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Beyoncé Confirms Jay Z Cheated On Her During Ohio Concert [Video]

Beyoncé concert

Here we go — Beyoncé has finally made a statement in regards to the cheating allegations. No, we aren’t talking about the group statement made after Solange Knowles fought Jay Z in an elevator. Unlike a natural press release, this statement speaks volumes, and it all went down during the duo’s concert in Ohio over the weekend.

Beyoncé And Jay Z are currently promoting their respective albums, and their relationship, on their co-headlining tour On The Run. The only thing they seem to be on the run from is their relationship. While the couple has always remained a very private duo, Beyoncé kind of let the cat out of the bag and confirmed those cheating allegations when she performed the track “Resentment.”

According to The Mirror, who obtained video of the revealing moment, Beyoncé set out on stage sans Jay Z to sing the track. The song details the story of a woman whose partner does the unthinkable and cheats on her. Now, we can chalk this up to the fact that not all songs are autobiographical, but we think this is a case of life imitating art.

Take for example the original lyrics to the song, which are significantly tamer than what Beyoncé was singing during her Ohio concert.

I’ll always remember feeling like I was no good / Like I couldn’t do it for you like your mistress could

Been ridin’ with you for six years […] I gotta look at her in her eyes and see she’s had half of me.

Instead of those lyrics, Beyoncé decided to add a very colorful and telling change to the performance. She also included the number of years she and Jay have been together.

I’ll always remember feeling like I was no good / Like I couldn’t do it for you like that wack b—h could

Been ridin’ with you for twelve years […] I gotta look at her in her eyes and see she’s had half of me. She ain’t even half of me. That b—h will never be.

Call it whatever you want, spilling tea or snatching wigs, Beyoncé definitely wasn’t having it. Jay Z was rumored to have an affair with his ex-business partner’s ex, Rachel Roy, who worked with Jay Z and her ex Damon Dash at Rocawear.

This pretty much lines up with our previous report that the couple is only sharing the stage on tour, and that’s about it. As we reported, a source told Grazia magazine that the two are definitely not doing the tour to keep the family together, but their image, which went up in flames when Solange attacked Jay Z in the elevator after the Met Ball.

“They’ve both been dreading the tour. Canceling wasn’t an option, so on the surface it’s going to be business as usual, but they’re both struggling with trust issues after the spate of cheating allegations. Jay’s given Beyonce unlimited access to his texts and emails to try and keep the peace, but a lot of their communication will be through assistants.”

Looks like we’ll have to wait and see what happens with hip hop’s most powerful couple.

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121 Responses to “Beyoncé Confirms Jay Z Cheated On Her During Ohio Concert [Video]”

  1. Primo Uomo

    This doesn't confirm anything and she has sang the same wack bitch lyrics on the las vegas special.

  2. Anonymous

    Has it ever occurred to anyone that they are just giving the public what they are searching for? Did an incident happen that caused Solange to act out? Yes, that is obvious. Seems like the general public is the only ones that is NOT over it. In this day and age of people being in other peoples business and reality shows that only show people beefing. Maybe, just maybe they are playing into this. Its keeping their names in rotation and people are buying tickets to their concert because either they think this will be their one and only concert before their "alleged" divorce or they are buying the tickets to look for any sign of them having a rift. Is Beyonce going to go off on Jay on stage, in front of thousands. Of course she changed the lyrics to the song to give you all something to talk about. They have kept their personal life personal for a reason. And, just because one little miss step happened does not mean that they are headed to divorce court and if they were…SO WHAT?? I appreciate both of their music, but geesh people, let them live their lives without all the speculation. Regardless to what happens, I will always be a fan of both of them and I will continue to buy tickets to their concerts as well as their cds, collectively and individually.

  3. Anonymous

    Beyonce and Joe Camel, enough of the bullsh#%@! Next?

  4. Anonymous

    WHYS THIS NEWS~~~ITS THE AFICAN WAY,, CHEAT, RAPE, they don't care, give a "D"..most have 10-20 kids running around and wont support them, , Bunch of savages !!!!

  5. Tigerdewayne Woods

    fuck you punk-ass cracker since you turned into sum racial shit well den lets go there faggot-azz devil..blond haired,blue eyed,dirty feet peckawood go sucka BBC PUNK BITCH

  6. Koch Jnr

    People all up in other peoples personal business.

  7. Anonymous

    That boy is a Nibbler, if you got a Vagina yo a_s is in trouble, them lips will go to quivering and next thing
    you know is Oh baby, Oh Baby, Oh Baby yum yum eat-um up.

  8. Alphonsus Edward Padavano

    I just don't get it. Maybe I 'm too old . But I will be damned if I break my oath to my wife. I am not a Christian , a Jew or a Muslim. but I do belive that vows that are exchanged leave no room for any sort of wiggle. Just this once . Crap if you love someone enough to marry them that's it until she tells you to go away

  9. David R Newell

    Nothing new. That's all these people know how to do is cheat on their partners. They don't know the real meaning of love. Yes maybe they have there own interpretation of love. But not that eternal love that comes from a deep down relationship. Gives these people the chance and they'll take it every time. Men in this class are the worse. They don't know how to keep there pants on when the opposite sex show up. They somehow forget there married or just don't care. He's a bum.

  10. Anonymous

    Last I saw it's a White Family that has 19 kids and counting. The only savages I know about are you racist idiots that love to comment on every story relating to Black people. Get the hate out of your heart instead of constantly thinking of rape and savagery. WE don't think like YOU.

  11. Jeremy Alexander

    If she needs consoling, I'm down. Jay Z looks like a black Rocky Dennis anyway. I would rather dig up and ride mother Teresa's old bones than let that dusty, low rent, second rate rapper even get a smell. She doesn't need the money, so what gives? She needs to hook up with someone like David Beckham, not some buck toothed troll. Expand your horizons and join the swirl. She has more power on a bad day than that 2 bit hustler had in his best year.

  12. Jeremy Alexander

    hansonc63 Not agreeing with that idiot dee.russel, you may not think like we do, but you also don't succeed like we do. The middle ground might do us all a whole bunch of good. Join the swirl 😉

  13. Jeremy Alexander

    Yet here you are lapping it up and posting about it. Sounds like you are exactly the sucker they wrote the story for.

  14. Anonymous

    just shows all the money in the world can't fix everything.

  15. Dee Williams

    It's a given that black men have a lot of children spread all over but that's because they don't pay for abortions as quick as a white man will, but they most definitely hump as much as any other does, white men may have to pay for it more, but they def hump just as much. No one has bragging rights when it comes to cheats. Men in general suck and more and more women too. I don't really care who does what or who does whom, I am surprised in this day and age that people are still so interested in who's in a celebrity's bed. Mind your own revolving doors.

  16. Dee Williams

    He gave her the power. He is the man behind her success. I don't think most know just how much and how long Jay-Z has backed Beyonce even before she left DC. I'm pretty sure he was the instigator to her solo career. That's why she's tricked out to this day…Jay-Z's big pimpin'.

  17. Jeremy Alexander

    Dee Williams Gotta disagree, Jay Z is a great businessman, but he has never been more than a 2nd level rapper. She has been a star since Destiny's Child. Jay Z looks like my drunk grandfather on stage rappin about the yesteryear. Beyonce looks like a mother fuckin sex goddess. She never needed a man to be successful. Jay Z is more famous for being Mr. Beyonce than she is for being married to that turtle lookin troll.

  18. Jeremy Alexander

    Dee Williams The truth is we all need to be better men, no matter what the color. But yeah, I agree. Who is f'in who is nobodies business but their own. Still, with fame come the stares. If you want to get in the game you better get ready for it and save the whiny bullshit for someone that cares.

  19. Anonymous

    Divorce Jigga, hold off on dating for two years, start a relationship with Nas, then marry Nas!

  20. Health City

    we know who the real savages are. People who refuse to see the truth, refused to accept that Jesus was a black man cause it will make them look bad. people who don't know where original mathematics came from. savages are insane people who go around hating and threatening to kill. savages love war, hate, make all kind of machinery to kill humanity. when i see a racist, it reminds me that savage mind are the worst thing that ever happen to humanity since it's inception in Germany by group of savages who inducted it into their system by way of oppressing others- i guess these racist savages didn't know the history of racism too. only savage mind can commit holocaust, lynching, slavery. love the taste of blood. love to see people suffer. so demonic and yet they are breeding and breathing. sometimes i wonder how earth life would be without evil, demonic savages like racist people and other demonic entities floating in our realm

  21. Anonymous

    It doesn't seem like they were ever head over heels in love, it always appeared to be a business deal. Let's face it, immature celebrities like these are never satisfied.

  22. Karime Domenech

    Only in America does a person who looks like JayZ cheats on someone who looks like Beyoncé…Jayz if B ain't good in the Bed train her.

  23. Valerian Phoenix

    Psst! I don't give a flying f*ck. Our government is destroying America and people are worried about two idiots with too much money cheating on each other. Guess what? I don't care…and neither should anyone else with a brain in their head. My child will not be exposed to this crap people call "music" – Beyonce and Jay-Z should be ashamed of themselves.

  24. Sandy Bandy

    Pfff,,,,money goes where money is..they just makin' money and don't give two shits about each other..or anybody else………..that's the mind set of some…hey baby…as long as we look good together and MAKE THE GREEN…who cares…? E-TV

  25. Delois Anderson

    The way this article read I thought Beyonce had spoke directly to the Inquistir writer. Are you kidding you gathered this information from lyrics off a song then you turn around and claim Beyonce confirm Jay-Z cheated on her. This lady Bey her husband Jay-Z and child Blue Ivy were out doors in the Hamptons enjoying a walk down the streets. Why you want to constantly tell off colors lies about this couple.

  26. Anonymous

    you have a hot sexy woman like Beyonce, who is the fantasy of many teenage boys, and yet, you have sex with someone else? can't understand that…

  27. Andy Boley

    Both of these fools have cheated on each other so what is new?

  28. Irene Yuridice Herreira

    If that neanderthal can cheat on such a beautiful woman, then an average chick like me has no hope :( dear loooord

  29. Mark Renner

    every american kid reads this garbage printed by garbage news rag reporters. its no wonder they get every idea about how to act in a relationship from creeps [male and female] who are celebrities!

  30. Csibi Attila

    sounds very christian to me. loyalty (especially in marriage) is one of the main pillars in christian lore/culture

  31. Omar Killingsworth

    you wouldnt happen to be saying these things about jay z because he's young, black, gifted, insanely wealthy and living a much more interesting life than you happen to be living would you david?

  32. James Wilson

    Dee Williams – Good luck trying to make what you said make sense. How do you explain the ridiculously disparate AIDS, herpes, and other STD rates? Whites have the money to pay for condoms?

  33. Philip Mario

    no matter how beautiful someone is…theres always someone tired of….

  34. David Peterson-Debose

    Csibi, Christianity started with Jesus and his teachings which was roughly 2000 years ago, because no one can confirm how long Jesus lived. Loyalty predated Jesus. MosesNoahAbraham are all older than Jesus.

  35. Ahsilat Snave

    ::Sigh:: look up the same song Live at the Wynn in Las Vegas. She has been performing the same song, the same way, with the same "biographical information" for like the last six years.

  36. Anonymous

    No White men like raping little boys and most of them are either a pedophile or homosexual.

  37. Straus Davis

    I can understand you fans are trying to be supportive of their marriage, however, their marriage isn't any better or perhaps worst than most. I don't expect this marriage to stand he test of time. There are simply too many hot, tender, and beautiful around putting it in JayZ's face. Get use to it, these people are in the spotlight too much. I wish them well, but I don't place them on a pastel. They are human.

  38. Arthur G. Jackson

    Stars of The Entertainment relish any form of publicity even personal things like this are great publicity.!!! Trouble with this one is ( Jay Z = "plus one" Beyonce = "Minus one") ??

  39. Aderson Gonzalez

    WAAA WAAA BOO HOO. You'll get over it, once Jay Z gives you a trillion dollars. I don't feel an once of pity for either of them.

  40. Joan Cheatham

    Bey tell that broad to step aside, and get her own dam man. Tell Jay don't ever try u again like that. U can have another one in a min. Irreplaceable!

  41. Toyin Isij

    Yea right…in nature Men are polygamist…marriages do not work mostly because we're restricted to something (monogamy) God does not create man to be. It's that simple…we man can love someone and still have sex with others – you've to understand that's how God made us.

  42. Nat Wash

    He cheated in Ohio, Detroit, LA, Houston, PHX, and coming to your town soon to do it again

  43. Nat Wash

    Jeremy Alexander ,succeed? Not that I care for him, but who's the President now dumbass? Go finish eating your Rice Crispies and blow your nose idiot!!!

  44. Nat Wash

    Omar Killingsworth , no maybe because he's a horndog???? And also maybe he's fed up with that ass wiggling hooch?/?

  45. Leon Garcia

    Csibi Attila Bro…. why does it have to be all about christianity? just shut up for once.

  46. Leon Garcia

    Csibi Attila Bro…. why does it have to be all about christianity? just shut up for once.

  47. Leon Garcia

    Csibi Attila Bro…. why does it have to be all about christianity? just shut up for once.

  48. Leon Garcia

    Csibi Attila Bro…. why does it have to be all about christianity? just shut up for once.

  49. Leon Garcia

    Csibi Attila Bro…. why does it have to be all about christianity? just shut up for once.

  50. Leon Garcia

    Csibi Attila Bro…. why does it have to be all about christianity? just shut up for once.

  51. Leon Garcia

    Csibi Attila Bro…. why does it have to be all about christianity? just shut up for once.

  52. Leon Garcia

    Csibi Attila Bro…. why does it have to be all about christianity? just shut up for once.

  53. Gema Ramirez

    Alphonsus you sound like a true man! These generations now a days do not understand the meaning of loyalty and faithfulness and it sucks to be growing up along with them!

  54. Otto Speilbach

    I would be with Beyonce at least 5 years before I got tired of banging her and needed something new and exciting. Show me a beautiful woman and I'll show you a man who is sick of banging her!

  55. Anonymous

    Toyin Isij …. you say this until the women does it, than the man flips out. I say more women should even up the score.

  56. Rob Eveland

    why does anyone expect him to be faithful.. those in his lifestyle are never shes a fool for marrying him in the first place

  57. Greg Halpin

    Karen McKenzie: so I guess what the great wall, the pyramids, the ice age, dinosaurs, the babylon, persian, hell all of asian must have just sprung up when "god" got bored one a week and "created" the universe which is still growing every day. Woman get with reality and take yourself to a library and read a real book that was written by real people about real events and stop believing they hype of a 2000 year old fantasy that was made up to enslave the popluation and stop a revolution.

  58. Csibi Attila

    Gema Ramirez i may sound like a broken record but when women reward bad boys over good guys, that's what they get.

    PS it's not like women are saintly either.

  59. Csibi Attila

    Leon Garcia does this concept of loyalty exist in other cultures? like in east asian, south asian or midle eastern, even african? NO. that's why. Like it or not it's (judeo) Christian addition that's ingrained in western culture. deal with it.

    PS i never talked about Christianity in any comment section other than this. so take your stereotypically jerkwad atheist ass and kindly piss the fuck off.

  60. Gema Ramirez

    Csibi I dont think I made my comment gender specific! Women as well as men cheat.

  61. Gema Ramirez

    Csibi I dont think I made my comment gender specific! Women as well as men cheat.

  62. Csibi Attila

    Gema Ramirez i know. but i can only approach it as a hetero male.

  63. Tawnymarie Rabon

    What could another women possibly offer the man that has a Beautiful Successful Wealthy chick in his corner? To me cheating is the lamest thing you can do, be upfront and real and let that person go find the real person they are suppose to be with. This goes to show you money can't buy love.

  64. Csibi Attila

    Greg Halpin aww… you're making such a good impression for atheist not being total @ss holes. clap clap clap. you're a smart little boy. and your childish little tirade ain't boring at all

  65. Anonymous

    Did you really think the guy who sang "Big Pimpin" wasn't going to cheat on you? I hope Jay-Z had a good pre-nup.

  66. Csibi Attila

    Leon Garcia because Christianity is a big part of western history. you can't deny it's presence and influence. from schooling to art to music to human rights it was the most influental single movement/religion that shapped our history.

    but of course, your not an uneducated bitter little ignoramus atheist and you know this, right?

  67. LeRoy Brown

    Can't she just talk it over with him without blasting everything to the public? No wonder he is cheating on her and Solange.

  68. Keisha White

    Ok….here we go with nonsense. You folks reporting and posting articles about other people's business need to get your own lives. (1) It's a SONG! (2) It's an OLD ASS SONG! (3) It's not the first time she's performed it live at a concert nor has she been the ONLY singer to cover this particular song. Jasmine Sullivan has also covered it but I don't hear anyone telling the world she has confirmed that her man cheated on her! (4) Reporters, bloggers, and anyone else with questionable journalistic credentials; verify your facts before reporting some bullsh*t!!!

  69. Anonymous

    YO That was a DUMB thing to do.. Ms. B can do some cheating on her own there is NOT a Man on Earth that would Not TURN down a Piece of that Ass

  70. Akme Chand

    Csibi Attila It sounds more ethical than christian. Like christians are the only ones who can be ethical. Ha!

  71. Marion Brown

    This article is stupid, period. Is the author saying when Beyonce wrote/sang "To the left" too, she was telling people that she was taking care of Jay Z, he cheated on her & she kicked him out, as depicted on the video also?

  72. Akme Chand

    Toyin Isij That is an out of date concept. Our life span has increased greatly and there is no need to procreate like rabbits. What you are saying is just an excuse for men who want to cheat.

  73. Ruben Zamora

    Csibi Attila ……yes it was….don't be ignorant. You mean to say religion came before loyalty?….Your a smart one. Why?…Where you there or is that just speculation?

  74. Tamaya Wright

    This song was from 2006, Beyonce always "performs" this doesn't mean anything. I'm not saying I agree or don't agree that he is cheating, however, this performance is just a performance.

  75. Anonymous

    Idk why ppl think the Haves don't hurt like the Have Nots dealing with lies, sex & betrayal. It's life proving that it doesn't matter what a person has or who a person is married to or dating they are not satisfied! Ppl make a conscious choice to be unfaithful & cheat it didn't just happen! Ppl don't care about the consequences they decide to give into their flesh. B is a strong woman who will survive the scandal there is always sacrifice & pain when purpose & destiny connect.

  76. Michele Hunt

    I'll be glad when people grow up and realize that cheating has NOTHING to do with what your mate looks like…

  77. Anonymous

    Toyin Isij What separates men from animals is the ability to control their urges. If you can't control those urges you are NOT a man, you are an animal. A pig, to be exact.

  78. Csibi Attila

    Ruben Zamora loyalty existed. only not in the current form(in marriage). loyalty was 'don't have bastard sons/daughters'. not emotional loyalty. just look at how east asians approach marriage. definitely not the judeo christian western way, where it's been nailed into the psyche trough the ten commandments among other things.

  79. Csibi Attila

    Akme Chand no you ignoramus. that's not what i said. i'm referring to the approach of loyalty in marriage not loyalty to ones tribe for ex.

  80. Alphonsus Edward Padavano

    Listen carefully Atilla I am a follower of the philosophy of Mithras the soldiers god. It is a faith based upon the hypothesis of contracts are never to be violated unto the death. C lmao ear enough? Good.

  81. TooShort Karene

    First of all this song came out years ago not saying jay didn't cheat on bye but this has nothing to do with any RECENT rumors lol. The media is a joke. Ppl believe ANYTHING.

  82. Dee Williams

    Jeremy Alexander If you say so. I don't care if he is a second, third or fifth place rapper, I know he is the key to her explosion. I could give details but I don't really care one way or the other. But believe how you like, obviously people who believe she is this sex goddess will never wanna see the truth. lol I don't have to be nor am I a fan of either to see that. So whatever.

  83. Anonymous

    what do yall do or have done , rape ,kill, slave, lie steal, cheated may I go on……

  84. Chloé TM

    It's not the first time she sung those lyrics she's been singing them in her live shows since 2010!

  85. Clovis Tertus

    Celebrities are also people. People are horrible role models.

  86. Connie Daniels

    wish their were more men who believed this way..your wife is a very lucky woman. I know my dad when I was young used to hang with his friends and brothers alot in his free time. Something my mom was not happy about. then he changed all of a sudden. when he was older he confided that one of his friends had cheated on his wife and she had taken the kids and left him My dad figured if he wanted to keep his family in tact he should be paying more attention to it, and he did. I miss him alot these days..There is nothing except for God that deserves our loyalty, trust and love more than our spouses.

  87. Chip Ulm

    Why is it of the few dozen atheist I know, and yes I'm one, only one of those have cheated, yet all of the Christians I know, only about 6 HAVEN'T cheated. I'd never dream of cheating on my wife, but I know a bible thumper that is on wife #6. Loyalty has nothing to due with religion.

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