Mama Cat

Watch What This Mama Cat Does For Her Kitten, This Is Too Heartwarming For Words

Cats are known for their cool, aloof demeanor. The running joke is that cats don’t seem to care about anything — except maybe their food bowl, and getting enough attention from their caregiving humans. But only when they’re in the mood for it.

Don’t believe it. It’s a myth. Cats care as much as dogs — or even people. There are plenty of touching videos on line that show cat compassion, but this one is among the most touching we’ve seen.

Watch what this mama cat does when she sees one of her babies in trouble.

Yeah, usually when a kitten gets stuck in a tree, it’s the fire department to the rescue. Or Superman. But in this case, the maternal instincts of this mother take over, and turn the cat into her own kind of hero.

All cats are different, of course, but in general, cats have strong maternal instincts — not only for their own kittens, but for almost any kitten. No, pairing a new kitten with a mama cat doesn’t always work, but as this video shows, the bond between mother and child is an unbreakable one.

Bear in mind how stressful this experience is for a cat, not only climbing up a tree, but climbing down, which is not a natural move for cats. When this mama cat touches back down on the ground, you can see how upset she is, breathing heavily through her mouth, a type of breathing cats rarely engage in.

As for the human who’s standing around taking this video while her two cats are in the midst of what for them is a desperate, life-and-death crisis, well, we’re glad to see this video, which was posted on June 14 and has already rolled up more than 2 million views — but you might have been able to help out just a little. Those are two terrified cats in that tree. Do something!