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Mom Attacked, Beaten As Toddler Tries To Intervene

The victim's toddler son tried to intervene in the assault

A woman wearing what appears to be a fast food uniform was caught on video savagely beating another woman, while the victim’s 2-year-old toddler tried to intervene and defend his mother.

The shocking video, which contains foul language and shows violent images of the attack, was obtained by police after it was posted to Facebook, reports. The 27-year-old victim, who has not been identified, was thrown to the ground, repeatedly beaten, kicked and spat on by the attacker, who police have identified as 25-year-old Latia Harris.

According to Penn Live, Salem, N.J. police chief John J. Pelura III said that the video “is physically sickening to watch,” despite the fact that police see this kind of violence on a daily basis. As the assault takes place, the victim’s 2-year-old toddler can be seen trying to defend his mother, kicking the attacker in her leg and telling her to stop. At one point during the beating, after punching the victim in the face multiple times, Harris tells the mother she will kick the toddler in the face as well.

During the beating, harris threatened to kick the toddler "in the face"

Harris threatened to kick the toddler during the course of the assault

According to Pleura, the victim claimed that Harris “accused her of spreading rumors about her and her manager.” The attack took place on a pathway near a McDonald’s where police believe Harris may have worked. Using foul language during the attack, Harris can be heard saying something about possibly losing her job. The victim is left beaten on the ground as Harris spits on her and walks away. Shockingly, a crowd of bystanders who witnessed the beating did not intervene, although at least one was able to record the assault on what appears to be a cellphone camera. Police say that Harris faces charges of aggravated assault and two counts of making terroristic threats in connection with the beating.

The attack is reminiscent of another assault that happened a year ago, also in New Jersey. In that incident, a home invasion was recorded on a nanny-cam. As The Inquisitr reported at the time, video of the attack showed a man viciously beating a woman inside her home, while her 3-year-old toddler looked on. During that assault, the victim remained silent, fearing that if she cried out, her toddler would as well, inadvertently endangering herself. A suspect was eventually arrested in connection with that attack.

Salem police have not yet apprehended Harris, who they are seeking in connection with the assault. There is no word about the condition of the victim, who was left “disoriented, confused and bleeding from the face,” following the savage beating, according to Pelura, or her 2-year-old toddler.

[Images via PennLive and Yahoo News UK]

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102 Responses to “Mom Attacked, Beaten As Toddler Tries To Intervene”

  1. Laura Taylor Adams

    All those men and not one does anything? Even after she threatens the child? Cowards!

  2. Peggy Jakopak

    What the hell just happened there? People watched and RECORDED it, but no one stepped in? Not even with that baby there fighting for his mom? God, what is this world coming to?

  3. Stephanie Johanesen

    I find this trend for brutish fighting women to be particularly disgusting and piggish. Women have an uphill battle as it is, we shouldn't be attacking each other like animals. What a piece of crap human being, to think force is okay, and to do it in public and in the presence of a little child. People like that should be shot into the sun, they are worthless excuses for humanity.

  4. Sandra Amador

    What has happened to our Americans – that woman was being beaten and noone came to her defense except a toddler? I am glad someone filmed it, and hopefully the person who did the beating will be caught and prosecuted. If she really did work fast food, she is the kind that would spit in your order and be rude.

  5. Jackie Rollings

    Ya know this just screams class. Who in there right mind would attack some one in front of the children? That poor little boy who is the only one trying help his mom. I dont care what lead up to this happing. Take it away from the eyes of kids if you really fell the need to act in this kind of manner. I feel so bad for today's youth if this is what there learning at such a tender age.

  6. Jenna Marie

    So the toddler had bigger balls then the grown men out there??? Go figure. Let's just record it instead of jumping to save her and her child….

  7. Erra Davis

    The guy just lust allowed the guy to attack the woman while he kept the camera rolling. What has happened to our society?

  8. Natalie Ringger

    I got the sense the other people there were with the attacker as back up so of course they didn't step in. This woman needs to be locked up for a long time.

  9. Natalie Ringger

    I got the sense the other people there were with the attacker as back up so of course they didn't step in. This woman needs to be locked up for a long time.

  10. Ozzie Salvatico

    Write to ur goverment to change the laws.had any one interviñed or hurt one of would be as if they started it.and u would get fined and jail time.but remember if u know some one or two are recording it.then go for protect them.if not call police n have coke while u wait for the Police to arrive . Call .911 describe the injurie and the perps. N dont forget to let dispatcher hear n also record wats going on.very important in court of law,especial y if ur alone.i am disgusted!hope she does time,the perp left her for dead.

  11. Kemor Lawrence

    What is this world coming to? why weren't someone trying to break the "beat down" up? This world is going to hell! That angry woman was even threatening to hit the little baby… I mean wtf?!

  12. Harry TheNerd Flanagan

    It's because she is a white woman so it is not a hate crime and most blacks in America do not typically like white folks.

  13. Cindy Sexton

    I forwarded this link to the website "contact us" section. I think everyone should.

  14. Shelby Rodmell Williams

    If this was the other way around and the race card was played, someone would already be in jail and it would be national news But since its a white girl being attacked its no big deal. Sad world we live in

  15. Debbie McNair

    I would have tried to pull the attacker off of the person knowing I'd probably get assaulted too since I'm not physically capable to stop the beating by my self. But I'd have to try to help. If nothing else, I'd protect the child. The victim and her child need to take self defense classes. That little boy was the only man in the group.

  16. Samantha Rae Ramos

    Absolutely disgusting… That poor woman and that poor baby… And for that bitch to threaten that little boy…

  17. Rose Blankenship

    This is a hate crime…….if it were the other way around…it would be…

  18. Robert Ashley

    This is what Obama is turning the U.S. into. This is the rift between Americans that can not be fixed any longer. Out bursts of civil unrest like this is eventually going to give Obama the green light he wants to declare martial law.

  19. Robert Ashley

    Hope the gorilla woman thinks what she did is worth , loosing her job, going to prison, and paying restitution not to mention losing her kids if she has any.

  20. Jessica White

    Fuckin Nigger bitch needs her ass beat!!! That's fucked up doing that in front of her two year old crying!! Then threatening the two year old!! Cunt needs to go to prison and see how it feels to be someone elses bitch,. She is a waste of oxygen. OMG that makes me so angry!!!

  21. Veronica Featherstone

    There was a time when a black would be hung for even touching a white woman,let alone wth a woman accompanied with a small child .Can you imagine the stink if the tables were turned.

  22. Pablo San Martin

    Im saying now and I'm saying always… Freaking blacks… White people we have to respect them but they can sign again us. Is okay for them to be racist against white people. This video is disgusting… And more disgusting all the freaking cowards who watch that and make nothing.

  23. Rhonda Levy Wehner

    Seriously? You're blaming the President? WTF?

  24. Robert Ashley

    Rhonda Levy Wehner . . . yep he started all this racist crap back with the cop and that professor, and the Treyvon Martin crap.

  25. Charlotte Schweikart

    R u fucking kidding me…no one helped and just took a video of this and wathed that poor baby trying to help his mother…all that are standing around need to be arrested…no witness needed it is all on video,,,,

  26. Charlotte Schweikart

    my thought exactly…everyone is talking crap..a baby is trying to do what adults are not…

  27. Charlotte Schweikart

    and that is why women die every year from abuse because of people just like you that stay out of it….that make you a pretty despicable human being…I hope that if you are anyone in your family need help that others do not take the same attitude u do…

  28. Brittany Clayton

    Harry TheNerd Flanagan he is right! Not all but most of them hate us just for being white. It's hard to watch something like this and not have some racist feelings arise. I know there is trash in every color but this is what some of us go through. Last weekend my son was hurt in a home accident climbing furniture his dresser fell on him,I rushed him to the ER pulled up to the doors, when I got out a large black woman tried to attack me with my hurt son in my arms. Because I "pulled up on her white bitch". All I did was pull my car up next to a group of them blocking the entrance. She came at me tried to hit me with my 2 year old in my arms and I am 8 months pregnant. So maybe this video hits a lil close to home. That woman ended up fighting my grandmother who is 67 ,defending us so we could get past her into the ER.

  29. Charlotte Schweikart

    it is called revers racism…and u are right it is tragic…

  30. Harry TheNerd Flanagan

    Brittany Clayton Sorry to hear that, these things seem to be happening more and more. I wish there was a solution but it is hard to motivate people to make "real" change. =/

  31. April Daugherty

    did she seriously just threaten to kick that babys face in???? oh hell no

  32. Paul M Smith Jr.

    Wrong is wrong period. It is wrong to sit back and not intervene on behalf of the mother even after the child did so. All the cellphones was used for was to record the sickening attack and not call 911?! I hang my head low cause this is what humanity has become regardless of ethnicity. Shame just not falls on the Black woman doing the brutal attack but on all onlookers who just sat back as spectators. If that was your sister; friend or best friend; wife; or mother of your child ( someone you love) you would intervene on their behalf to stop or at least distract the attacker from continuing the assault. We need to open our compassion to others that are in need and not just a cellphone recorded video and/ or being bystanders. We have taken some serious regression in compassion for each other. Let's make better decisions regarding how we treat each other cause one day ( not wishing ill on anyone) you maybe faced with a circumstance that may need assistance from another person rather than a family member or loved one. I hope if that day does come it is a person who does his/ her best to help and not just break out a cellphone to record or be a bystander and just watch or even worse ignore.

  33. David Obrizzo

    Robert Ashley are an ignorant fool..Obama started all this racism? Obama is going to declare martial law? Trevon Martin? You are the perfect example of whats wrong with people in this country.. ignorant, racist Tea bagger idiots that think the president is some kind of anti American communist ruler. Go crawl back in your hole you ignorant fool..

  34. David Obrizzo

    Harry TheNerd Flanagan More like Harry the racist, white supremest Flanagan….did the laundry put too much starch in your KKK hat today? Ever hear of the term "stereotyping" ? It's when you assume everyone with a particular characteristic are all the all ignorant white people with Facebook accounts are racist that!

  35. Kristen Ashley Autrey

    This is disgusting. She did this because of rumors and saying she could lose her job?!?! Well she most def lost her job now and gets I go to jail. In front of that baby made it all worse. Then threatening same baby pisses me off and makes me sick. Then everyone standing around recording and going ohhhhh not doing anything. Yeah those are men (insert eye roll) cowards the lot of them. That baby was the only man. That woman is trash an that's putting it mildly!

  36. Shabana Haq

    that is great idea. They should fire this lady for what she has done. nobody wants to have a violent horrible person working for them regardless of what kind of job

  37. Harry TheNerd Flanagan

    David Obrizzo This is what I am talking about. I make mention of a race topic (and I am white) and I am automatically labeled a racist? Now if I was black and said the same thing would your response be different David? Most people who resort to name calling and or resort to childish antics are typically leftist; I suppose I just stereotyped just now? Well, David Obrizzo, I am all for a friendly and adult discussion but if you want to name call and be irrationally emotionally unstable through your ranting then there is not much of a formal and or logical discussion to be had. I am sorry if what I said was taken out of "context" and then redefined through self interpretation. There is this wonderful thing called "questions," it is a lot better than assuming. Now, I did say "most" and it was in a form of an opinion not stating all. My self experience is limited to my own habitat and what I read and see. I am only expressing what I have observed. I have noticed a racist president, racist games called Knockout game which in "fact" targets whites, and white kids being beaten up at school and filmed while they are being ganged up on and called honky. Now, if you like I can present to you all these wonderful facts for your viewing. Also, are you stating that blacks are incapable of being racist and only I being white am a racist? If that is how you think, I would suggest maybe your cognitive abilities did not entirely form and I apologize if you are truly mentally handicap. I mean no disrespect David.

  38. Diggy Once

    People in japan stereotypically do the same thing with cell phones since they invented camera phones and you're blaming obama for this lol.

  39. Diggy Once

    People in japan stereotypically do the same thing with cell phones since they invented camera phones and you're blaming obama for this lol.

  40. Diggy Once

    People in japan stereotypically do the same thing with cell phones since they invented camera phones and you're blaming obama for this lol.. Guess that's makes sense

  41. Melissa Shetsky Scott

    The sad part is no one did anything but record it. What if she had hurt the child? We're they going to step in then? Idiots!!!!!

  42. Jarran Sunkett

    Harry TheNerd Flanagan No disrespect dude but I really can't stand when people of any race just jump to saying "most" or "all" people of certain races hate another.. My wife is white as are some of my best friends.. I also have a ton of black friends that are the same way.. Now of course I know the world we live in so I'm not naive that race is a large ugly issue, I recently had a friend of a white friend of mine inquire how I got the BMW I have and lets just say she assumed it was not through hard work and saving, but illegal activity.. Doesn't make me have disdain for a people but screw her lol.. I encounter bad people from all walks of life and I can truly say the one group I completely hate are are assholes.. Black, white, any race.. Again just conversing, you absolutely are entitled to feel that way, I just happen to disagree when words like most or all are thrown out..

  43. Harry TheNerd Flanagan

    Jarran Sunkett Well, thankfully I am no asshole. I am capable of being reasonable and discussing things calmly. I respect your opinion but racism is not just on one side of the field it is a quarter with two sides. It's just in America one side is the only side being made shown. The mentality of America is when someone who is white says something that can be taken out of context or misconstrued the first assumption is that they're white so it must have been a racist comment. I agree, the issue should not consist of racism, I was pointing out that if the roles were reverse that it would have been a race issue. I think anyone could agree with that rationally speaking. What are your thoughts on that?

  44. Crystal Shaddeau

    i hope that bitch gets hers. there are better ways than violence. I hope her kid watches her get her as stomped into the ground. it wont be ok then. I really cant stand people like that

  45. Cindy Sexton

    She publicly commited a crime of battery while wearing the company uniform. That is s fireable offense.

  46. Lala Walker

    Why is it that this toddler is the only one doing something here?? What is wrong with all those on lookers Ugh!!! Shame on you cowards

  47. David Obrizzo

    Harry TheNerd Flanagan "What I said was taken out of context" "name calling" Typical what racists and stereotypers like to say in their defense…I bet next your going to tell me how many black friends you have right? Sorry if I hurt your widdle feelings, but I just call it like I see it..and I see stereotyper and a racist..Nice response..I am mentally handicapped…and you are a racist. Everything you said in yuor response to my original comment confirms that..and even if I was mentally handicapped I would still be smarter than your dumb cracker ass..

  48. Angie Johnston Haynes

    Wow..that is disturbing..glad there is video evidence..I hope thwy get her and she gets her just reward..what a loser, threatening a 2 yr old!

  49. Christopher Miller

    Robert Ashley is right. Start up the racism BS for VOTES and promote one- way justice and THIS is what you get……… and YOU voted for it !

  50. Lynn Sherrard Steigerwalt

    you are exactly right – I'm 64 years old and just dumb enough to jump into the whole mess knowing I couldn't stop it alone but all I see is one person beating the hell out of another and a child is the only one trying to help – it's appalling…..

  51. Chuck PapaBear Barber

    Too bad there wasn't a law to charge all the idiot bystanders. They should be charged as well for just standing and not coming to her aid especially when the child was in danger as well.

  52. Lynn Sherrard Steigerwalt

    Peggy Jakopak you are so right and thank God you appear to be color blind – I don't care what color these people are, decent human beings would have stepped in to stopped the attack and Robert Ashley you must be about 12 years old – you need a history lesson – I grew up in the 50's and 60's – racism has been around for hundreds of years and people like you just keep it alive and thriving….

  53. Nixon Vicci

    Harry TheNerd Flanagan it's kind of true. My niece is mixed and her black side of the family had her thinking that "All white people are rich" her words exactly but her black mother has a good job and makes WAY more than me who is a white woman with a white man on food stamps so I have been very adamant about disproving that idea.

  54. Robert Ashley

    David Obrizzo You don't like what the "other side" believes then change our minds about you. If you don't care to even try, then you are part of the problem with America. We didn't just get this way by turning on some forbidden light switch. You can heap all the insults you basturds want at us, they just roll off now because we don't fucking care anymore. You may think that you are some big bad democrat in charge but we aren't afraid of you.

  55. Laura Taylor Adams

    Am I wrong or isn't the child biracial? You would think that would mean something.

  56. Linda Platner Perrin


  57. Larry OConnor

    Charlotte Schweikart why did you say such nasty things? Didn't you read her comment? she said she would intervene if it was physical. She would not intervene if it was just an argument. Are you saying she is dispicable because she would not intevene over a mere argument?

  58. Kathy King Terry

    If the situation was reversed the media would be all over it!!! That's a fact!! The media is racist!! Also the person doing this would have been arrested right then!! I'm not "racist" but it's okay for blacks to assault whites but when whites assault blacks all these race baiters like Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson,and the rest of the crew would be out protesting and demand that something be done now not later!! And again the Média would be all over this non-Stop!! They should hang this low life Bitch and take a metal bat and hit her on every part of her body, then lower her down enough so someone could kick and punch her in her face and the rest of her body, then pull her back up and hang her until she dies!! This is the punishment she should get and nothing else!! Not only did she attack tjis woman but threaten her baby!!!

  59. Jennifer Krein

    Hold on: that woman was wearing a McDonald's tie ie: she's either a manager or a trainer. THIS goes against the position she holds at her because SHE WAS WEARING THE FULL UNIFORM!

  60. Kathy King Terry

    You're so right!! And this is sad!! I think it's about time somehow, someway all media outlets should be punished for making a difference, by being all over the story if it was a white doing this to a black, but ignore the story if it's a black assaulting a white!!! Shame on them and police to for making a difference!!

  61. Chloee Weaver

    She needs to go to prison for the rest of her life. Along with all those people just standing there watching. I hope all yall people who stood around watching that shit go to jail, yall are all horrible people who don't deserve to have children.

  62. Andrea Collins

    Worthless people you sit there and watch a baby defend his mother and you ass holes are too pathetic to help

  63. Yanette Nieves

    I hope that woman gets arrested. She is a bully, I can understand if the woman was putting up a fight, but she was smaller than the other. Poor child…..

  64. Michael J Godles

    This is exactly why the ghetto stays the ghetto!! These people wonder why their lives are so shallow & substandard – if you want a better life you have to start caring about your home, your community & your neighbors. As long as people continue to act in such a disgusting manner their chances of a better life is nil.

  65. Barbi Kratz Weaver

    Don't want to get involved. Especially with that wild woman. Some were even laughing. So sad.

  66. Cheryl Brown Strickland

    Harry TheNerd Flanagan You are a racist! Maybe they don't like you because you are an asshole!

  67. David Obrizzo

    Robert Ashley If you seriously think the president is a terrorist, and is trying to plot some kind of a take over or to overthrow the constitution and declare some kind of a police state, then your nothing but a Fox news, conspiracy theory nut job. Keep screaming for an impeachment..keep accusing the president of bullshit.. I could spend and have spent plenty of time trying to talk sense into nutbags like yourself..through stating history and facts..but you want to believe the bullshit, so there's no talking to you..I just rather point out your ignorance than try and change your drastically limited mind..And I am not interested in weather your "afraid" of me or not..but you certainly are afraid of the truth..

  68. David Obrizzo

    Gorilla woman? don't even try to hide your racism..

  69. Timmy Sparky

    Someone should of shot that nigger. Pussy ass people, why are you all afraid to do some good old nigger hating. Fuck it if I'm there and you're a nigger beating on a white person I'm going to curb kick your black ass

  70. Robert Ashley

    David Obrizzo . . . look at her you fucking idiot she is twice the size of the other girl. That is like an adult beating down a kid.

  71. Robert Ashley

    David Obrizzo . . . I find it funny that you basturds (and yes I spell it that way for a reason) think MSNBC is Obama's news outlet. What you are too stupid to understand is all that heap of insults you like to spew at us is exactly what we feel about YOU. I find it laughable that by doing that YOU think YOU have the upper hand. When All you liberal fagots can't talk your way out of Benghazi, Fast and Furious, IRS, BLM, Obamacare, Harry Reid's complete shut down of the Senate. You think we talk bullshit, we think you talk bullshit. SO it is evident you liberal fagots don't fucking care what we think and we don't fucking care what you think either. Go on keep showing the U.S. either #1 how ignorant you libs are or #2 how fucking corrupt you basturds are. Hell Obama has violated the constitution so many times now with his "executive orders" You'd think he owned that damn constitution. I for one, you mother fucker, want to tear this country apart and start a new one with new laws.

  72. Stacey Stachow

    Wow..I don't even know what to say about not only this video but some of the comments's pretty sad that the child has more sense to try to step in and help his mother while all those ppl are just standing there recording this poor women get beat down and humiliated in front of her child..they all should be ashamed of themselves!!…and the women beating her down should be ashamed of herself as well..for stooping as low as to not only do that in front of the women's child but threaten him as well…smfh!!

  73. Stacey Stachow

    And some of these comments here are just ridiculous. .who's gives a shit about what their ethnicity is?..does that change that fact that this video is shocking..appalling and wrong on so many levels? why bring it up?..if your make comments. .comment about what's going on..not about the race or color of who's involved cause none of that matters..what matters is that a women was beat up in front of her child while ppl just stood there and watched and the smartest person in that video was the child who actually stepped up and tried to defend her!!

  74. Harry TheNerd Flanagan

    David Obrizzo Whatever helps you sleep at night David. I am not going to sit here and play games and assume that I know you and what you stand for. Truth is, I do not know a thing about you, the same can be said about you knowing me. So, feel free to instigate and presume. If you want to believe that I am a republican or repubtard, however you stated it then that is your right and I wont deny you that right. If you want to believe me to be a racist, that is also your right. Presume what you like, that is the wonderful thing about this country. What is the word "widdle" even mean? Are you like seven? I am not saying you are seven, I am asking if you are? Anyhow, if you like to talk like an adult, I am always up for friendly discussing David. Have a great week.

    Harry, you may be right. I did not see anything in the description. However, I have no problem admitting when I am wrong. I am just stating that throughout the news from both sides it is apparent that what I have stated prior does seem to happen a bit. Now I will retract stating most but from my perspective this is what I have notice at least from my own personal experiences and observation. It may be different where you are Robin, or different even where David is. Anyhow, just thoughts and opinions. I mean nothing ill about it, don't mind a friendly chat about it though.

  75. David Obrizzo

    Robert Ashley Shouldn't you be out on an overpass, with teabags stapled to your stupid head, waving a crudely made sign from torn cardboard, with some angry, racist , misspelled anti Obama slogan scrawled on it?

  76. Franklin Davis

    who is taping and why?that person is guilty too.If I saw that shit up here that guy would be very close to dead when I would be done with him.Oh shit just realized a woman did the attack,well I would punch that bitch in the face anyway.

  77. Franklin Davis

    who is taping and why?that person is guilty too.If I saw that shit up here that guy would be very close to dead when I would be done with him.Oh shit just realized a woman did the attack,well I would punch that bitch in the face anyway.

  78. Robert Ashley

    David Obrizzo . . . I should be. But then if id did that right now I wouldn't be here harassing your race-baiting ass.

  79. Robert Ashley

    David Obrizzo . . . Right there is not talking to me because I am beyond caring about race-baiting brain-washed commie liberals like you. Nothing you can say will changer my mind about you liberals, you suck at that is that. You lie , you cheat, steal and you do it all while sucking off the government's teet.

  80. Robert Ashley

    Besides that little boy in the video has more courage than every Obama supporter in this nation.

  81. David Obrizzo

    Robert Ashley Your a fine example of whats wrong with this country..ignorant angry racists, that didn't get their way in the elections, so they have to make up crap to justify hating the president because he's black. tea baggers are the scum of the earth..go crawl back under a rock and use your fine community college education to read a book or something..instead of wanting to blow Ted Cruz, or buy glasses just like Sarah Palin..Barack Obama is ten times the person you will ever be..

  82. Robert Ashley

    David Obrizzo . . . yeah right coming from the party the has told the single most lies in the history of the U.S. The party that breaks the most laws in the history of the U.S. The party that has trampled all over the constitution more than any party in the U.S. has EVER done. The party that idolizes thugs and criminals like Treyvon Martin and O.J. Simpson. Dude you ain't got a leg to stand on you piece of shiet.

  83. Charlotte Schweikart

    Stephanie Goranson u r right…my apology…

  84. Charlotte Schweikart

    Linda Platner Perrin sorry got it wrong…My apology…I deleted my comment…

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