Portia De Rossi Reportedly Starving Herself Amid Divorce Drama With Ellen DeGeneres

Portia De Rossi Reportedly Starving Herself Amid Divorce Drama With Ellen DeGeneres

Portia de Rossi has been open about her battles with anorexia, but some insiders think she is again starving herself amid rumors of a divorce from Ellen DeGeneres.

The couple has been surrounded by rumors of a split for the past few months, including reports that Ellen exerts strict control over Portia’s career and the projects she can take.

After the pair were spotted on a stroll in New York City — with Portia de Rossi again looking very thin — some sources said marital troubles were the source.

The gossip site Celeb Dirty Laundry noted:

“Since she has no real control over having a baby or even keeping Ellen in the marriage with her she is resorting to controlling what she can – her weight. While Portia has never been a big girl she can look downright sickly when under pressure and recent pics show that she’s shrinking again.”

The report should be taken with a grain of salt, however. The site has no source connected to the allegation that Portia de Rossi is starving herself, and apparently no evidence other than speculation based on a picture. It also fails to take into account that Portia de Rossi has always had a smaller build.

Portia has spoken in the past about her struggles with body image. In a 2010 interview with Oprah Winfrey, she revealed that she lived on 300 calories a day and would take up to 20 laxatives.

Portia said that at her worst point, she would “prefer to die than fail at another diet.

“I definitely had some pretty amazing willpower to get down to 82 pounds,” she revealed. “And that’s what I was holding on to. I didn’t think about anything else.”

Lately the couple has faced divorce rumors of all varieties. Aside from reports that Ellen is controlling Portia’s career, there were also rumors that Portia decided she wanted a child. Ellen has been clear about her desire to remain childless.

But Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi have always denied divorce rumors. In fact Ellen told People magazine earlier this year that their marriage is actually better than ever, saying “I fall more in love with Portia all the time. I really do.”