Piper Perabo Season 5

Piper Perabo Opens Up About ‘Covert Affairs’ Season 5

Piper Perabo really likes her job. This is definitely a good thing, especially for folks who want Covert Affairs to continue beyond Season 5.

Although the Coyote Ugly star has to frequently perform some pretty nifty stunts while wearing high heels, this doesn’t stop Perabo from loving what she does for a living. Not only does she get to kick some serious butt on a fairly regular basis, she also gets to travel to exotic locales around the world.

Before we jump into what’s in store for Piper Perabo’s character during the fifth season of Covert Affairs, let’s talk about spoilers. There are a few lurking in the paragraphs below, so don’t continue if you’re not up to speed on what’s happening on the show. Otherwise you’ll get angry and frustrated, and that’s the last thing we want.

During Season 4, Annie (Piper Perabo) faked her own death in order to embark on an extremely dangerous mission. Instead of jumping right back into her old life as though nothing out of the ordinary has taken place, Annie will have to face a few consequences for her actions.

Perabo told the Fresno Bee:

“Annie thinks that she can reboot her life — that things with Auggie and her can go back and she can go back to a more familiar style of operating. The problem is she can’t rewrap that Christmas present once it’s open. But I think that’s one of the reasons this show has stayed this interesting. The writers have let Annie evolve each season… Now, Annie has a superhero quality that at times borders on fantasy because she’s so good.”

Judging from the reactions on Twitter, fans of Piper Perabo are pretty happy with how Season 5 kicked off. Take a look at some 140-character responses to premiere below.

Are you a fan of Piper Perabo? Do you plan to religiously watch Season 5 of USA’s Covert Affairs?

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