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Michael Douglas Divorce Rumors: Split With Catherine Zeta-Jones Imminent Due To Her Smoking Habit?

Michael and Catherine

Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones have been married for over 13 years and during that time have had their ups and downs, as do most marriages, especially celebrity ones.

Having enjoyed a trip to Israel recently, together with the kids, the couple were all smiles. However, rumors are now emerging that not everything is wonderful back at the ranch.

As was reported in the both the mainstream and tabloid media, Michael Douglas battled with tongue cancer for some time, even though conflicting reports suggested that it was actually throat cancer.

Either way, the “C” word is naturally a meaningful and difficult one for Douglas, and being that his wife is a pretty heavy smoker, reports suggest that her smoking habit may be causing an imminent rift. reported that a source who knows the couple spoke about the Michael Douglas divorce rumors and discussed the situation with Catherine Zeta-Jones’ smoking:

“Catherine’s smoking is looking heavier than ever. I think she easily smokes up to two packs a day, and with all the problems Michael has had with cancer, he just can’t bring himself to turn a blind eye. Michael doesn’t want Catherine to make the same mistake and end up as seriously ill as he did. Catherine says she’ll quit smoking when she’s ready, but she’s been saying that for years.”

Despite the fact that Catherine is very health conscious in other areas of her life, when it comes to smoking, it seems she just can’t help herself. The source added that:

“Catherine constantly reassures Michael that there’s nothing to worry about, saying she has her smoking under control, and she’s very health-conscious in every other aspect of her life. But Michael is convinced Catherine’s playing Russian roulette with her health by continuing to smoke, and it’s stressing him out beyond belief.”

It has also been reported by the tabloid press that Catherine Zeta-Jones suffers from bipolar disorder, and that naturally takes its toll on a marriage. Perhaps the bipolar and the smoking are connected in some way, as they sometimes are.

Bearing in mind that Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones had a trial separation just under a year ago, the last thing they need is more stress on a marriage they are trying to fix. And if something as silly as a smoking habit is causing problems, surely Catherine can take steps to give up. Do you agree? Share your comments in the feed provided below.

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6 Responses to “Michael Douglas Divorce Rumors: Split With Catherine Zeta-Jones Imminent Due To Her Smoking Habit?”

  1. John Davidson

    Judge doesnt accept statistical studies as proof of LC causation!

    It was McTear V Imperial Tobacco. Here is the URL for both my summary and the Judge’s ‘opinion’ (aka ‘decision’):

    (2.14) Prof Sir Richard Doll, Mr Gareth Davies (CEO of ITL). Prof James Friend and
    Prof Gerad Hastings gave oral evidence at a meeting of the Health Committee in
    2000. This event was brought up during the present action as putative evidence that
    ITL had admitted that smoking caused various diseases. Although this section is quite
    long and detailed, I think that we can miss it out. Essentially, for various reasons, Doll
    said that ITL admitted it, but Davies said that ITL had only agreed that smoking might
    cause diseases, but ITL did not know. ITL did not contest the public health messages.
    (2.62) ITL then had the chance to tell the Judge about what it did when the suspicion
    arose of a connection between lung cancer and smoking. Researchers had attempted
    to cause lung cancer in animals from tobacco smoke, without success. It was right,
    therefore, for ITL to ‘withhold judgement’ as to whether or not tobacco smoke caused
    lung cancer.

    [9.10] In any event, the pursuer has failed to prove individual causation.
    Epidemiology cannot be used to establish causation in any individual case, and the
    use of statistics applicable to the general population to determine the likelihood of
    causation in an individual is fallacious. Given that there are possible causes of lung
    cancer other than cigarette smoking, and given that lung cancer can occur in a nonsmoker,
    it is not possible to determine in any individual case whether but for an
    individual’s cigarette smoking he probably would not have contracted lung cancer
    (paras.[6.172] to [6.185]).
    [9.11] In any event there was no lack of reasonable care on the part of ITL at any
    point at which Mr McTear consumed their products, and the pursuer’s negligence
    case fails. There is no breach of a duty of care on the part of a manufacturer, if a
    consumer of the manufacturer’s product is harmed by the product, but the consumer
    knew of the product’s potential for causing harm prior to consumption of it. The
    individual is well enough served if he is given such information as a normally
    intelligent person would include in his assessment of how he wishes to conduct his
    life, thus putting him in the position of making an informed choice (paras.[7.167] to

  2. John Davidson

    This pretty well destroys the Myth of second hand smoke:

    Lungs from pack-a-day smokers safe for transplant, study finds.

    By JoNel Aleccia, Staff Writer, NBC News.

    Using lung transplants from heavy smokers may sound like a cruel joke, but a new study finds that organs taken from people who puffed a pack a day for more than 20 years are likely safe.

    What’s more, the analysis of lung transplant data from the U.S. between 2005 and 2011 confirms what transplant experts say they already know: For some patients on a crowded organ waiting list, lungs from smokers are better than none.

    “I think people are grateful just to have a shot at getting lungs,” said Dr. Sharven Taghavi, a cardiovascular surgical resident at Temple University Hospital in Philadelphia, who led the new study………………………

    Ive done the math here and this is how it works out with second ahnd smoke and people inhaling it!

    The 16 cities study conducted by the U.S. DEPT OF ENERGY and later by Oakridge National laboratories discovered:

    Cigarette smoke, bartenders annual exposure to smoke rises, at most, to the equivalent of 6 cigarettes/year.


    A bartender would have to work in second hand smoke for 2433 years to get an equivalent dose.

    Then the average non-smoker in a ventilated restaurant for an hour would have to go back and forth each day for 119,000 years to get an equivalent 20 years of smoking a pack a day! Pretty well impossible ehh!

  3. PennyWhistle Cameron

    If she smokes she is NOT heath conscious. If she's smoking 2 packs a day, she's smoking to curtail her appetite That is NOT healthy.

  4. Josephine Ryan

    I knew she smoked, but 2 packs a day is not healthy. I've lost love ones due to their smoking.
    Catherine needs to seek professional health to quit the habit!

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