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Trayvon Martin’s Marijuana Usage Made Him Violent Against George Zimmerman?

Trayvon Martin's Marijuana Usage Made Him Violent Against George Zimmerman?

Did Trayvon Martin’s marijuana usage make him violent against George Zimmerman? Some reports are posing that controversial question now that marijuana legalization is quickly spreading across America. But while some police officers may support that contentious message others believe the controversy over Trayvon Martin, gun control, and drugs does not match up with the facts.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, George Zimmerman’s lawsuit claims NBC employees purposefully edited the audio recordings of him talking to the 911 dispatcher in order to make it sound like the Hispanic man was racially profiling Trayvon.

Whether or not Martin is a thug or an innocent has been a controversial topic that still echoes within political circles. For example, some focused on Trayvon Martin’s drugs and guns photos found in his cell phone records and how a whistleblower named Ben Kruidbos revealed these phone records only to lose his job due to Florida prosecutor Angela Corey. Zimmerman himself has been using his paintings to blast people he claims tried to hold back the negative information about Trayvon. On the other side of the argument, an artist in Boston recently admitted to installing a Trayvon Martin monument that attempts to make a connection to the Civil War and Trayvon’s father has been calling him a civil rights icon.

Now a report from recently brought up Trayvon Martin’s marijuana usage and how the man was “suspended from school for possessing a trace amount of marijuana” and a “toxicological report found a trace amount of marijuana in Trayvon Martin’s system.” They point out that the defense in the George Zimmerman trial tried to make Martin out to be “edgy, aggressive, and violent” due to cannabis. In the end, the article claims there is “no evidence that marijuana use predisposes anyone to violent behavior” based upon studies.

But the Florida Sheriffs Association believes this conclusion to be false and they have launched a campaign against Florida’s marijuana legalization amendment vote that will occur this November. As part of this campaign, president Grady Judd claim he’s seen cases where marijuana and violence occurred:

“I see the guy that’s up all night with a baby that’s screaming, so he smokes him a blunt and a half and he thinks that’ll help and ends up bouncing the baby off the walls. I see the deputy that has to take the gun from the guy who is passed out as a result of having marijuana and other drugs in his or her possession.”

On the other side of the debate you have supporters of marijuana legalization who are pointing to how crime statistics are down in the city of Denver since legal weed became the norm in Colorado:

“[C]rime is down by 10.6 percent compared to January of this year. The biggest change is the number of murders, which has dropped by 52.9 percent. Overall, crimes rates in the Colorado city are down, although the number of crimes related to arson have jumped by 135 percent.”

Even other violent crimes like automobile break-ins and sexual assaults have dropped by 36 and 14 percent, respectively. But opponents of marijuana legalization claims there is no connection between the drop in Denver’s crime rate and the increase in marijuana sales.

Do you think Trayvon Martin’s marijuana usage had anything to do at all with his confrontation with George Zimmerman?

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87 Responses to “Trayvon Martin’s Marijuana Usage Made Him Violent Against George Zimmerman?”

  1. Mikado Cat

    Smoking a blunt never made anyone I know violent, much more likely is that Trayvon was standing just inside the non gated path into Twin Lakes talking on his cell phone and waiting to meet someone that didn't want to use the gates with camera's. The Police time line has Trayvon waiting for about half an hour before Zimmerman reports him to police.

    Its Trayvon's last day of suspension for fighting in school (according to his own words on his cell phone messages), and he is out of weed he smoked with his cousin a day before. He has watermelon drink and Skittles but not the critical Robotussin needed to make Drank or Lean. Getting caught, and/or having his meeting with whoever he was waiting for messed up is a much more likely reason for him beating Zimmerman. The stated reason on his cell phone messages for the fight in school was to bloody somebody that snitched on him, which is what Zimmerman did by reporting Trayvon to the police.

  2. Adrienne Hawks

    anyone who would call this a side-effect of marijuana has clearly never smoked any. or is lying.

  3. Marina Marina

    This entire article is sensationalized and motivated to suit its own means. First the article obnoxiously refers to George Zimmerman in "like the Hispanic man racially profiled…" then it moves on to refer to Treyvon Martin as…" the man…man this, man that." Things like this make me absolutely sick, white people want to say that America isn't racists but when you have an article making obvious ATTEMPTS at constructing a story to fit their racial motive the argument against racism being alive and well becomes a moot one. Why is it necessary to phrase these two men in this way? Why was it necessary rather than refer to Zimmerman by his name, to refer to him as the Hispanic man? Is it because the writer and this publication want to "carefully" remind the public that this couldn't have possibly been a racially motivated incident because the man guilty was Hispanic…racism exists between all racial groups, racism is NOT reserved for just whites and blacks. The signs have always been there to show Zimmerman's bigoted thought process as he maliciously attacked that BOY Treyvon Martin.

    Why is this article referring to Treyvon as a "Man," when in the last few decades have referred to High School males as men? We don't. In any other story, article, and in any other spectrum of media high school males have always been labeled as boys and high school females as girls.

    What an absolutely foul article, written by an equally foul and bigoted mind.
    One more thing, Marijuana has does not deduce violence, it is NOT a stimulant like alcohol, cocaine and other hard drugs. It is a mild hallucinogen and exhibits features of a depressant by relaxing muscle tone. You simply do not becoming violent after smoking marijuana, there's a reason why it's becoming legalized over the country and has been an organic solution to many medical mysteries.

    Of course racist hicks will spin anything into their favor. But if a large man double my size came charging at me with a gun, prepared to kill me you better believe I'd become as violent as a mother bear, because it is MY life that is on the line.

  4. Marina Marina

    He has a watermelon drink…could you try any harder to NOT sound racists? Please he "got" violent because a man double his weight came CHARGING AT HIM. I'd become "violent" too in self defense. Zimmerman had no business creeping up on him, this wasn't a case of a large group of boys gathering outside of a community, this was one person standing around minding his business–whether he was waiting for someone or not–that is unfounded George Zimmerman acted on prejudice thought. And yes, just because he's a hispanic man does not exempt him from being racists.

  5. Chromium Blue

    I knew before I started reading that the Floriduh Sheriff's Asses were involved with this. These corrupt goons are desperate to maintain marijuana as illegal to preserve their extra income and easy arrests.

    Vote "YES" for Florida Amendment 2- put an end to this type of propaganda, reduce the size and cost of police forces and require the ones who still have a job to engage in real work.

  6. Justice Delivered

    Marina Marina

    Conversely, being black does not exempt you from being a racist. In fact, I see more overt racism among blacks than any other group. It really is time to grow up.

  7. Justice Delivered

    I do not think marijuana was behind Trayvon's aggression. Lean may have played a role.

    I think that genes, piss poor parenting and culture are all factors in creating Thugvon like young men who are killing and being killed in large numbers all over America.

  8. Justice Delivered

    Evidence has already established that it was not racial, at least as far as Zimmerman was concerned. Painting it as racial was the work of the Martin Scheme Team. Thye needed

  9. Justice Delivered

    Evidence has already established that it was not racial, at least as far as Zimmerman was concerned. Painting it as racial was the work of the Martin Scheme Team. They needed Zimmerman to be charged in order to shakedown the insurance company.

  10. Anonymous

    Trayvon Martins death was a tragedy as is the death of any 17 year old. But recently I read a book called If I Had A Son that was a very detailed and thoroughly sourced investigation of the whole incident from who Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman were through the trial and after, how the press covered it (and what they covered up) and a lot of facts that I did not know from the TV reporting. One example was the "skittles and fruit drink" stuff – I had no idea the significance of it until I read the book, what the convenience store tapes showed, none of that. I know the book got a lot of negative reviews on Amazon mostly from people who sound like they didn't read it but didn't want to have to rethink their preconceived notions.

  11. Pamela Hyman

    maybe the question should be did legalize Adderall make Zimmy violent? Since his acquittal he certainly has demonstrated violent behavior towards elderly man and two women.

  12. Marcus Shanks

    You can't make lean with skittles. Skittles takes FOREVER (days) to dissolve in liquids and the end result is a nasty sludge because of the dyes (from the shell) and chemicals that make them chewy. People use jolly ranchers and sprite because that combination would dissolve in minutes. (please zimbots, stop with this stupid argument. Theere is NO mention of using Skittles to make lean anywhere before the shooting and the first mentions are in CTH, which is full of people that never bothered to test out their theories. You sound like idiots, all of you)

    "Getting caught, and/or having his meeting with whoever he was waiting for messed up is a much more likely reason for him beating Zimmerman."

    Ok, that's an utterly BS reason you've thought up there. It's more likely that Trayvon wanted to know WHY Zimmerman was following him and decided to ask, then when Zimmerman reached behind his back instead of stating his business (as Zimmerman himself admitted), thought Zimmerman was reaching for a weapon and tried to defend himself. I don't believe that it is a coincidence that the altercation moved in a beeline directly toward Trayvon's home.

    "The stated reason on his cell phone messages for the fight in school was to bloody somebody that snitched on him,"

    Trayvon knew that guy PERSONALLY. There is a big difference between fighting someone that you know PERSONALLY over a very PERSONAL reason and deciding to attack someone that you don't know (when you don't have to) because you think they 'might have caught you doing something' that some idiot online thinks you should be concerned about. Not only can't you make lean with skittles but even if Trayvon had a 5th of vodka or ten pounds of weed, that doesn't mean that Zimmerman caught him doing anything because nothing about zimmerman communicates that he is in ANY way a person of authority to catch anyone doing anything on PUBLIC PROPERTY. You know what Zimmerman was communicating? He was communicating that he was a creepy-looking guy that was following Trayvon around for some unknown reason. If someone followed me around like that, I'd want to know what they want and if I THINK they are going to harm me, I'd defend myself.

    I caught a guy trying to steal from my property and moved to intercept, he RAN AWAY. He didn't come back to try and exact revenge on me for catching him in the act. That would be stupid because I could be armed or something. I've had people say 'Is there a problem?' because I was staring at them or bumped into them or something. Could I be armed? Sure, but at that point, they are asking me what is the meaning of my behavior or why I bumped into them.

  13. Marcus Shanks

    The author of that book is incredibly biased and the book itself is nothing more than conservative groupthink conspiracy theories. For starters, The author works for World Net Daily, one of the worst far-right conservative blogs in terms being wrong on so many subjects that it would make Breitbart blush. The author has maintained a constant effort to demonize Trayvon ever since he got shot and he spins every little-bit of ANYTHING relating to Trayvon as a means of portraying him as wanting to murder Zimmerman for no damn reason.

    "One example was the "skittles and fruit drink" stuff"

    Have you ever TRIED dissolving skittles in fruit drink? It would take DAYS for it dissolve and the end result would be quite nasty. The fact of the matter is that there is NO MENTION of "skittles and fruit drink" before the shooting, ANYWHERE, for a reason. It's because nobody uses "skittles and fruit drink" to make lean.

    "I had no idea the significance of it until I read the book, what the convenience store tapes showed"

    The surveillance video shows Trayvon buy his skittles and watermelon juice cocktail. Anything else beyond that is speculation.

  14. Marcus Shanks

    They watched too much Reefer Madness, which depicts Marijuana as breaking down the mind and causing men to become perminantly insane/homicidal and turns women into nymphomaniacs that want to bed violent sociopaths.

  15. Mikado Cat

    Marina Marina Guessing you didn't pay attention to the trial, or the evidence, just the claims of the Martin's personal injury lawyer. Zimmerman was waiting for police to arrive a football field away from where Trayvon ran to hide. Trayvon left that location and approaching from behind returned to where Zimmerman was and beat him.

    Asking questions works just fine twenty feet away, beating someone up requires getting closer before attacking.

  16. Mikado Cat

    Marcus Shanks Jeantel said Trayvon beat up Zimmerman because he looked gay. Those are the two most likely reasons for the attack, gay bashing, or beating up a snitch.

  17. Mikado Cat

    Marcus Shanks

    The video has a fair amount of information if you pay attention. Trayvon's appearance is nothing special, nothing that draws unusual attention. Trayvon makes some request that the clerk denies before completing the transaction.

    It also shows the time Trayvon left the store and his waiting outside and talking with the group of three that went in after him. 45 minutes later after what would have been a 15 minute walk back to Brandy Green's condo, Trayvon is still standing and looking around just inside the complex in the rain.

  18. Mikado Cat

    As with all the claimed violence by Zimmerman, nobody had any physical injury.

    Trayvon broke Zimmerman's nose and knocked him to the ground before sitting on him and beating Zimmerman while he screamed for help and tried to get away. Trayvon had no injury of any kind from Zimmerman prior to reaching for the gun and being shot.

    Zimmerman pushed some people resulting in no injury.

    Adderall has some issues for some people, it shows up when first taking the drug and doses get changed or something else is proscribed. Months after starting it no issues would be expected.

  19. David Herndon

    Marijuana is a relaxer that mellows you out and no way what so ever makes you violent. Who would you want to be up against, someone who just had a pint of liquor or smoked a blunt? Who ever wrote the article thinks America is gullible and stupid. Zimmerman wants to sue NBC but he should thank them for not bringing up the drugs he was on when he murdered Trayvon. They were prescribed drugs Temazepam and Adderall. When on these medications you are instructed not to drive or handle dangerous equipment. Why the judge or prosecution kept this out of the murder trial is still a mystery to me.

  20. David Herndon

    Mikado Cat no licensed doctor has ever declared or documented Zimmerman had a broken nose and he definitely didn't have any black eyes. Once again he should think NBC instead of suing them for not addressing this issue. Did adderall and temazepam make Zimmerman violent?

  21. Woody Nelson

    Marina Marina, you too have it wrong. Zimmerman did not go charging at Trayvon. Fact: When Trayvon saw Zimmerman he took off running and hid from Zimmerman. According to the phone records he was on the phone to his girlfriend for 4 minutes while he was hiding. In other words Travon was able to lose Zimmerman. Zimmerman, according to the 911 operator transcript told the operator he lost Trayvon and was returning to his car. It was then when he turned to walk back to his car did Trayvon come out of hiding and confront Zimmerman. The 4 minute phone conversation proves beyond a reasonable doubt Zimmerman did not attack Trayvon and was actually Trayvon who did the attacking. Had he stayed hidden he would be alive today.

  22. Woody Nelson

    No drugs contributed to Trayvons death. He was a kid with a violent and criminal disposition. Had he stayed in hiding when he was able to hide from Zimmerman he would be alive today but his girlfriend was the catalyst that caused him to confront and beat Zimmerman. He was on the phone with her for 4 minutes while in hiding. According to the phone transcript he was describing this guy who was following him to his girlfriend. She suggested to him that this guy may be a pervert or child molester and to be careful. This suggestion emboldened Trayvon to confront this child molester pervert. Since Trayvon had a fighting nature he came out of hiding and confronted Zimmerman. If anything, his girlfriend was at fault as well.

  23. Kevin Light

    been smokin for 45 years daily, and i have never been in any confrontation with anyone. this is just another lie.

  24. LordJeff K Nelson

    Zimmerman was the aggressor not Trayvon. When a man that is not an officer confronts anyone even a teen and then starts doing what he did, Trayvon or whoever has every right to defend themselves. zimmerman should have never used his gun. He is a pussy1

  25. LordJeff K Nelson

    Are you serious. Ignorance must run rampant in your family huh?

  26. Bonnie M Warnock

    He certaintly wasn't violent when he paid for his purchases at 7 -11 the night Zimmerman murdered him.
    Trayvon had every right to defend himself against the creepy stranger who threatened him.
    Who really believes softie would venture out in the dark following someone he believes is a criminal and carry his gun in his back pocket ? Only certain kind of people would believe that!

  27. Reggie Jacobs

    Mikado Cat "Trayvon broke Zimmerman's nose and knocked him to the ground before sitting on him and beating Zimmerman while he screamed for help and tried to get away. Trayvon had no injury of any kind from Zimmerman prior to reaching for the gun and being shot." You don't know much about fighting, do you?

  28. Reggie Jacobs

    For the same reason the prosecution did not prepare their witnesses, badly cross examined defense witnesses, showed footage of Zimmerman talking so he would not have to testify, mishandled their jury, did not seek analysis from martial artists about the fight, etc. because they were not truly interested in convicting Zimmerman.

  29. Reggie Jacobs

    And anyone who saw the trial also knows that TrayvonMartin had TRACE amounts of marijuana in his system according to the autopsy, he had not smoked marijuana in atleast a week or longer before the shooting. There are plenty of kids who if you tested them would have more pot in their system than Trayvon had.

  30. Jason Sterk

    Doing what he did? What call the police? You should've watched the dam trial dude. You have no idea what you are talking about.

  31. Jason Sterk

    He was visibly beat up dumbass. Say whatever you want but Trayvon played the major role in his own death. Deal with it

  32. Erik Weinstein

    sorry Zimmerman was not double trayvons weight. He was 20 to 40 pounds heavier then trayvon. Trayvon was much taller and in much better shape. No one ever testified that Zimmerman barreled at Trayvon. You are speculating.

  33. Erik Weinstein

    I don't think marijuana makes a person violent. I do think marijuana should be legal. I do think that Trayvon martin went back and confronted George. This is actually not a rare thing. I have had several police officers tell me that they have dealt with numerous instances where someone is being bothered by a stranger and gets away from the person bothering them, only to have a change of heart and decide to go back and confront the person they got away from-bothering could encompass being followed, verbally harassed, verbally threatened, and even assaulted, among other things. Often times, although not the majority of times, people, especially men, especially young men(age 16- 24) will feel embarrassed and ashamed after running away from someone. This will often times effect peoples macho pride(especially when your dealing with young men between16-24) and this blow to the ego will often turn to rage. This rage will cause the fleeing person to decide that this is not over and will go back and confront the person they got away from, sometimes with the intention of beating up the person they got away from. This is a foolhardy and reckless thing to do, but how many people confront and try to beat up strangers for whatever reason every day in this country. Many people will not consider the possibility that the person they are confronting may have a weapon. This is bad judgement on the person going back, but, unfortunately, this is not a rare form of bad judgement that is simply relegated to a handful of warped, twisted individuals. If in fact Trayvon decided to go back and confront Zimmerman his judgement, or lack thereof, may have been effected by his marijuana use.

  34. Erik Weinstein

    LordJeff K Nelson even if this did happen where Zimmerman approached Trayvon, unfortunalely, under the law the crime doesn't start until the first punch is thrown.

  35. Kevin St Clair

    This is not an attack, but you need to get some of your facts straight.

    You say that that marijuana does not "deduce" violence. I am going to give you the benefit of the doubt and assume that you meant "induce" or something else so that I can agree with you. However, your sentence goes on to say that marijuana "is not a stimulant like alcohol, cocaine…". You need to realize that alcohol is also NOT a stimulant. Regardless, I do agree with your point that marijuana does not generally make people more violent.

    You point out that the article identifies Zimmerman as Hispanic, and then you say that is wrong and proof that WHITE people are racist. You have me very confused with this one. George Zimmerman IS Hispanic. If you disagree, then you must also disagree with the statement "Barack Obama is African-American," because the two statements are absolutely equally true. How White people got involved in your argument is a stretch.

    In this and other comments you refer to someone being attacked by someone twice their size, as if Treyvon was a ten year old child. Regardless of which version of events you believe about who the aggressor was, the FACT is that Treyvon was the larger and stronger individual in this altercation. I agree that Treyvon was not a man because he was not yet 18 years of age, but for you to refer to Treyvon as a child or a boy is even more incorrect than the author referring to him as a man. Treyvon was the one who had Zimmerman on the ground and was trying to bash Zimmerman's brains out on the concrete, not the other way around. Just like you said about yourself in your example, Zimmerman realized that his life was on the line and he did what he had to do to keep from becoming a murder victim. Zimmerman's version of your "becoming as violent as a mother bear" was to take his hand gun and shoot Treyvon. If you had a handgun and found yourself in a situation where a larger and stronger person was killing you, forget about what happened to get you in that situation, your own words indicate you would do the same thing Zimmerman did.

    Forget history, forget the spin, forget the race of the people involved, and forget how you got to where you are on this day. Just imagine yourself in the situation where you are the smaller and weaker person and a larger and stronger person is on top of you and you cannot get up or get away. The larger and stronger person is repeatedly bashing the back of your head into a concrete sidewalk and it is clear to you that you are about to die. You can either pull out the gun in your pocket and live or you can do nothing and just let this person kill you. Be HONEST. What would you do? Forget race and age and everything else. Would you kill the person who is killing you or would you just let yourself be killed? If your version ends with you dead, you are lying to yourself and everyone else.

  36. John Brown

    The fact is that an armed man launched out of his vehicle cursing in the direction of a kid who hadn't done anything. We're supposed to believe that he reversed that hostility and became a screaming victim. Please. Trayvon was defending himself against a racist coward.

  37. John Brown

    None of your fantastic bs proves that Martin took one step in Zimmerman's direction EVER but two can play that game. George is a sex offender who molested his own cousin and had a history of assault. His neighborhood watch buddy Frank Taafee has come forward to confirm George is a racist who stalked unarmed children if they were black. He, not Trayvon, had mugshots from his past and was proven a liar when he claimed in a court of law that he was broke. Broke like the broken nose he never went to the hospital for. What a thug.

  38. Mikado Cat

    Murder eh? Clearly you know much about smoking weed and nothing about the case.

    The only interest in Trayvon was to have a police officer ask him what he was doing standing in the rain inside a condo complex he did not live in.

    Maybe the prosecution kept it out of the trial because the effects show up with starting those drugs and if you aren't one of the small percentage who have issues and change medications its not relevant.

  39. Mikado Cat

    David Herndon What do you think a broken nose means, that it falls off or something? Trayvon sucker punched Zimmerman, distracted him with a question then punched him in the face as hard as he could while Zimmerman had his guard down. A cowards attack, but with enough force it broke Zimmerman's nose and knocked the 207 lb fat little guy to the ground.

    The cops on the scene, the EMT that treated him, and the physicians assistant he saw at his doctors office on Monday all said it was consistent with a broken nose. When you pay for your own medical care out of your own pocket, you do what you have to do, and rarely see a regular doctor.

  40. Dmitri Mcnally

    Anyone who believes Zimmerman's account of what happens that night needs to take a look at the photo of his bloody head and then get a lesson on how gravity works.

  41. Pamela Hyman

    who said he nose was broken? Zimmy, where are the xrays? BTW Trayvon got a bullet put through his heart. zimmy is a murderer and thief not only stole his life he stole his screams. If fox news is turning on zimmy it is obvious why you support him. He killed a black boy who threatens your genetic survival.

  42. Pamela Hyman

    Mikado cat pushing is a form of aggression. this guy pulled a scam on all of you who sent him money. hope he saved some and laughed all the way to the bank. a sucker is born everyday. he knew he was going to get off and got paid too!!!!! hey just ask taffy daffy and shellie and the Vietnam nurse and all the folks that lied for him. zimmy gave them the finger

  43. Carl Parish

    Marijuana does not cause violent behavior like alcohol beverages. Mr. Zimmerman is guilt. He racially profile an innocent young man. The Lord himself almighty God will judge Mr. Zimmerman.

  44. Jason Sterk

    Why does it even matter if it was or wasn't broken? Trayvon attacked him either way. Shellie or Taffie weren't even there so what could they possibly lie about? Neither one saw anything. George was found not guilty because he was not guilty. Don't attack strangers.

  45. Pamela Hyman

    Jason sterk the Vietnam nurse who wasn't there was SURE beyond a shadow of doubt that it was zimmy screaming even though the screams STOP after the shot was fired wonder why that wasn't taken into consideration. or the fact that zimmy was a cool as a cucumber after he took a human being life didn't seem to raise any eyebrows. how in the hell can you be screaming for your life one minute and not be shaken up the next. you. just get real zimmy supporters the reality a black boy is dead and you are happy. some can't help it considering the the fact that some are direct descendants of the worse of the worse who takes pleasures in raping and killing native Indians, torturing and enslaving people of color and celebrating when a black body swings from the sycamore tree. the hate is in the bloodline. yall can't help it. bs don't attack strangers, don't follow strangers with a loaded gun. it was all premeditated. How I wish trayvon was a real thug. we wouldn't have this conversation because zimmy would have never got out the car or he would be pushing up daisies.

  46. Pamela Hyman

    btw Jason sterk how much of a pussy is a man who cries over some freaking scratches? a man who attacks an elderly person, a man who draws a gun on WHITE WOMEN!!!!! I know you don't give a damn about Trayvon you must care about the white women. FOX NEWS does that why they gave zimmy the boot. I wonder if he ever pulled a gun on a white man? if he did the headlines would read Hispanic man kills white man. self defense. verdict: Guilty. the lesson learn: DO NOT KILL WHITE MEN> you can batter women and of course kill blacks but you BETTER NOT KILL WHITE MEN. zimmy would lose his "White " status quick, fast and in a hurry. zimmy would be joining the Hispanic gangs in jails where he would be for the rest of his life. DO NOT KILL WHITE MEN!!!!!

  47. David Herndon

    Mikado Cat I know that Zimmerman's defense was based on nothing but lies. Cell phone time lines and forensic science does not corroborate anything Zimmerman said or what his lawyers presented. If you don't know the effects of marijuana, ask a professional or talk to an experience pot smoker before you let the world know how inept you are. It's quite obvious that you don't know anything about Temazepam or Adderall. You probably didn't even know that Zimmerman was on these medications. Moreover, you probably don't even know that no licensed doctor has ever declared or documented Zimmerman had a broken nose.

  48. David Herndon

    Jason Sterk The judge was white, the prosecutors were white, the defense attorneys were white, the defendant-half Hispanic and half white, the jury-five white and one Hispanic, the court room observers were even predominantly white. The prosecutions key witnesses were African-American, Middle-Eastern, Asian and Anthony Gorgone who appeared to be Caucasian. Is he Jewish or just a thrown in token? The murdered victim was of course African-American. Was this set up coincidental or was it on purpose? Who played the race card in this kangaroo court?

  49. Brian Wills

    Skilttles should be added to the 'schedule 1' drugs.. it must be the cause of the violence, or accept that the killer George is responsible.

  50. David Herndon

    Why do imbeciles continue to blame Trayvon for Zimmerman senseless and unnessary act of murdering him via asinine reasons. Zimmerman was under the influence temazepam and adderall. These drugs cause hallucinations, agitations, aggression and the list goes on.

  51. Diamond Grind

    Yes sir, if I had a dollar for every baby I've bounced off the walls after smoking a blunt… Sheesh!
    Does it bother anybody else that Grady Judd is PRESIDENT of the Florida Sheriffs Association?

  52. Jason Sterk

    Dave this case was made racial way before the trial. The media made sure of that. It doesn't matter what color the judge or jury were the facts spoke for themselves.

  53. Jason Sterk

    John Good was the eye witness that was right there and saw GZ on the bottom and heard him screaming for help. I don't see color so it doesn't matter to me what color either of them were. But I see you still haven't let go of all the racial nonsense.

  54. Jason Sterk

    But yet it was Trayvon who attacked. I guess this is the treatment you get from some for trying to watch out for your neighbors. Sad

  55. Woody Nelson

    So being cold-cocked and having knocked to the ground having your head smashed on the sidewalk is no reason to defend yourself? The drugs (if any) had no bearing on the case and did not come out in court nor did it have anything to do with being assaulted.

  56. Woody Nelson

    Marina, when the black community quits keeping the differences between blacks and everyone else alive and to the forefront will what you are stating change. When the blacks quit referring to themselves as "Afro-American" and integrate into Americans first will things change. Any black person who is born in the U.S. is a black American not Afro-american. Quit keeping the division alive.

  57. Jason Sterk

    Mary not this time. Trayvon was the aggressor. But actually TM did punch a school bus driver and had numerous videos of him fighting. So I guess I would count that as having a violent tendency.

  58. Pamela Hyman

    any law that justifies killing a human being because they "feel" threatened. even though the killer pursed his victim is obvious racist. and the fact that zimmy wasn't tested for drugs is RACIST. if any real policeman in this country takes a life during the course of duty he or she is tested for drugs but not zimmy. the cops took the word of a man who shoved a police officer. this shyt stinks to high heaven

  59. Anonymous

    To the author, why are you calling Trayvon a man, he died a CHILD! Your statement, how the man was “suspended from school for possessing a TRACE amount of marijuana” sounds very bias. What about the medications Zimmnut was taking? Marijuana is used as a medication.

    Marijuana is smoked for nausea, glaucoma, appetite stimulation, mucous membrane inflammation, leprosy, fever, dandruff, hemorrhoids, obesity, asthma, urinary tract infections, cough, anorexia associated with weight loss in AIDS patients, pain, and multiple sclerosis. It is also inhaled to weaken the immune system after kidney transplant to lessen the chance of transplant rejection.

    Side effects:
    Use of marijuana can cause dry mouth, nausea, vomiting, dry or red eyes, heart and blood pressure problems, lung problems, impaired mental functioning, headache, dizziness, numbness, panic reactions, hallucinations, flashbacks, depression, and sexual problems. NOTE: NOTHING REGARDING MOOD OR BEHAVIOR

    Temazepam: One of Zimmerman meds:
    Serious side effects, including: memory loss, mental/mood/behavior changes (such as new/worsening depression, abnormal thoughts, thoughts of suicide, hallucinations, confusion, agitation, aggressive behavior, anxiety). Rarely, after taking this drug, people have gotten out of bed and driven vehicles while not fully awake ("sleep-driving").

    Serious side effects, including: mental/mood/behavior changes (such as agitation, aggression, mood swings, depression, abnormal thoughts),

  60. Paul Neil

    Stark, no one knows who the aggressor was but for zimmermans words. You simply take his word for it. I once saw an aggressor end up with two black eyes, while the person defending himself did not have a scratch.

    Maybe you don't know this but if you push someone, you are the aggressor. I think it is quite plausible that Zimmerman, frustrated by the A** holes always getting away, could have started the altercation. Even his boy, Frank, has had a change of mind about it.

  61. Paul Neil

    So woody, the term African American is the cause of racism?
    Your comment to is daft.
    How can you blame those who have been subjected to racism the reason for racism.
    What division are you talking about, the one that sees schools in black neighborhood underfunded? Or black people imprisoned at a higher rate and much harsher then their white counterparts?

  62. Brian Wills

    Jason Sterk Jason not this time! Wow, here is a guy with a gun going after someone he was already told to leave alone…there is no question who was the aggressor, let it rest!

  63. Jason Sterk

    Do you not even care that TM attacked a total stranger? Is that just the norm for you? I don't live in the hood so I am not sure, maybe that is normal for the people you know. Just doesn't happen where I live. Did you ever think that might be wrong and might be part of the reason we have "ghettos" in this country. People need to grow up and be more productive for society not drag it down. When people work so hard to form an image of being a gangster or badasses this is what you get.

  64. Jason Sterk

    There is a guy with a gun concerned with the thefts in his neighborhood!! Doing nothing more than reporting suspicious activity to the authorities. And you justify this? You let it rest!!

  65. Woody Nelson

    Paul, what I mean is the black community keeps the division alive by not referring to themselves as (black) Americans. By referring to themselves as African-American demonstrates "separation" so to speak. Also, the word "racism" is thrown around way to freely and extremely out of context. If you read the definition of racism, the basis and foundation of racism is in the belief that one race believes their race is better and superior to another. If that characteristic is not present then it's not racism.

  66. Pamela Hyman

    who was following whom? who got out the truck with a loaded gun? who is the one who has been arrested twice for aggressive behavior. if he pulled that crap today he would be found guilty .What makes you cookie cut Black people. Do you study or are your opinions based on what the media shows you? African Americans created the ONLY indigence art form in America. There are significant people of color more like the Huxtabells than you could imagine. Zimmerman is the one with the history of aggression, is on a medication with research side effects are paranoia and aggression. The fact that you want to justify zimmy actions says a LOT about you

  67. Jason Sterk

    I don't know Zimmerman or Trayvon so I don't have a personal opinion of either. But when I look at the facts of the case I believe the jury came to the correct verdict. No matter what you say Trayvon did not need to attack Zimmerman. A simple conversation would have made all the difference in the world. Violence solves nothing. You are reaching on the side effects of his medication. My wife is on the same meds and never have I seen any kind of side effect. Sorry but it was a bad choice by Trayvon and unfortunately the absolute worst happened. And I do know there are a ton of great people who happen to be black. I will give you the fact that the media does tend to show the bad side of a lot of young black males and the innocent ones suffer for the actions of the thugs.

  68. Pamela Hyman

    jason you have your right to defend zimmy who took the life of a kid who just turned 17. trayvon had the right to stand his ground. Trayvon is dead and zimmy is alive and has no regrets in taking a life of a human being. there was a father in texas who killed a man he witness sexually assaulting his 4 year old daughter and even him felt bad he took a life. go figure

  69. Pamela Hyman

    BTW the word thug is applied to zimmy who been acting like a thug for years. how many times has that thug been arrested? ok he's like Teflon don so nothing stuck but you gotta admit his behavior would of even put the average white boy in jail. would you want this guy married to your sister?

  70. Erik Weinstein

    listen, we all wish we now how exactly trayvon was behaving, but, nobody but George does. Sometimes, in life, their is a lot of mystery. It suck. But, that is the way of thing. Stop speculating. You don't know. You wish you knew. But, you don't.

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