'Sin City 2' clip: Jessica Alba goes crazy as Bruce Willis watches

‘Sin City 2’ Clip: Jessica Alba Goes Crazy As Bruce Willis Watches [Video]

A new Sin City 2 clip shows us a different kind of character for Jessica Alba. In the first film, a stalker was after her character Nancy Callahan while a not so secret admirer, played by Bruce Willis, went out of his way to protect her. He even went so far as to commit suicide by the end to keep her safe.

Either the suicide didn’t work or Bruce Willis’ character Hartigan is a figment of Nancy’s imagination now, because he shows up in this scene taking place in her dressing room. She seems to go from an innocent survivor of a murderer’s plot to a possible assassin with a revolver and a taste for blood.

The Sin City: A Dame to Kill For scene starts out with a murderer laughing in a photograph before Jessica Alba walks up to a three way mirror looking like she’s at her wits’ end. A pair of scars adorn Bruce Willis’ head, possibly indicating that he survived his suicide from before, as she thinks about what she’s going to do.

As the Sin City 2 clip continues, we see her start to chop her hair off dramatically while considering just going crazy. She may have cut more than her hair afterward, because when Marv (Mickey Rourke) appears near the end a completely different looking Nancy raises her head and reveals scars all over her face like a symbolic mirror of his.

This film might be Marv’s attempt to move on after his horrible luck with Goldie in the first Sin City, and now it seems his new love interest is getting mixed up in the corruption. One of the trademarks of the first film was that nothing seemed innocent, and anything that was innocent eventually got caught up in the criminal activities erupting everywhere. The color scheme mirrors this in shades of black, grey, and white, and shocks of red on occasion.

It appears this time Nancy Callahan is going to lose what innocence she had left.

What do you think of the new Sin City 2 clip?

[image via alphacoders]