who complained that unemployment benefits have become a hammock for the jobless.

According to an analysis of U.S. Census data by the Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce, the hardest hit demographic to be affected by the lack of the 2014 unemployment extension may have been millennials. This 18 to 29 age group represents 40 percent of the unemployed while Generation X and baby boomers are 37 percent and 23 percent, respectively. In fact, the millennial unemployment rate stands at 15.2 percent, which is almost three times the normal unemployment rate.

The report also claims that millennials are losing out to the older generations when looking for work:

“Since the recession, the youngest job-hunters are being beaten by the oldest. The number of jobs held by baby boomers rose by 9% from 2007 to 2013, a gain of 1.9 million jobs, while the millennial workforce only snagged 110,000 jobs, up 0.3%, according to new analysis by software firm CareerBuilder and labor market data and software firm Economic Modeling Specialists International. (Generation X jobs fared worse, dropping 2.6 million, or 1%.)”

Of course, these reports do not take into account that older generations typically have larger bills like mortgages, car payment, and children’s expenses to worry about while many millennials tend to be single. So if you take that into consideration, the 2014 unemployment extension is most likely needed more by older Americans.

Do you think the lack of the 2014 unemployment extension may have spurred more job creation? Or do you think GOP supporters are missing the mark?

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108 Responses to “Unemployment Extension 2014: Republican Supporters Claim John Boehner Was Right To Deny More Benefits”

  1. Wayne Heddinger

    Republicans are a crock of shit…just like Fox Fake News !

    Today we (the long term unemployed) have started a campaign to contact every Senate and House member to persuade them to vote NO on your new unemployment bill unless it includes retro pay. Otherwise it is a useless bill.

    VOTE NO !
    Call LeBionno – 202-225-6572
    Call Kildee – 202-225-3611
    Call Reid – 202-224-3542
    Call Heller – 202-224-6244
    Call Reed – 202-224-4642
    Call Levin – 888-810-3880
    Call Pelosi – 202-225-4965
    Call The White House – 202-456-1111

  2. Becky Miller

    Okay I read at fox the about 230,000 jobs were added. However, that does not account for the percent fall in unemployment in a month. How are the unemployed being counted. I thought the number of unemployed were the number of people collecting unemployment, another place said the unemployed were counted by the number of people collecting unemployment and people who's benefits expired for 2 months. I also think that the fallen rate is a national average and some state still have higher unemployment. As the average wage fallen for a person with a high school diploma, Ba or graduate degrees.

  3. Ivan Thomas

    If you read that article in its entirety, look at the section regarding older workers. When I was in my late 20s getting PT jobs between contracts was no problem. They all paid better than unemployment As you age that becomes increasingly more difficult as do your obligations if you have dependents. There are many unseen and unexpected things that can devestate your savings and nest eggs (illness, numerous child issues, etc). EUC is a gauze bandage that slows not stops the bleeding No self respecting person wants to make this a career You know this is temporary from the start but the brevity of a notice was not expected. With each extension the benefit decreases which is more incentive to keep pounding the pavement I agree 99 wks may be a bit much up to 73 less so. The bottom line is jobs are available to a segment if the population but not for all. Working people WANT to work. My father in law went back to work after suffering from a dibilitating illness for years and his recovery was long and tedious He was like a toddler at Christmas when someone took a chance and allowed him to rejoin the work force

  4. Anthony Martuscelli

    Does anybody realize that the people who were cut off from the federal extension are no longer "part" of the unemployment statistics. The number only seems smaller because of the smaller number only able to collect.

  5. Eric Hollenbeck

    The jobs were only added in 2 republican states and mostly part time low paying positions… Sounds like they are trying to cook the books again!!!

  6. Anonymous

    WHAT A Sham! Take the cover off and look underneath!!!! Then you will see the real truth! Yes,the unemployment rate ,claims are going down.Everyday someone reaches the extension Mark,then u are no longer are INVISIBLE!!! But,the truth will show its head. The only problem Congress will end up paying more in the long run.They should have voted it in and have a long-term plans for training,employer incentives,raise minimum wage for Ny etc..Just being in Limbo will make it worse .It's goin to backfire.

  7. Anonymous

    Well that's good. Hope you people who are unemployed and happen to be Republican take note that the people you voted for don't think you deserve to be extended on your unemployment benefits. The people who have given up looking aren't counted in stats but the government thinks you are too stupid to know this.

  8. Nick Moore

    The only reason the unemployment rate is down is because of the lack of unemployment benefits. There are no new jobs and less and less of the old jobs. Went to college for nothing. What a load of crap. Have to have years of experience for a job now. How do you get the experience with out a job? Hummmm. BS…

  9. Trina Jones

    It's just as frustrating to read articles such as this one as it is to listen to television news reporters repeating the same rhetoric. They say the job market have improved however I'm not getting called for a face to face interview. I have lost count of how many jobs I've applied for online since the day I got laid off, which was the day before Thanksgiving 2013. To date I've had several phone interviews and 1 face to face interview and that was at a job fair. I have a Bachelors Degree and 15 years of Network Engineering experience. I have applied to Engineering, Project/Program Managers, Customer Service Rep, Analyst, Specialist and Secretarial jobs and I've received nothing. Part time, Full time, Temporary and Seasonal jobs and I've received nothing. In my city, out of my city, in my State and out of my State, and I've received nothing.

    This is all so frustrating. It's all a SCAM. From our Government to the data received on the employment polls to the news media… It's all a BIG FAT SCAM. I will never believe the media again. God please have mercy on me and the others who find themselves in this situation through no fault of their own!

  10. Christopher Scott

    I dont need to read the article its all BS wheather your Republican or Democrate its all BS its true you know it. Just think our country has become a joke.

  11. Alan Motley

    It really is time for the news to report the truth about unemployment.

  12. Barbara McCann

    It seems to me that everyone has a different study to prove or disprove their points – that remains that there are 3 million Americans – young, old, educated, uneducated, servicemen and women that have given years of their lives to serve this country – that lost their jobs and then lost extended benefits and the number will grow to 5 million by the end of the year. If only 1% of these people become homeless there will be thousands of people who can no longer their families – then what?
    UI may be a band-aid – but it covers a large wound and we need UI extended and retroactive now – not a month from now and not after each Republican and Democrat gets their name in the paper.
    Everyone needs to do the right thing – Every single person asking for UI has worked for these benefits!

  13. Ralph Maldonado

    you right they only counting the people that are receiving unemployment benefit only the real truth will be seeing in the November voting, the party that is right will win big in November and then we will know how the people think about the left and right wing parties.

  14. Ralph Maldonado

    Unemployment is not the answer to are problem but at this time we need to keep the support going for the unemployed because it's the right thing to do at this time, we don't need more homeless families in the street. and if you pay 50.00 dollars a week into unemployment in 10 years you paid 26,000.00 dollars and 20years 52,000.00 and 30 years 78,000.00 dollars into the unemployment system that with out interest and not counting what companies pay into it.

  15. Anonymous

    Mr. Krauthammer, Your claim is unsubstantiated, illogical, false and clear lies, you guys go to unbelievable extents to deny president Obama of any credit he deserves.

    The recent and the gradual improvement of the job market is due to the policies adopted by Obama's administration no doubt about it like it or not. You Guys in Fox News are obsessed to get this man even at the cost of your reputation… what a shame.

    I have a logical interpretation of the June Report, which has nothing to do with the long term unemployed
    The long term unemployed are the older and overqualified who were holding a good pay positions and those were the first that the employers laid off and they will be the last to get hired and a lot of them will be forced to retire prematurely, they are good people with good talents just like you and the Speaker and Mr. Rand Paul, they will not settle with the government hand out however the need support to support their families and children who are mostly in colleges, Off Course when the job market improve the median unemployment duration will drop but this applies to the short term unemployment.

    The faithful reading of the report is that there are policies have been implemented which lead to creation of jobs which is a requirement by the speaker of the house to pass the extension legislation and which he should do now to stop the unnecessary suffering of millions of good Americans and their families and support them till they find jobs or retire.

    Finally it is not Patriotic to try to insult the President of The USA all the way and almost on every subject.
    Fox news should stop the daily circus and stop juggling what they call scandals when one fades they grab the other.

    I predict that history will remember President Obama as one of the greatest and most effective presidents of USA who kept the country safe, who kept the world safe who avioded going to wars in spite of all the war hunger people, who ended Iraq war and stopped the blood shed and the killings of American soldiers everyday, till when you want this war to stay….

    GOP stop your cruel standing and act reasonably and fairly, it seems that you want president Obama to be just a symbolic black president

    Thank you

  16. Tamira Gomez

    The 3+ Millions that's waiting on extension How about them counting them i
    f we are able to collect you will See

  17. Cheryl English

    Work all your life to be a citizen that helps build America, investing in it mentally, physically and financially. When you lose your job, unemployment benefits are never enough to maintain and retain what you've worked hard for, the government tug of war ends your only means of support for yourself and your family. Government subsidized public assistance is not enough and to get it you have to deal with some, not all, state employees that may not feel like doing their job some days. Your taxes pays for that benefit to be available to you. When you lose your car, home or anything, who really shows you they care?

  18. Jennifer Giuffre-Campos

    I'm still unemployed and haven't been able to certify like I was told to keep doing since MARCH…she also stated there were thousands like me as well that after something gets voted on then we can go to the local office and tell them. They need to take in account all the Americans that are not able to certify, WHY…because that's the reason the numbers are rising since they won't let us certify anymore!

  19. Ivan Thomas

    You will never alter the opinions of the Krauthammers and their ilk. They obviously think the long termed unemployed have a "George Costanza" approach to dealing with EUC. They will never see them as legitimate. They feel anyone not working falls into the slacker category. And yes all their claims have an iota of fact, but like an iceberg, the mass is unseen and lies below.

  20. Anonymous

    Ivan Thomas ,

    It's time to expose all their lies, twists and bullying

  21. Ivan Thomas

    Its a sad thing that working Americans actually feel Beans (Boehner) was correct in denying aid to former working Americans. Boehner, Krauthammer both have faces that reveal no life behind them, no soul and definitely no compassion. Even the Grinch appears more sympathetic. Folks, these are not "your fathers' Americans"

  22. Anonymous

    The GOP and their leaders live in the past when the population was little, a lot of manufacturing jobs and the workers were rare commodity can negotiate their salaries and their benefits when a one can receive multiple offers and can walkaway from the job he dislike
    confident that he will find a better pone soon. Wake up GOP this was the past.

    the correct understanding of the long term unemployment lead to the creation of the extension benefits as this will take its course until the employers exhaust the younger available pools and then they look to hire the older workers at much less pay if there still vacancies available

  23. Jerry Jones

    I still say when ING and other companies was in trouble the govt was there to bail them out. Those people don't do anything for me. The average working class family who is out of work need help from the folks voted into power by the people to help the people. Now we are asking for help, do the right thing for what you sow you shall reap

  24. Ivan Thomas

    There it is right there and you never hear of that fact mentioned in the articles that support the denying of benefits.

  25. John Blackburn

    You hit the nail on the head with your comments. They simply don't care about us at all but they'll send billions in aid to foreign countries. Getting into political office for them is like hitting the lottery and once there…well we see we're fogotten. I have bunches of resumes out … where I live there are no top paying jobs anymore. You can't pay a car payment and insurance flipping hamburgers at wendys. I may have to bum a ride to the polls in November but I'll for sure remember who to vote for when it's election day.

  26. Jay Filippone

    I sympathize and empathize with you, Trina. The article is very superficial, insensitive and simplistic, for those like us, who are struggling. Don't put any stock in this article.
    Manager are reluctant to hire overqualified people, just as much as those who don't meet the job requirements. Let's try to hang in there. The new liglastion to extend EUC looks more promising than the last and Boehner, has fortunately, been circumvented.

  27. Elizabeth Lisa Gutierrez

    Missing the mark…288,000 jobs are in Texas & Pennsylvania. .. Texas has 177,00 unemployed. Big relief or not. They totally miss the mark. Lets Dissect this a bit further. I swear it's not one wall it's another. That still doesn't do good for 3 million plus families that are trying to beat poverty. School starts up next month what then kid's will start out without school supplies, uniforms, shoes & self esteem…. this is just disgusting. I feel real compassion for the kids that came from Mexico without parents, but they will have things given to them as it should. Do the congressmen, senators or President know how this has impacted the future voters of this nation. What comes around goes around. …KARMA.

  28. Lorrie Wisniewiski

    I think just give us our back pay to help us all outof debt never forget about it we need to hand in money now not waiting till you guys decide

  29. Joann Grippa

    No Boehner is not right on not passing the unemployment extensions. He only cares about the rich, he doesn't care bout the people that are hurting.

  30. Ivan Thomas

    They also know the retroactive payments would get the majority of debt, in some cases, ahead and the rest within reach of getting in the black. That's why it was in the original bill

  31. Allan Murphy

    All the money going to the illegal immigrants sorry america but soon now the rich will be crying because their taking your money next have a nice day !

  32. David Paterno

    This article is ridiculous. There are TOO many people looking for jobs and there are TOO many people that are sitting on the side lines NOT COUNTED and there are too many jobs that are crappy jobs in a recovery that is a low wage recovery. The devil is in the details. You have almost no decent jobs that are manufacturing jobs and the labor force is shrinking plus 3-4 million middle aged people that cannot get back into the work force and that are not getting counted and losing everything they have. These government reports DO not paint an accurate picture of what is really happening. You have MBA people that were making $100K a few years ago working at Walmart as cashiers for $8 now to survive.

  33. David Paterno

    This article is ridiculous. There are TOO many people looking for jobs and there are TOO many people that are sitting on the side lines NOT COUNTED and there are too many jobs that are crappy jobs in a recovery that is a low wage recovery. The devil is in the details. You have almost no decent jobs that are manufacturing jobs and the labor force is shrinking plus 3-4 million middle aged people that cannot get back into the work force and that are not getting counted and losing everything they have. These government reports DO not paint an accurate picture of what is really happening. You have MBA people that were making $100K a few years ago working at Walmart as cashiers for $8 now to survive.

  34. Juvon Johnson

    To whom ever live in the state of Ohio. Please vote Joe Boenher out! Remember their is power in the numbers. There are more of us. There is less of them. We have the power. We must use it. Show them who's boss!

  35. Joe Morgan

    Republicans agree with Boehner to keep struggling Americans Tax Dollars for THEIR Agendas. Why is this a story at all. It's the GOP doing what they always do.

  36. Mark Lott

    Five hundred created jobs in Illinois since Jan, 2014. 500! Where's the job growth for that state? How many long-term unemployed citizens are amongst the 280,000 who found work? How many of them, are 50 years or older?

  37. Mark Lott

    Report it and we will accept it. Right? Do the media really think that 7 months of living in poverty, after over 35 years of being a tax-paying citizen can be wiped away by a report of job growth? Go tell the proud people of Illinois about that hiring boom and we have a where they at, for you!

  38. Mark Lott

    Truly satan get behind me! There's job growth but not for the long-term, 50 year old, plus, but we're suppose to be content with no retro pay to help get out of the financial ruin the Republicans have sunk us in. Now they can claim a vindication for their evil obstruction of government.

  39. Mark Lott

    To make these long stories short, Mr. Republican, give me my retro pay and I will go quietly away, with a chance to at least start to rebuild my life. Here's your chance at redemption.

  40. Mark Lott

    This job growth report doesn't fool the long-term unemployed. A fair extension is needed. Not one that will only give some, a couple of weeks and others months of compensation, when this Congress know that there aren't any jobs. Not did the 3.5 million, that have been left to live in poverty for 7 months! Age discrimination is a silent enemy of the workforce, unless you are employed as a Congressman.

  41. Anonymous

    To Juvon, I am from Ohio and registered Republican but I am a huge swing voter. We had an election in May and Boehner won big, but not by my vote. Unemployment is bad here too and we have been voted number 8 worst state to live in. Boehner knows he won't win in November and is considering not even trying. I think many politicians are finally getting the message.

  42. Mark Lott

    Instead of crafting lies about a job growth that unemployed people don't see, why not craft a fair unemployment extension with retro active pay. For our pain and suffering to stop now, agree to issue a lump sum check now.

  43. Peter L Tomaino

    well . let me see,
    No home now
    I got a pt job the pays less then when i was collecting
    I am not 4000 plus in the red
    No car anymore , because we lost just about everything
    So the only job I could get was a few hundred feet near my moms home
    At this rate it will take me 2 years to recover
    So yeap , he was right , it made me take a job that I have no skill for , major pay cut and became homeless
    Thank you Speaker of the House , I hope you enjoy your BBQ , I wish I could say the same, but we don't have a BBQ or enough food to use one for or even a place we can use it in the first place

  44. Peter L Tomaino

    Ralph Maldonado Good like n tracing the money , I called 2 congressmen officers , and they have no clue where the trust funds are or how much is there. But if you do some quick math :
    Base on the idea there is 350 million people in US
    say half are working , 150 million
    now say 1000 a year is paid in to the trust fund
    that is about 150 billion , now if the fund is paying out 12 billion a year , where is the rest of that money ? Now lets assume they use it for other things , well now they have to pay it back and blaming us for that issue.
    But then these are the same people the are helping GE to get their tax cut and lay off more people to send jobs over seas , but yet they want to have a job's bill attached to it. We can't win ,
    Trying call your congressmen up , ask them , "where is the money in the trust fund ?"

  45. Kathi Cardenas

    It certainly hasn't helped me. Still 60 & unemployed despite daily job search. Between my age & my Masters degree, I can't seem to get hired for mid level jobs, & I'm considered too old for positions at my usual level. I continue to apply but thus far, no luck despite a lifetime of stellar work performance.

  46. Cort Kendall

    You are just one person…quit making this about yourself. Many people are getting jobs and good ones too. Whose fault is it that you're not competitive? Huh?

  47. Juvon Johnson

    To henize Pam. I'm a independent. I also swing vote. What Joe Boenher is doing. Is just plain wrong. We are the working class! We are the tax payers! Therefore give us what's do to us! We are asking for help. Not a hand out!

  48. Anonymous

    I agree 100%, but for one man to have such complete control over so many lives leads me to believe that we have many in the House that are afraid to stand up and fight for what is right. We are the backbone of this country and deserve more than what we have been given. I feel like a dog waiting for someone to give me the scrapes from their plate.This country is better than that and we have to show the Senate, Congress and the White House we will not be silenced

  49. Harv Bhatia

    GOP has to address this problem through systemic process to regenerate long term economic outlook. This means taking very hard measures against systemic bias. Our system vulnerabilities are lot more exposed and GOP must contain these vulnerabilities and restore credibility among American people in a bipartisan way which includes unemployment insurance. The American system wasn't carved on flimsy rules and changing party allegiances but values or American utilitarian model which frankly many will never see for all their lives.

  50. Juvon Johnson

    If I learned anything from this. Stay informed and pay attention. To who are elected officials are. I did find a job. But I do miss my old job. I was layoff. My company said I might get called back. In Oct/Nov. But I'm looking for a second job now. No I won't enjoy my summer. I'm nt worried. Bout that now. I need to keep a roof over my head. I want to buy a used car. That I can work on. But I know we all going to make it! There's nothing wrong with Republican

  51. Juvon Johnson

    There's nothing wrong with being a Republican

  52. Ivan Thomas

    Longfellow Deeds in the original movie said if he saw two men in a river swimming for their lives with one struggling but making his way and progressing and the other one drowning and he could only help one, he would assist the one drowning. Our congress and media not only will they not help and castigate the struggling man will also gleefully watch the other one drown. These people are in public service. To WHAT public. Oh do we need term limits. Rangel is on his 23rs term. Talk about welfare we've been supporting him over forty years for doing nothing and have given him a jet setting life style. I wonder why that no talented phony Robin Leach never interviewed him

  53. Jeff Evans

    They send 3 million+ long term unemployed into poverty with no benefits, stop counting them, and then brag that unemployment has been reduced. Our government is corrupt beyond belief.

  54. Myles Kinnard

    Why don't you make the headlines read Boehner hiding behind fraudulent numbers?? but you print this republican supported bull. get wrenched….

  55. Bob Polen

    i have never read or heard so much bul.. sh over dening.. 3 million Americans a way to survive and pay rent and food f Boehner and anyone that supports such a stupid thing approve it Cngress now we need help we are hurting and bad,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, or u get voted out asap Buhner is a jerk………………….

  56. Bob Polen

    bull fire Boehner and Congress US citizens are hurting no rent money no food oh give it to another country 3rd world we don t care f u

  57. Zachary Shaw

    The unemployment rate has dropped due to the change in the way the numbers are calculated. Of course they don't want to extend UI benefits, b/c that would raise the unemployment rate. As it stands now, if you're not receiving benefits, you're not unemployed.

  58. Micee Jon Julu

    A real study would be staying a week in the house of those that can't pay their bills or feed their families…. because everyone in Washington wanting to prove the next wrong as if someone keeping score on ESPN

  59. Jeff Cleckley

    Bullshit! People have lost everything and fell off the statistical reports. because they cant file anymore they are not counted. I tell you mr republican, they are still here 3 million and couting!!! Fire them all on election day. All of you koch brother minion!! Die slow!

  60. Jeff Cleckley

    This isnt even news. Its propaganda bullshit.!!! You can fool some people sometime, but you can't fool all of the people all the time! Dont let them fool ya….bob marley

  61. Juvon Johnson

    I wish Joe Boehner would choke on some BBQ. He has to be the dumbest. Most evil congressman of all time!

  62. Adrian Holmes

    The BLS did their usual monthly propaganda dump and their compatriots in the corporate legacy media dutifully spouted the mantra about a recovering economy. Maybe these faux journalists could ask about the quality of the data when the prior month’s previously announced job growth of 282,000 was “revised” slightly downward to 204,000.

    THAT IS A 28% MISCALCULATION. If the numbers I reported to my superiors were off by 28%, I’d get fired on the spot. The government drones at the BLS get bonuses for being that accurate with their made-up numbers. How come their numbers are rarely if ever revised higher? How much do you want to bet that this 288,000 figure will be adjusted dramatically lower next month, and ignored by the MSM?

    If the economy is booming again and businesses are hiring like gangbusters, why did 111,000 more Americans leave the labor force in June?
    Why have 2.4 MILLION working age Americans left the labor force in the last year while only 2.1 Million Americans found wretched service and part-time jobs in the last year?

  63. Ivan Thomas

    Where are these jobs? The fact that politicians are calling out the character of the unemployed is amazing. These hubris ridden whores who spend more time concealing their graft as opposed to "serving the public" They have all been bought and paid for

  64. Mary Horn

    Ralph Maldonado employees do NOT pay into unemployment. Employers do.

  65. Mary Horn

    Exactly! A lot of people have simply given up and no longer file a claim each week. They have been effectively FORCED INTO RETIREMENT from not gaining employment and not getting any more long term unemployment. Instead they are collecting on their pensions and/or social security to make ends meet. They have to do something to not become homeless, after all. They are not in the numbers of the unemployed. Lots of other people simply gave up in the face of homelessness. I just finished my state unemployment benefits and given the fact that there is no federal u/e extension, I question whether to even bother filing pointless claims myself. I will continue to do so however, because EVERY PERSON WHO FILES COUNTS TOWARD THE GREATER GOOD OF THEIR FELLOW PEOPLE WHO STILL NEED THE BENEFITS TO BE REINSTATED.

  66. Peter L Tomaino

    here is an idea , How about making the fund privately run?
    That way the feds can't borrow from it like they do with everything else.
    This way employees and employers can have better control of i? Or do you think it would have more issues ?
    The main reason I would say to make it this way is that an insurance company would have more rules to follow on how the money is saved in it, with the fed controlling it, they can do just about anything they want with any extra money left over at the end of the year , a private company just rolls over that money

  67. Rose Jones

    Missing the point, ive been laid off for 4 months and there r no jobs paying anything for a 44 yr.old male with kids. How am i suppose to survive on 9 bucks an hour. Ive worked since i was 15 and never complained when they taxed the hell out of me but now they want to turn their heads. They should be embarrassed to call themselves leaders.

  68. Valley Mall

    Peter L Tomaino Federal Unemployment Tax is paid for by employers! Even as we speak these employers are paying into this system with every payroll. To say this isn't funded shows not only ignorance on the part of law makers but how this is part of a partisan battle about the budget.

    The Federal Unemployment Tax Act (FUTA), with state unemployment systems, provides for payments of unemployment compensation to workers who have lost their jobs. Most employers pay both a Federal and a state unemployment tax. A list of state unemployment tax agencies, including addresses and phone numbers, is available in Publication 926, Household Employer's Tax Guide. Only the employer pays FUTA tax; it is not deducted from the employee's wages. For more information, refer to the Instructions for Form 940 (PDF).

    This is from the IRS website:

  69. Mariano Angel Rosado

    True our country fell off i hate how were not getting our insurance that's i dont believe in house car an watever else insurance to be so much money "where does it go " it shouldn't be hundreds of dollars

  70. Mariano Angel Rosado

    They are testing us or playing there not passing shyt n i stop claiming beginning of June but reading sum of these comments im starting to again srry for giving up but wat else to do ,,,,

  71. Peter L Tomaino

    Valley Mall i know that , what I am asking , if X number of people are working and the tax is collected , where is that money going? If only 6% of the work force is out of a job , 94% paying into it , where is the extra money ?even if only 100 million people are working , that would be over 100 billion in the fund , they are paying out 20 billion a year , where is the other 80 billion? Yes these number are not real, but when I tried to ask about these number, no one seem to have an answer

  72. Angie Taggart

    Mary Horn In Ohio you can not input a claim once benefits run out. I did continue to apply for jobs for an additional 6 months after the EU terminated but I'm done messing around with trying to apply for jobs. Most the jobs that I was supposedly 'qualified' for were offering less than half of my former salary and the terms of employment were less than desirable. I'm one of the lucky ones who managed to put aside money in savings… I am as careful with every penny as humanly possible to try to make it last until I can get into my 401K without incurring any penalties. Not gloating here at all… I'm sickened when I think about the families that have been so severely affected by the ABSOLUTE DISDAIN that this REPULSIVE CONGRESS has towards those who aren't able to find a DECENT job at a LIVING WAGE. VOTE BLUE IN NOVEMBER AND IN ALL FUTURE ELECTIONS… the republicants are NOT working for the average middle or working class person; they've all been bought by the corporations for campaign contributions (only a braindead moron would believe they're working for their constituents). Corporations are NOT people!!!.

  73. Angie Taggart

    Just one more point to make… and I'm furious about this whole thing. I'm not desperate for a job and feel that for someone like me, whose spouse recently retired with a pension, I have savings, and we are debt free… it would be morally bankrupt for me to take a job off of someone who actually NEEDS the money. I really don't need much for myself, just to help pay the household bills and an occasional personal purchase (on sale or clearance). I was a single mother for a long time and can't even imagine not being able to find a decent full-time job with benefits and working hours suitable for those with children to raise. The way this congress has conducted themselves with their obstructionism is beyond treason… and we ALL know it's nothing but blatant racism and politicking. No Republican will EVER, EVER get my vote. They love to claim to be oh so very Christian but they are nothing but CHARLATANS. Boehner is the scum of the earth.

  74. Angie Taggart

    henize_pam So hope you are right! I'm not in Boehner's district unfortunately, so wouldn't get the privilege of NOT voting for him. May his career in congress come to a grinding halt… may he fade away like his fake tan should.

  75. Angie Taggart

    Good luck with that… just don't drink the hateraid and good luck finding that mythical creature (a moderate republican and not a far right nutcase).

  76. Brad Smith

    It would be politically beneficial to Republicans to accept the new Senate plan. Why would the Republicans want to go into the November elections with 4 million angry people needing federal unemployment insurance? In addition the Republicans can claim that the real unemployment rate is much higher than the the ridiculous 6.1 % announced.

  77. Lupe Luna

    MAn fuck John Boehner he need to past this fuckin bill we need this extra lil bullshit money fuck the rich snobby people

  78. Bill Toohey

    Why do you have to extend unemployment if the economy is having a massive recover under the benevolent hand of Barack the Magnificent?

  79. John Cash

    This man who sits in a wheelchair. And has everything given to him. Probably knows better. He just doesn't want to bite that feeds him. However the people who are going through this struggle for the last 1 to 2 years no the truth. May God bless us an aboved


    If I become wealthy, I will be generous towards people in need. I will also make sure to destroy the GOP. I am not a liberal, but I have a soul and a heart. Go to my name to seemore

  81. Anonymous

    John Bohner is a POS and so are all the rest of these politicians, there throwing people off unemployment to lower the numbers, im a 55yo service connected disabled veteran, my wife has been taking care of me and my daughter since i have become 70% disabled, ive paid Taxes and on my house for 17 years and worked a steady job for 50 years, they cut my wifes unemployment on 3 july right before the 4th even though her paperwork says she earned enough credits for another full round of unemployment, we were told at the unemployment office by the rep that obama did it, someones lying here. then we were told its only a form letter, if we would have known maybe we could have worked another plan, but we were lied to like a dog. every job she shows up to there are 2-3 thousand candidates, soon we will be foreclosed on and me my wife and daughter will be in the street when everyones in the street where will the money for these POS salarys come from then. Maybe they got one of those 200 thousand dollar jobs for my wife? because we have barley been surviving on 24,000 dollars a year and unemployment was 18 now theres nothing from these greedy Pigs. And 3 additional weeks of unemployment will do absolutely nothing, the longer they wait the more it will cost. There all a damn joke and need to be stripped of there positions and incarcerated for crimes against Americans.

  82. Valley Mall

    Peter L Tomaino Anytime a tax for a certain purpose is not reserved for that purpose and goes into a general fund where it can be spent by the government on whatever it wants to represents bad government. This is exactly what we have here. Moreover when the Federal Unemployment Extension is actually used only in times of high unemployment the states have to borrow the money and pay it back. This basically means that the government collects a tax for a purpose that is never really spent for the purpose intended. To collect the tax, spend the money, borrow it from a general fund, lend it out expecting to have it paid back is not a real insurance program at all. This is why the governor of North Carolina cut it off, because North Carolina owed billions to the federal government already. The Renew UI legislation passed by the Senate would have allowed North Carolina to get the extension without having to pay it back. Now North Carolina is cutting back on the amount of weeks of payment for their state unemployment compensation.

  83. Carmela Leva

    I think you are just as Stupid as those in congress just because you haven't followed people doesn't mean the sky didn't fall for millions the sky has already fell and for others it's falling now. Also the false numbers fail to include the 9 plus million unemployed and not collecting unemployment of course the numbers are going to look good could it be so easy to be deceived I guess you and trillion of others have proven that wake up

  84. Carmela Leva

    I am not worried your day will come and the shoe will be on the other foot enjoy you limited glory now for the short time that's its going to last I will take my pleasure when look from above and see you all in hell where you belong with John leading the bunch gloating about eating steak on the 4th while millions go without

  85. Dana Kilthau

    Mary Horn , depends on the employer as well as the employees… Several companies I have worked for, and have done payroll for choose the 50/50 method. This allows the employee to take that as a tax break at the end of the year, and allows the employer a little breathing room during these tight times.

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