Tyler The Creator Vans

Tyler The Creator Makes A Deal With Vans

Looks like another rapper has closed a deal with a very popular shoe company. According to Complex, Tyler The Creator is working with Vans once again to add a core part to his clothing brand Golfwang.

Tyler, who worked with Vans last year for Syndicate Old Skools collection, is teasing an entire new collection. Tyler The Creator took to Twitter to let fans and shoe heads in on the new line. It’s a very colorful looking Vans shoe which is a departure from the earthy hues Vans usually goes for.

That said, it fits the Odd Future rapper’s fashion sense in a big way. From the looks of it the bright green shoe looks suede and the sole is bright pink. It’s a huge statement to make with footwear but we have a feeling a lot of people will jump on this pair of Vans.

Here’s a look at what the shoes look like:

Tyler The Creator Vans Tyler The Creator's shoe line Tyler The Creator

It’s not a surprise that Tyler The Creator is following in the shoes of Kanye West. Tyler has always had great things to say about the rapper.

Back in 2013 Tyler spoke with PTWSCHOOL about what he thinks about Kanye as a person, and the polarizing views of West’s album Yeezus.

“Kanye is one of the only few people in this industry that I consider a friend. I’ll probably talk to him once a week. We both have a lot of art, and we hate some of the same stuff. I love Kanye. We’re most likely going to have things in the future to come.”

Tyler continued:

“It’s one of those albums where it has to grow on you. There’s songs off the bat that I really like. I like Bound, I love New Slaves, but it’s just one of those things that you have to grow. Everyone listens to music differently.” As for the new Vans that are coming out, the fan reception has been a bit mixed if going by the responses on Twitter.

As for Tyler The Creator’s presence in the media, it’s been heightened due to a pretty gross syrup commercial. Check it out here.

In terms of Tyler’s Vans, this particular shoe collection heads to stores on July 18 via Golfwang.com.

[Image via Twitter/ Image via Bing]