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Portia De Rossi Reportedly Starving Herself Amid Divorce Drama With Ellen DeGeneres

Portia De Rossi Reportedly Starving Herself Amid Divorce Drama With Ellen DeGeneres

Portia de Rossi has been open about her battles with anorexia, but some insiders think she is again starving herself amid rumors of a divorce from Ellen DeGeneres.

The couple has been surrounded by rumors of a split for the past few months, including reports that Ellen exerts strict control over Portia’s career and the projects she can take.

After the pair were spotted on a stroll in New York City — with Portia de Rossi again looking very thin — some sources said marital troubles were the source.

The gossip site Celeb Dirty Laundry noted:

“Since she has no real control over having a baby or even keeping Ellen in the marriage with her she is resorting to controlling what she can – her weight. While Portia has never been a big girl she can look downright sickly when under pressure and recent pics show that she’s shrinking again.”

The report should be taken with a grain of salt, however. The site has no source connected to the allegation that Portia de Rossi is starving herself, and apparently no evidence other than speculation based on a picture. It also fails to take into account that Portia de Rossi has always had a smaller build.

Portia has spoken in the past about her struggles with body image. In a 2010 interview with Oprah Winfrey, she revealed that she lived on 300 calories a day and would take up to 20 laxatives.

Portia said that at her worst point, she would “prefer to die than fail at another diet.

“I definitely had some pretty amazing willpower to get down to 82 pounds,” she revealed. “And that’s what I was holding on to. I didn’t think about anything else.”

Lately the couple has faced divorce rumors of all varieties. Aside from reports that Ellen is controlling Portia’s career, there were also rumors that Portia decided she wanted a child. Ellen has been clear about her desire to remain childless.

But Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi have always denied divorce rumors. In fact Ellen told People magazine earlier this year that their marriage is actually better than ever, saying “I fall more in love with Portia all the time. I really do.”

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125 Responses to “Portia De Rossi Reportedly Starving Herself Amid Divorce Drama With Ellen DeGeneres”

  1. Anonymous

    From looking at the picture, I'd be more likely to conclude that Ellen is developing severe arthritis of the hands than I am to conclude that Portia is starving herself.

  2. Anonymous

    Ellen DeGeneres in real life is the exact opposite of her well-protected phony image.

    Portia de Rossi is way too good for her and I hope she will find her way back to health. She probably needs to free herself from her controlling, nasty wife. Like any abusive spouse, Ellen will not make that easy.

  3. James Flowers II

    Say it isn't so. A "lesbian marriage" is on the rocks? If we believe the gay-centric press, "lesbian marriages" are priceless, timeless, and will last forever. Pah.

  4. Anonymous

    Who cares about these queers. Getting a divorce—you have to be married first and gays don't fit it. Every day more and more is printed in the news about he, he, she, she. They make me sick.

  5. Anonymous

    "Chief Executive Officer at Self- employed"? Good luck with that.

    Oh, and your link doesn't even work.

  6. Anonymous

    Bull. Ellen has said it herself; none of these stories are true unless she tells them to her audience on her show, and Portia is almost always present at each show in the front row ahead of the audience.

  7. Anonymous

    Portia, show gays what family court is. Then, watch me have a stroke laughing my ass off. Yes, I did warn you all on Facebook…somewhere in the distant past.

  8. Anonymous

    Portia get away from Ellen the Degenerate. You'll be ok, you're just missing the old johnson. Carpet munching and vibrators aren't enough.

  9. Jimson Josephs

    That's right. There are plenty of men who will lend her a shoulder (and a lot more).

  10. Anonymous

    No Ellen, no A-list events, money, or prestige. Guess “marriage” is NOT all it’s cracked up to be? Or maybe they figured out that they weren’t really married?

  11. Anonymous

    correction: WITHOUT Ellen, no A-list events, no money, no prestige, no jobs, and no one wanting to hire/know her.

  12. Anonymous

    You should see how the homos treat anyone who won’t kiss their ass.

    BTW this is NOT “a board.” FYI

  13. Anonymous

    Have to disagree. Too peas in a pod. Both are psychologically ill.

  14. Anonymous

    She has bigger problem than a divorce she not in step with self, how in the hell she's going to be in step with someone else . Take care of you first lady before we hear you've swallowed a bottle of pills, so cancel the pity party and live or die or at least get out of the way.

  15. Pandian John

    I heard that people who blatantly express their hate and disgust over homosexuality are closeted homosexuals who deny it themselves. You need to see a psychologist if gay people make you feel sick just because of their sexual orientation.

  16. Leonard L. Davis

    Theres a saying in the entertainment industry. "Bad press is better than no press." And people eat it up, nothing like gossip to wet the appetite of the fans. Pretty good at selling copy too.

  17. Anonymous

    She needs a helping of nice big fat sausage in her mouth. That will make everything better. She use to look prettier before she went gay.

  18. Anonymous

    I've heard the same thing about people who blatantly express their hate and disgust over racism are closeted racists themselves.

  19. Richard Frye

    celebrity but-sniffers…… get a life. they do not deserve special attention, help, or sympathy . they are people ….. and not very genuine ones

  20. Anonymous

    Desdiv122……come on, you know you want to suck it! Give over to the pleasure… borrowing the line from the RHPS, "you wan to feel dirty!".

  21. Missie Slone Benson

    Pandian John I heard that people who make snap judgements over someone expressing their beliefs are almost always a-holes. Probably you as well pitcairnis. But nice try at tossing the racist thing in there. That's the go to these days, isn't it?

  22. JD Allen

    Who cares about these haters. Getting respect—you have to be decent first and haters don't fit it. Every day more and more is printed in the news about haters, beatings, discrimination. Those that hate make me sick!!!

  23. Robert Brittner

    Pandian John I bet you don't work. I see you cut and paste this old worn out phony "study" all over the web on every new story you can find…You leftist hate mongers usually start your raging rant with "I HEARD" never facts….but the FACTS are: homosexuals are the most miserable, unhappy people in the world! they have the highest suicide rate in the USA! No wonder why they came up with this pathetic euphemism "gay" They are anything BUT gay. and you see gwen gentry's post about "hate filled" people? This is the standard` response from left wing perverts in response to facts….

  24. Anonymous

    Pandian John – You really are full of it. Marriage is between man and woman. Ever hear of civil ceremony?

  25. Anonymous

    pitcairnis : Just because we do not agree with you about "gay" marriage does not make us racist! If anything, that pendulum is strictly on your end

  26. Anonymous

    G. Gentry, Your ignorance on this matter is breathtaking. We do not agree with "gay" marriage, and because of that statement, that makes me a hater? wise up lady!

  27. Anonymous

    torahlady, yes disagreeing with something that has absolutely no affect on you does in fact make you a "hater". You have no real arguments against it. You are simply hating.

  28. Peggy Smith

    This entire article is pure speculation, what if and maybe. Isn't there enough news in the world that this type of trash doesn't have to be written??? And personally, I wish most straight couples had the kind of committed, loving relationship that Ellen and Portia say they have.

  29. Anonymous

    I wish her all the luck in the world trying to starve herself !!!

  30. Pandian John

    Missie Slone Benson who said its a snap judgement? If you still hate someone for their sexual orientation, you like to be a homosexual yoursellf No other way to it.

  31. Pandian John

    Robert Brittner well if only people like you don't treat them like s**t Robert, they wouldn't commit suicide. Who are you to say what other consensual human beings do with their lives?

  32. Pandian John

    well, if that heterosexual marriage is between two celebrities, then yeah, it would have made to the news. Its just simple and kind of sad for hating people because of their sexual orientation.

  33. Pandian John

    torahlady nope. you need to come back to 2014 instead of staying in the 1600's. Have you ever heard about how many states in US recognize civil unions between gay people?

  34. Anonymous

    Dear Portia: Your "confusion" seems to parallel that of former DeGeneres lover Anne Heche, who solved her problem by making love with a man and realizing that is what "happiness" is all about. Why don't you try it yourself? Like Anne, you may discover that you, too, can enjoy life as a sexually normal woman!

  35. Anonymous

    Pandian John What a CROCK! You WISH things were that way, but they are NOT! I've heard the same thing about people who blatantly express their hate and disgust over heterosexually-oriented people who simply realize that there is an ultimate fulfillment in being sexually NORMAL.

  36. Elizabeth Elmore

    desdiv122, but you took the time to read this, didn't you????

  37. James Dee

    Pandian John I just don't understand why this would be news. I think the media makes it an issue, not me John. I think a persons sexual orientation is nobody's business but theirs.

  38. Anonymous

    Pandian John . . . Why do gays automatically think that everyone who hates them is a closet fagot? There is absolutely NO scientific proof of that. Like the many other lies they tell.

  39. Jackie Bailey

    How the hell would YOU know what Ellen is like in real life?! Put down the gossip rags and get a life dianewaking

  40. Jackie Bailey

    How the hell would YOU know what Ellen is like in real life?! Put down the gossip rags and get a life dianewaking

  41. Jackie Bailey

    How the hell would YOU know what Ellen is like in real life?! Put down the gossip rags and get a life dianewaking

  42. Jackie Bailey

    How the hell would YOU know what Ellen is like in real life?! Put down the gossip rags and get a life dianewaking

  43. Douglas Delkener

    That Womans Don't Like mens, or Can't be with Man, So they Love Womans. and next their will be Aliens loving Aliens, in the Future.

  44. Debra Lessard

    People stop the hate. This is gossip and no one's business. Who cares what anyone believes. It is not about any of us. Keep your mouths shut. That will show your intelligence. Hate speak is a waste of life.

  45. Ashley Mattinson Reed

    How does them getting married affect you? Love is blind! Who cares!! :)

  46. John Davila

    James Dee FYI this is an entertainment site! They talk about entertainers here! I guess you took a wrong turn at the Fox News site

  47. Anonymous

    Good for her! When she kicks the bucket there will one less of them in the world!

  48. Arlie Doe

    why does Yahoo feel that we care about this. let her starve if that is her choice. she and Ellen just bought the premier house in L.A., she is enjoying the fruits of her relationship w/Ellen, which I'm sure she deliberately sought knowing the perks of the 'job', so let her lie in the bed she made. I personally think that gays, all of them, are dysfunctional and twisted. I speak first-handed having been involved in a 10 year friendship that brought me into that world as 'a friend of a gay couple (male). It was the sickest, most twisted and most fickle world you could ever imagine. few relationships of this type survive and become years long. in a perfect world (for the liberals out there) this is oh so wonderful. but in the real world, this is just awful and sends the wrong message. so Portie, old girl (?) go for it. I'm sure you're missing out on wonderful food Ellen would provide for you!

  49. Thomas Browning

    Seeing your name in the obituaries will be a victory for humanity.

  50. Linda Whisler

    I saw the recent photo of them walking in NY, and she isn't anorexic skinny. The media is starting rumors. If they get divorced, it not anybody's business but there's anyway.

  51. Dwain Morse

    Who cares… it's a divorce. Happens to most everyone one time or another. So why is this news? Because it's a LGBT thing? Personally I'm glad they are being granted rights to marry. Gives them a chance to be as screwed over in a divorce as the rest of us. Equal rights baby! Yeah!

  52. Kristin Leigh Kostrzewa

    What the FUCK do you care anyway? How does a person being gay effect YOU and your life in ANY WAY? You need to get some counseling for your seriously misplaced anger issues… Seriously, your problem is YOU, not gay people you fucktard!

  53. Bella Dupree

    @PITCARNIS.. People with your mentality should be tar and feathered. You are a racist and a bigot and you love trying to spread bullshit. Sad part is with your bullshit, is the ignorant, illiterate, uneducated, degenerate people like you are the true problems. I'm sick of the CRUTCH BEING USED WHEN PEOPLE HAVE TO WORK TO MAKE AN HONEST DAYS LIVING BLAMED ON THE FACT THEY ARE BLACK AND THEIR ANCESTORS WERE BROUGHT TO AMERICA TO BE SLAVES. Hell, I'm white and I can remember eating bread and gravy many a night..But the bread and gravy was paid for by my dad working because life wasn't easy in those days. I get so sick of these celebs who are written up in magazines, speak on national television about their new husband or wife whom they will love and cherish the rest of their life, on and on. AND THEN WHAT DO WE HEAR? Divorcing…Now, the second or third love of Ellen's life is going down the toilet! Next time, you find another love of your life Ellen, just tell them that quote, not the world and then look like a A hole.

  54. Angela Long

    The report should be taken with a grain of salt, however. The site has no source connected to the allegation Portia de Rossi is starving herself, and apparently no evidence other than speculation based on a picture. It also fails to take into account that Portia de Rossi has always had a smaller build………………assholes

  55. Abe Luna

    Yes, we hate sin, and homosexuality is a sin, according to God. but since you chose not to believe in him, that's your problem or puzzled to solve.l

  56. Abe Luna

    Your sin is what makes us sick, not your stupid human frame.

  57. Anonymous

    Pandian John Guess what? You are wrong! I'm straight and am not interested in women and I believe desdiv122 has a right to what she thinks and how she feels.

  58. Nathan Meuwissen

    For those of you gay-bashers and people saying how this is not newsworthy, whatever your opinion, you still read the article and even posted a comment about it. You joined the discussion because whether you say so or not, nobody can get enough of entertainment gossip, particularly on a taboo subject of a lesbian marriage, especially for someone like Ellen DeGeneres. You all are right, it's their business and their marriage is no more special, so stop drawing attention to it with your ignorant hate comments.

  59. Anonymous

    it is best just to live as a homosapien then a homo and then no one will know or even care.

  60. Joe S Hill

    What a lovely woman,and to throw all that beauty away on a stupid and unrealistic Lesbian marriage,which
    i truly hope will fail miserably,so that this woman will come to her senses,and marry a loving MAN,instead of
    being bonded to the likes of Ellen DeGeneres! not to be entirely cruel or rotten,,but intimate emotional dramas like these,need to be kept private,and out of the press-just like these all these LGBT marriages
    and relationships-out of sight,and far from the public! i hope Ms deRossi recovers from this mess,and comes to her senses,and moves on! this bullshit is NOT worth the time-and there are much pressing things going on in the world,without all the Gay drama,here!

  61. Joe S Hill

    Pandian John and i hear that people like you,always try to blame other people,when they are within their Freedom of Speech rights to speak out against all this Gay rubbish! so really,,take all
    the counter psycho bullshit,and get a life! remarks like that,tell me that you people look for trouble
    constantly,and when it lands on your lap,don't bitch or cry,because you people bring this on yourselves,,so don't get stupid,here! you hate Anti-Gays,we dislike Gays,and the feelings are mutual! we don't want to hear about celebrity scandals like this,and especially from self imposed Gays!

  62. John Beck

    This homosexuality is a sick and evil thing. Many involve strict control and even abuse – and I mean MANY more proportionately in the homosexual than heterosexual population. Anyone remember the actress Ellen sent out wandering in her underwear? DeGeneres seems to be a user, a kind of Svengali. She needs to get help before she ruins any more lives.

  63. Elizabeth Percy

    Yes I never did get that bit I have lesbian freinds and they look like two girls which they are. Why does Ellen De Generes like to dress like a fella and I wonder how Portia feels about that?

  64. Babs Phillips

    Pandian John, that's not at all true. Desdiv122 has a right to their feelings and opinion and you don't have a right to diminish and trivialize them for it. I happen to agree with him in that it is not NATURAL for male/male, female/female relationships if you simply look at the physiology of the human body. I don't care if same sex relationships happen, just don't try to persuade me that marriage makes sense.

  65. Babs Phillips

    Just because some of us don't agree with you, Gwen Gentry, doesn't mean we hate. I guess if you're married and your spouse doesn't agree with you, then he/she must hate you, right?

  66. Diana Boggs-O'neal

    Who that really matters gives a flying pig what these two do It is about as important as Miley's tongue, Kim Kardashian ,or Bieber. Starvation? ,look's a lot like aids.

  67. Anonymous

    Please quit with the coverage of the pervs. Consider the children.

  68. Michael A Gilchrease

    being straight and basically celebate for spiritual reasons I can only view such same sex lovers as childish ready to fight the world to get what they want…..the me generation all balled up into same sex marrage….and to suffer for one other person in a world of seven billion…..I think at least one other person could and would love better…as for love..good luck, one in five kids are looking for food tonight and tomorrow and will be for a long time…if love is about sex and one person then god is lying…grow up love with the heart not the clitoris.

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