Justin Timberlake, Jessica Biel Enjoy Golfing Double Date As Pregnancy And Divorce Rumors Swirl

Justin Timberlake enjoyed a golfing double date with his wife, Jessica Biel, over the weekend as divorce and pregnancy rumors continued to swirl regarding the couple.

The duo played alongside another unnamed twosome at Burbank, California’s Lakeside Country Club on Sunday. The foursome played the full 18 holes together, and Biel and Timberlake, who are keen golfing fanatics, even wore matching clothes during their game.

A rather sexist eyewitness then condescendingly told E!News, “Jessica was not bad at all. She was athletic and able to play just fine.” They then added, “Justin is pretty good. He appears to practice quite a bit. He celebrated a lot after making his putts on the green!” It’s not known if the insider is a golfing expert, but from his comments I’d predict that he isn’t.

The pair’s golfing escapades come just a few days after Justin’s grandmother decided to reveal that the singer is desperate to have children, but Jessica isn’t quite ready to do so.

“Justin has wanted to have children all his life,” she wilfully explained. “If it were up to him, they’d have a baby tomorrow! Jessica is okay with everything happening when it’s meant to be. They will have a child when the good Lord says they should.”

It’s not known if Timberlake is aware to his grandma’s utterances, but that hasn’t stopped some publications from continuing to report that Biel and her husband of just over two years are on the precipice of divorcing.

The Inquisitr has previously revealed that their schedules had been driving a wedge between them, a situation that will almost certainly not have been helped by Timberlake’s grandma’s comments.

These were then added to over the last few days when it was alleged that Biel and Timberlake have grown apart because of their hectic careers. The same piece also reported that Biel is pregnant with Justin’s baby, before noting that Timberlake had even been seen flipping the bird to a photographer during the aforementioned golf game.

This comes a few weeks after it was revealed that Biel didn’t attend a Saturday Night Live soiree that had been organised to celebrate Timberlake’s appearance as a musical guest on the show. Despite the fact, or maybe because of it, that his wife wasn’t there, Timeberlake made sure he had a good time by partying until the early hours, which has only helped to exacerbate rumors that the pair could be calling quits on their relationship in the very near future.

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