2 Deaths Thunderstorms: 2 People Killed By Falling Tree During Violent Thunderstorms

Two deaths in thunderstorms in New York are making headline news this week. According to NewsOXY, two people were killed when a tree fell down on top of them. The powerful storms ranged as far west as Indiana, picking up steam as they came across the country, causing damaging winds, lightening strikes, at least one tornado, and major flooding.

According to the report:

“[The] weather system…spawned a tornado, causing damage to vehicles and homes across Indiana. No injuries were reported. Many parts of western Massachusetts [were] flooded Wednesday night into Thursday due to [the] slow moving storm.”

The two deaths ultimately caused by these thunderstorms occurred in the town of Phelps, New York. According to The Canada Journal, two people, with out-of-state plates on their car were driving in a 2004 Kia Optima when a tree fell on top of the car. The tree completely crushed the roof of the car and both passengers were killed. One male and one female, both in their 20’s, they were pronounced dead on County Road 6 on Tuesday evening. It is unknown if they have been identified, but their names have not been released by authorities.

The Canada Journal reports:

“Powerful thunderstorms were passing through the region at the time, knocking out power to several thousand homes and businesses in neighboring Ontario and Monroe counties.”

There were only two deaths were reported in those thunderstorms, but there was significant driving force behind them. Some people think that the safest place to be in a thunderstorm is in your car. While that might be partly true (due to the rubber tires shielding you from lightning strikes), thunderstorms produce more than just lightning. Hail, flooding, tornadoes, and high winds can also cause significant damage to property — and to people.

Traveling in a storm can be dangerous no matter what. A car will not always protect you from mother nature, especially not in a powerful storm. Driving through flooded streets or areas where there are downed power lines is dangerous no matter what.

The two deaths in these thunderstorms come just a couple of weeks after people were killed in Arkansas storms. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, two people were killed in those storms earlier this month. One man was killed in a van when a tree fell on top of it while another man was killed inside his home when a tree fell on his roof.

[Photo courtesy of The Canada Journal]