Paul Heyman with his advocate CM Punk.

WWE News: Paul Heyman Reveals Why He Thinks CM Punk Walked Away

Paul Heyman is the well-known advocate for Brock Lesnar and Cesaro in the WWE. He recently sat down with Chris Jericho’s on his podcast, “Talk Is Jericho” to chat with WWE Hall of Famer Edge about life, love and the pursuit of happiness. Among other topics, Jericho asked Heyman about CM Punk and why he left the WWE.

“He was unhappy,” said Heyman. “He had enough.”

He couldn’t take it anymore… A year before he walked these was daily conversations of, ‘I don’t think I’m going to be able to take this. I’m not sure how much longer I’m going to be here. I don’t know how much longer it’s going to be before I just decide to go home.’ I’m surprised it lasted that long… Every day with him was an exercise in him finding the balance to simply continue on and find the passion he needed that he to do it. And I think what happened was he walked in the day after the Royal Rumble and he couldn’t find that passion. He couldn’t convince himself or persuade himself, ‘OK, whether I’m happy or not this is about the performance, my legacy. It’s about I take pride in what I do. And whether I’m happy or unhappy when I go out there I’m going to be the best CM Punk I can be.’ And I think somewhere during that day he couldn’t find that.”

Punk left the WWE because he wanted to, whether you agree with the decision or not. All of the scenarios have been counted backwards and forwards since January. Heyman revealed the true reason for Punk’s departure. If anyone knows Punk, it is Heyman.

WWE is missing Punk a lot right now. Fans have talked about the product not being up to snuff with what it’s used to consistently hold up. The Straight-Edge Superstar offered elegance in the ring, along with the promo skills of a genius. However, Punk just didn’t find it fun anymore.

The latest update we’ve been able to offer stands still at the moment. WWE and Punk remain at an impasse. It’s as if the Chicago-native has no intentions of ever wrestling again. Yes, Stone Cold said the same thing, but he came back in a manager capacity.

Heyman told the truth, which is something WWE superstars don’t do enough. It could be that the topic of Punk is taboo. The product on television can be evidence of that, because they’ve only mentioned Punk’s name twice on WWE programming in the last three months. By the way, both name drops occurred at the Payback pay-per-view in Chicago.

If I were you, I’d believe everything Heyman proclaimed above. When Punk walked out of WWE in January, the room consisted of Triple H and Vince McMahon when he told them the news. Nobody else heard what happened, leaving mystery and prediction all the more prevalent.

Time will tell if Punk ever returns to the WWE. All the fans have are statements by current employees on his status. It’s ironic that everyone will talk about Punk, but he won’t address anything. In the meantime, this tweet could be one indication that we may not see Punk in the WWE for a long time.

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