Ghetto kids dancing to Eddy Kenzo's music

Ghetto Kids Dance To Eddy Kenzo Songs. Videos Go Viral [Must Watch!]

Eddy Kenzo is a popular East African/Ugandan artist who has been gradually climbing to fame over the past few months. 25-year-old Kenzo is famous for his single “Sitya Loss,” which was among his biggest hits of 2014. Eddy Kenzo is however fast gaining popularity for his unique music videos. While most other artistes spend millions of dollars in sets and props for their flawless music videos, Eddy has a different approach altogether.

The USP of Eddy Kenzo’s music videos are its inherent simplicity. They seem to feature talented local artistes, usually ghetto kids from around Uganda who perform to his tunes in the most rural of settings with absolutely no props or million dollar sets, and at first glance, not even much practice. Eddy’s latest music video titled “Jambole” is the best example of such impromptu and talented dancing. Performed by children not more than 14, or 15 years old, both the music and the performances will leave you mesmerized. Just watch the video above and see for yourself. The talent that these children from impoverished backgrounds possess is beyond imagination. Especially look at the plump little girl in pink dancing to the tune. All her moves look so natural, yet polished.

This is not the first video that Eddy Kenzo has uploaded with random people dancing to his tunes. His earlier hit Sitya Loss also has a “Ghetto Kids version” that has actually garnered more views than the original music video. Over 3 million and counting! We have embedded it for you below.

People are already campaigning to feature these kids in the Ellen DeGeneres Show so that the sheer talent these little ones possesses reaches a much wider audience, says a report by KHOU.

Do you think these kids deserve a better stage and should be world renowned artistes. Also, what do you think about Eddy Kenzo’s unique approach in showcasing his ear catching music?

[Image Via YouTube]