Elderly couple flips car

Elderly Couple Flips Car: Couple Decides To Take Selfies After Car Flips On Its Side

An elderly couple flips their car — and what happens next might surprise you! According to ABC Local 15, 87-year-old Benjamin Neufeld and his wife, 85-year-old Elizabeth Neufeld, were pulling their Honda into their driveway in Bel Air, Calfornia when the car tipped over. Neighbors rushed over to offer their help and to see if the elderly couple was hurt, but the two were far more concerned with taking a couple of selfies. Yes, selfies.

According to the report:

“Elizabeth was trapped inside the car, asked for her purse so she could take a selfie inside the vehicle. Benjamin, who was able to climb out, stood next to the window to make sure his beloved wife was doing okay.”

The elderly couple that flipped their car was uninjured in the accident. It is unclear exactly what happened or how their car actually flipped onto its side, and apparently police don’t know exactly what happened either. According to Alive 11, police noted that both Benjamin and his wife were in great spirits following the accident… but that they seemed more interested in taking pictures of themselves than anything else.

It is unclear why Elizabeth wanted to take a photo of herself inside the flipped car, but, if she wasn’t hurt, she probably felt as though she’d never get an opportunity like that again (and hopefully she is right!). Maybe she wanted to take advantage of the strange situation in order to share the pictures with family members and friends, who knows?

Elderly people can be so funny sometimes, even when they aren’t trying to be. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, there have been plenty of examples of elderly people struggling with the internet, for example, and the examples provided are actually hysterical to read.

The elderly couple flips car story made headline news all over the country this week — and their story even made it to GMA! The pictures of Benjamin and Elizabeth are so funny and are totally worth the look. If anything, the two did a great job at letting people know that no one should take life too seriously!

One can only imagine what the elderly couple plans on doing with their flipped car photos. Perhaps they will come up with something super creative and send out holiday cards using one of their selfies. What do you make of the Neufeld’s decision to take photos of themselves after the accident?

[Photo courtesy of YouTube]