Michael and Catherine

Michael Douglas Divorce Rumors: Split With Catherine Zeta-Jones Imminent Due To Her Smoking Habit?

Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones have been married for over 13 years and during that time have had their ups and downs, as do most marriages, especially celebrity ones.

Having enjoyed a trip to Israel recently, together with the kids, the couple were all smiles. However, rumors are now emerging that not everything is wonderful back at the ranch.

As was reported in the both the mainstream and tabloid media, Michael Douglas battled with tongue cancer for some time, even though conflicting reports suggested that it was actually throat cancer.

Either way, the “C” word is naturally a meaningful and difficult one for Douglas, and being that his wife is a pretty heavy smoker, reports suggest that her smoking habit may be causing an imminent rift.

Showbizspy.com reported that a source who knows the couple spoke about the Michael Douglas divorce rumors and discussed the situation with Catherine Zeta-Jones’ smoking:

“Catherine’s smoking is looking heavier than ever. I think she easily smokes up to two packs a day, and with all the problems Michael has had with cancer, he just can’t bring himself to turn a blind eye. Michael doesn’t want Catherine to make the same mistake and end up as seriously ill as he did. Catherine says she’ll quit smoking when she’s ready, but she’s been saying that for years.”

Despite the fact that Catherine is very health conscious in other areas of her life, when it comes to smoking, it seems she just can’t help herself. The source added that:

“Catherine constantly reassures Michael that there’s nothing to worry about, saying she has her smoking under control, and she’s very health-conscious in every other aspect of her life. But Michael is convinced Catherine’s playing Russian roulette with her health by continuing to smoke, and it’s stressing him out beyond belief.”

It has also been reported by the tabloid press that Catherine Zeta-Jones suffers from bipolar disorder, and that naturally takes its toll on a marriage. Perhaps the bipolar and the smoking are connected in some way, as they sometimes are.

Bearing in mind that Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones had a trial separation just under a year ago, the last thing they need is more stress on a marriage they are trying to fix. And if something as silly as a smoking habit is causing problems, surely Catherine can take steps to give up. Do you agree? Share your comments in the feed provided below.