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10-Year-Old Vogue Model Ignites Controversy

10-year-old-vogue-model Thylane Lena-Rose Blondeau

How young is too young for a child to be striking a provocative pose?

That seems to be the big question as the suggestive images of Thylane Lena-Rose Blondeau, a 10-year-old model who is pegged as the next big thing in the fashion scene, are reigniting the debate over the sexualization of young girls.

The controversial photo spread, which appears in a recent issue of Vogue Paris, features Blondeau firing off seductive looks at the camera in a number of sexually charged poses one of which she models a skintight dress, laying on her stomach atop a tiger skin rug, with stiletto-clad feet kicked up behind her.

While the fashion industry’s interest in a younger generation of consumers and models is nothing new, many believe Blondeau’s grown-up beauty is giving other young girls unhealthy ideas about how they should look.

“We don’t want kids to grow up too fast,” said Shari Miles-Cohen, senior director of women’s programs for the American Psychological Association. “We want them to be able to develop physically, emotionally, psychologically and socially at appropriate rates for their age.”

According to the APA, sexualizaton by the media directly affects how girls view femininity and sexuality, promoting “appearance and physical attractiveness” as key values. It’s also linked to low self-esteem, eating disorders and depression.

“The research clearly shows that the fashion industry affects girls and women’s images of themselves and their self-esteem if they do not meet the industry ‘image’ that is currently in vogue,” Paul Miller, an associate professor of psychology at Arizona State University, told ABC.

“Even the very young are quite conscious of media images of what is ‘pretty’ and desirable.”

For more information watch the following video as ABC News covers the controversial 10-year-old vogue model story:

via ABC

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62 Responses to “10-Year-Old Vogue Model Ignites Controversy”

  1. Shane Michael Coffey

    I blame that stupid show toddlers and tiaras.

  2. Tammy Morris Ramirez

    I hate to say it but young girls today have a tendency to dress very provocatively in general..very short shorts, tight clothing, tube tops, etc. In appropriate and you have to blame the parents. At some point I only hope our society starts to take some responsibilty and stop blaming everyone else. I blame the parents for allowing this.

  3. Victoria Lynn Gonzalez DeHaan

    the blame is on the parents , for allowing the magazine and photographer to talk them into this. She's a beautiful young girl – I'd rather see her dressed like a young girl. another reason why I haven't purchased a magazine in years.

  4. Michelle Chemaly Walters

    Tammy..not surprised about the 10 year old..w my daughter modeling I can tell you judgement is very clouded due to MONEY!!!..Lexi has been offered not only modeling but acting work when she was a minor that I simply did not approve of. Other mothers who were involved reminded me of how much $$$ was at stake!!..well one never knows what the future holds and I dong want a repeat of Vanessa Williams if my child decides to run as a Senator!

  5. Loyal Roberts

    its not a bad thing really all they wan to do is show the world that their beautiful in there own way, and to finish my statement, she most likly grow up to be a bitch.

  6. Kelly Ellison Schifter

    I think it is disgusting that the parents have robbed this child of her innocence! What were they thinking! Parents need to take responsibility and no matter what "fashion" dictates see to it that their children are dressed appropriately and let them be children!

  7. Torrey Getty

    They need the girls young so they fit in the clothes. It worries me how I am going to raise my daughter with a healthy self esteem.

  8. Clay Dana

    this is beyond wrong and the parents should be arrested for child exploitation and endangerment. whoever thought of this is one sick son of a bitch!

  9. Baryth Uden-Bryan

    I've thought the same thing, however I've also made sure that I don't make comments to myself out loud such as "geesh, I'm so fat" or "My thighs are huge" because for a good portion of their lives, what they hear from us first is where they mold what is "normal" in appearance. I've also made sure to REALLY watch her friends & police her phone, f/b, etc. to watch for any signals of problems. Parenthood…a 24 hour job :)

  10. Charlene Freed-Geimer

    I dont blame the show cuz pagents have been around for yrs. But the 10 yr old is wearing more clothes in the pic than the 2-3 yr olds on that show.

  11. Kathleen Hall Peschel

    but there is a definite sexual nature to this photo that is way inappropriate.

  12. Sarah McFadden Marks

    You can blame the parents all day long, but it's the industry and the ignorant consumers. If these parents didn't seize on the money offered another set of parents would. She is a beautiful girl as are most children; just slap on some make-up, jewelry, and the right clothes…If people didn't buy the crap, the industry wouldn't print it.

  13. Charlene Freed-Geimer

    Thats y its a French edition & not a US one everything there is more sexual than here. Its just how it is.

  14. Justin Tyler Carey

    Sorry, but that isn't a very provocative pose… I saw the shoot and there are some very "adult-ified" photos there. So what. There are hundreds of young girls (and boys) who look at these and have the maturity to analyze whether or not these should be interpreted as "sexual promiscuity" or a form of art. And it is a form of art. Then of course, there are the adults who are totally sans creative ingenuity and they rely on orthodox (supposed morality) and assume that children are "rebelling". Instead of suppressing the mind of a child, why not inspire it? Too many kids these days are frozen clones of their parents (or) they are mindless, internet-grubbing, obese, welfare-gargling lowlifes. Sorry… but it's the truth. People need to be subjected to the reality of life and development. There are many different types of people out there, and they all have the right to live their lives the way they want. If you want to be a farmer, then be a farmer. There is no judgment. But PLEASE do not judge another lifestyle. Like I said before, children are impressionable, and if they already have a proclivity to the various arts, why not allow that? If they are in their developmental stages, then they wouldn't even know what sex was about. There are a lot of girls out there posting practically pornographic photos of themselves on Facebook, and they lack class. That is THEIR problem as well as their parents. The photos in Vogue have class, and a girl dolled-up and petting a kitten on a couch is not going to create problems for herself or many other people. If you view this as something sexual, then clearly you're just perverted. (By the way, this is nowhere near Toddlers & Tiaras. That show is pathetic and lacks any creative drive. It's only stimulating the stereotypes that everyone already has about fashion and modeling.)

  15. Anonymous

    I seen one show of toddlers and tiaras and I was floored at the fact that some parents would sell there kids like that because that's exactly what they are doing , most of them kids are going to be so stuck on them selfs its unreal , what kind of message is that giving them young girls? if you aks me its telling them ( ok dear if the price is rite show them what ya got ) I am disgusted with the DNA doners that's all they are if they were Half the parent they claim to be there kids would never be on a show like that atleast not till they are old enough like at least 17 or older.
    has mankind demoralized to the point that trash like that is acceptable?

  16. Louise Matuson Mimbs

    I totally agree w/ u Tam–cause at TT they use to look like hoes and their moms looked the same only worse when I was at Jimmy's security point!! I sent 1 mom home cause she had a see- thru bikini and wanted to go in the office–I use to see moms w/ their lace leggings and their t-unders–it's no wonder the kids are like that!!! Also a lot of showing off boob impalnts–but, OMG let a male kid do something sexual to their little girls and it was a law suit against the schools!!!

  17. Alexandra McDonald

    Well….i'd like to know who this picture is aimed at? I certainly don't want to see a ten year old looking like this……makes you question WHO would.

  18. Kristin Carlsen Masciotti

    That whole thing is twisted and disturbing, esp. the photo of her in heels, full makeup, sprawled out on the floor. She is such a beautiful little girl, unfortunately it appears as though she's being raised to think that's all that matters.

  19. Lorna Atkins Sawyer

    what could a 10 year old be promoting with this pose?, It is only giving the perverts some to look at, is bad enough for women to use sex to sell but it really needs to stop when children are in the picture!

  20. Sabrina Carver

    Just wondering…how much money does it take to sell your daughter off for sexual charged inapropriate modeling pictures at age 10 and still be able to sleep at night?

  21. Gail Hanson

    Non issue–don't be a fashion hound yourself, turn off the TV, monitor internet use. Just like you keep the toxic chemicals away from the kids.

  22. Robert O'Neil

    The girl is fully dressed, the pose is artistic and tastefull and comes no were close to being sexual. There is but a small portion of one shoulder exposed, the young lady would show way more than this at a swimming pool in a bikini. There is of course every indecation that she will grow into a beautifull woman, good for her, it will take her far in life. I agree that children should not be exposed to adult thinking to early, however if she was lucky enough to be born with an above average apperiance, she needs to take advantage of that! Success in life often requires taking advantage of every break that comes your way………..fortune may allways not be so kind.

  23. Anastasia Smith Navach

    simply wrong….nothing culture can justify. WRONG.

  24. Lacey Michelle

    I agree with Charlene, they view sexuality different overseas. It's not creepy. She could be dressed and posed WAY sexier. This is tame compared to a whole slew of other clothes they could've had her wear or other ways she could've posed. I don't see anything overly sexual about it.

  25. Gia Tovar

    Basically child porn mixed with child labor, and it's ok bc Vogue did it?

  26. Sharon Coombs

    If that pic was found on a sex offenders computer, it would be included as evidence of Child Porn in the courtroom. Awful!

  27. Angela D'Ambrosio Montgomery

    But Lacey, do you have a young daughter?

  28. Charlene Freed-Geimer

    I dont think whether or not u have a daughter should matter. I work in a school w/ 6-8th graders and u should see the clothes the girls wear & you know who bought them????? their parents!!!!! & half of them r driven to school by parents so u cant say they dont know what they r wear to school. All I can say is times have def. changed since we were kids and theyre gonna keep changing.

  29. Lacey Michelle

    No, I don't. But I have young girls in my family, and I was once that age, also. The thing is, yes, like Charlene says, times are changing. It's up to the parents to teach them what is too sexy, what to wear, what not to wear. You can't blame Vogue 100%. They didn't make her do this. Her parents allowed her to go to the photoshoot, her parents allowed her to do those poses, wear those clothes. Sure the photographer for Vogue shouldn't even have considered doing those shoots and even offering her to wear those clothes. But like I said, I don't think it's creepy, I don't think it's too sexy. Does it border being too sexy? Sure, but it doesn't go over the line. It could be worse, also like I said. She could be posing with young boys, she could be doing WAY worse poses by herself. She could be wearing less clothing, or wear clothes that shows A LOT more skin. A pair of stilettos is nothing. I used to try on my mom's heels all the time and walk around, is that too sexy? Psh, I don't think so. Kids these days wear too tight, too short of clothing all the time. And yes, when I DO have a daughter of my own, she'll embrace her sexuality, of course, but not at 10 years old. I will monitor what she wears, because I'll be buying all of it. Because I know I didn't dress like that at a young age.

  30. Sam Jarvis

    Totally agree with u Joe, our girls are still young girls they aint even left primary & kids now days wanna grown up way too fast. Weren't long ago i was reading in paper girls as young as 7 was learning pole dancing to keep fit, sorry but my Rosie can play in park to keep fit no way i'd let her pole dance or strike a provocative pose.

  31. Sharon Mitchell

    She 10 for God's sake!!! She is not a "young lady" she is a CHILD!! And piling dark red lipstick,heavy eye makeup and stiletto heels on her and then publishing her picture in a magazine is one step away from child porn.

  32. Sabrina Little

    disgusting. robbed of her innocence.. so sad

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