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It Was A Hoax: Report Claims Girl Attacked By Pitbull Was Never At A KFC, Never Asked To Leave

It Was A Hoax: Report Claims Girl Attacked By Pitbull Was Never At A KFC, Never Asked To Leave

UPDATE: The family is denying reports that being asked to leave KFC was nothing more than a hoax. Read what the family has to say.

ORIGINAL STORY: It was a compelling and heartbreaking story when reports surfaced that a Jackson, Mississippi, KFC had asked a 3-year-old girl to leave after her wounds from a pit bull attack apparently scared customers. But now it turns out that the story may be just that — a story.

Readers may remember the story that circulated in recent weeks of 3-year-old Victoria Wilcher, whose grandmother said the girl was asked to leave a Jackson KFC, prompting KFC to launch a full investigation and pledging $30,000 to cover some of the girl’s medical expenses as she recovers from the attack.

But as The Clarion-Ledger details, per the Laurel Leader-Call, holes started to appear in the grandmother’s story shortly after the investigation into the claims began, according to a source who spoke to the Leader-Call.

“The source said surveillance videos show that at no time on the 15th were any people children in the store who match the description of Victoria Wilcher or Mullins. The tapes were viewed in both the Meadowbrook and Woodrow Wilson KFC locations in Jackson, the source said. In hours of tape, the source said one small boy with his parents is seen, but they order food and leave the store.”

The source also detailed how the company’s point of sale systems show no orders matching what the grandmother, Kelly Mullins, said was their order on the day of the visit to KFC, adding more fuel to the hoax theory.

“The source said no orders were recorded to include mashed potatoes and sweet tea on the same transaction, or even the two items as part of a larger order on May 15.”

Perhaps most damning of all was the initial claim on a Facebook page for Wilcher in which her family claimed the incident happened at a KFC location on State Street in Jackson, a KFC location which isn’t even in operation.

Of course, the family claims to have a good explanation for the mix up, the paper reported.

“Victoria’s Victories changed its story Friday, saying the State Street reference was a mistake. In it, Bates wrote: ‘Im the Aunt, I run her page and Im the one that miss quoted that it was State street when it was actually Woodrow Wilson. Dont blame the grandmother for my mistake!'”

The New York Daily News reports that the family has received donations of $135,000 since the story went viral in recent weeks. KFC has also pledged $30,000 to the girl’s medical expenses, which it says it will still honor regardless of whether the story turns out to be a hoax or not.

But the whole thing has the Daily News calling this “a finger-lickin’ fraud.”

What do you think? Is the grandmother telling the truth or is the story of being kicked out of a KFC for being disfigured just one big hoax? What should happen to the grandmother if this does turn out to be a hoax?

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115 Responses to “It Was A Hoax: Report Claims Girl Attacked By Pitbull Was Never At A KFC, Never Asked To Leave”

  1. Scallywag and Vagabond

    The question is how did Victoria Wilcher's family come to expect that they could pull this off and didn't they think at some point that they would be exposed (and to what else)? It will be interesting to see whether KFC will actually stand by their pledge or will the family teeter on the axiom that they have yet to decide whether they will accept their pledge- hardly the stane of a family legitimately wronged …? Or are we to believe that the media got it wrong again and the Wilchers are innocent after all?

  2. Julius Mwangi

    First of all, it makes me darn proud of KFC for honoring their commitment but grossly dissapointed that people can use the ailment of their children (I wonder where the parents are in all this) to get I don't even know what? medical attention for their daughter? They don't even have to lie about it–I'm confused, but awfully happy that KFC did no wrong!

  3. John Wlodarski

    Bravo for KFC, If they indeed were innocent, And manage to still pledge 30,000.00 for this kid is better than the original story. I would put the grandmother in jail though !

  4. Esteban Martinez

    KFC is showing a lot of class. Class that the girl's relatives appear to absolutely lack.

  5. Esteban Martinez

    KFC is showing a lot of class. Class that the girl's relatives appear to absolutely lack.

  6. Esteban Martinez

    KFC is showing a lot of class. Class that the girl's relatives appear to absolutely lack.

  7. Mickey Fay

    This was my comment on the Yahoo story when it first posted:

    Michele 7 days ago
    I am sorry, but I find this story to be suspicious. I know there are cruel people in this world, but I cannot imagine an employee asking a little three year old to leave because of damage to her face. I don't buy it.

  8. Michael Davis

    Apparently, this is the new normal – Just make up some story about someone or some entity discriminating against you (or your children), post it on-line, pray that it goes "viral" and then sit back and wait for sympathizers to jump on your bandwagon and/or hopefully, send cash. The world has become a very sick place.

  9. Randi Jahn Palm

    Way to go KFC! Great company. Might I suggest the money goes DIRECTLY to the medical expenses?

  10. Joey Little

    I hope KFC pays the medical bills directly and does not give this family one dime! What a stupid fool to try to pull this off by using the tragedy of her little granddaughter.

  11. Robert Taylor

    first we need to wait for the full story before we say it's a hoax there is No evidence either way the story

  12. Anonymous

    good for KFC, bad granny. I hope the county prosecutor can find a way for the money to still be able to be used for the little girls benefit while charging grandma with a host of charges, we can start with fraud, give larceny a shot, and maybe end with extortion.

  13. Anonymous

    good for KFC, bad granny. I hope the county prosecutor can find a way for the money to still be able to be used for the little girls benefit while charging grandma with a host of charges, we can start with fraud, give larceny a shot, and maybe end with extortion.

  14. Anonymous

    good for KFC, bad granny. I hope the county prosecutor can find a way for the money to still be able to be used for the little girls benefit while charging grandma with a host of charges, we can start with fraud, give larceny a shot, and maybe end with extortion.

  15. Jenni Randall

    This happens to often. KFC has cameras. The black waitress who finds the N-word on the credit card slip with the customers real name on the slip. If a story can get national attention it means big bucks. If one customer spoke up against this girl in KFC the whole customer base would attack that person. Didn't believe this from the start.

  16. Anonymous

    No clue. We're just writing opinions about IF it was a hoax, as now that is a possibility. What would one do IF it turns out to be a hoax.

  17. Nick Maxell

    A review of the security tapes is not enough for you? – what other evidence do you want – DNA testing of the premises if the girl was actually there?

  18. Anonymous

    I think that the grandmother and her minions should be made to pay the $30,000.00 plus pay the KFC Corporation administrative time plus pay the police if they were involved plus pay KFC's attorneys fees.

  19. Brenda Bergquist

    Send the granny to jail. Don't let her get by with this. People gave their money to help this child and I bet granny was going on a vacation instead of medical bills. This is sad to read. For people who gave, they did it with an honest caring heart and they will be blessed.

  20. Bobbie Huett-Holden

    I said it was bull the very first day, the Grandmother should be brought up on chanrges

  21. Anonymous

    Seems pretty typical unfortunately in this day and time. I can't count on one hand the number of stories like this that go viral get all over the news and turn out to be fake. I wish news sites would take stuff like this with a grain, maybe a spoonful, of salt all your going to do is detract from the few times a story like this IS true.

  22. Duane Terrell

    So Uh… Fraud Pays? I'm in the wrong line of work. I need to make some racist comments and earn 2 billion and commit fraud and earn $180K. Yeah, I'll be set then…

  23. Robbie Gauthier

    I don't think it was the whole family, I think it was just the greedy grandma who wanted her 5 minutes of fame.

  24. Robbie Gauthier

    I don't think it was the whole family, I think it was just the greedy grandma who wanted her 5 minutes of fame.

  25. Robbie Gauthier

    I don't think it was the whole family, I think it was just the greedy grandma who wanted her 5 minutes of fame.

  26. Mike Critzer

    What should happen to the grandmother? Here's another question for everyone: What should happen to lazy "journalists" and bloggers who hear a "compelling story," then without verification — much less corroboration — pass it along, adding their own "thoughts" about the story? These blabbermouths are complicit, and they should face some kind of sanctions (in addition to losing all credibility, once again). They are nothing more than rumormongers. Pay no attention, people, to most of these "human interest" tales; most turn out to be untrue.

  27. Anonymous

    Sick and tired of these people who have nothing better to do than post sob stories; even worse, phony sob stories. While they claim they simply wish to draw attention to the wrongs which have been committed, clearly the intent is to pull on the heart strings of America which is exactly what's happened here; Money!!

  28. Ryan Downs

    Weird, nobody was crying out for people to wait for the "full story" when the initial story came out, they were content with just bashing the hell out of KFC. Now that it turns out it may be a hoax, NOW we're supposed to wait for the full story.

  29. Jordan River

    This wouldn't be the first time that a huge Corporation like KFC tried to cover thier own assss by trying to discredit someone through public opinion. I don't know what exactly happen but i tend not to believe corporations in matter like this .

  30. Jack Perlman

    If its a hoax those involved should be made to pay every cent back plus interest. After this all involved deserves real jail time. The authorities need to find out where and when the child got hurt and see if the parents took the kid for medical help and if they didn't, they should also be charged with child neglect and abuse.

  31. Anonymous

    I'm a confirmed skeptic, but I stupidly bought this one!

  32. David Caldwell

    Let's not forget that dishonest and lying granny and grandpa owned the dogs that did this to the girl. I think granny is trying to drown HER guilt in stolen money. I will now justify the word stolen; donations received through false claims are stolen money.

  33. Sharon French-Gardner

    Other articles I've read said the little girl was not comfortable around other people because of her injuries so why the heck did the grandmother take her inside of KFC? I would have thought she'd use the drive thru. Sounded made-up to me when the story first came out.

  34. Carrie Corbett

    Way to teach a child to lie…All I see is white trash. My heart was broken when I first heard this "story". Now I hope they press charges on the grandmother. As for the little girl, my heart still breaks for her.

  35. Jeff Farmer

    It's good that KFC is still giving the $30,000, butte need it to go directly to the hospital, doctors and not in the hands of the granny or even the family, now they should be prosecuted for fraud, both granny and the family and the $135,000 given back or donated to a real cause or person in need!

  36. Sugar Shine

    They might have checked all their records, but something could have slipped through. No one can be 100% sure that this story isn't true. It's like when I watch those real life crime stories that are on 48 hours and such and the juries find the defendents guilty despite skimpy evidence. I always think, but what if he really isn't guilty? There's always a shadow of a doubt isn't there?

  37. Michael Michener

    I blame the greed of the media and failure to follow investigative principles and due diligence in reporting.
    stories. I a rushed effort to be the first to break with a big story they failed to verify the legitimacy of the story. Shame, shame and I hope KFC brings suit to those that report irresponsibly.

  38. Jeanie Menu

    I hope all donated funds go into an account that is handled by a third party and kept away from any family member.

  39. Anonymous

    Everybody believed this story and felt sorry for the little girl because it was a white, blue-eyed child. Now if it was Hispanic mother telling these lies everyone would be screaming to deport her, or if it was a black mom all the racist insults would be flying everywhere. I knew this story was a hoax and unbelievable from the day I heard it…… now the crazy grandma should apologize and give back the money she received.

  40. Anonymous

    Maybe the reporter should spend some time in jail for producing another false internet article…..DO YOUR HOMEWORK AND CHECK THE FACTS, like the instore cameras????

  41. Lori Lewis

    Granny needs to spend some time in the gated community and KFC is doing a wonderful thing trying to help with this little girls medical expenses.. The family doesn't deserve anything.

  42. Vicki Collins Perry

    It also said people pledged or sent a total of $135,000.00…Grandma and the rest of the gang should be brought up on fraud charges. KFC is doing an honorable thing to pay for this little girls medical bills….. but I agree with others that none of that money goes directly to the family.

  43. Robert Smith

    the local paper needs to runs an article exposing the grandmother for what she is a con artist, the jails are full of criminals so she doesn't belong there but how about some serious community service at a animal shelter, and also where the hell are the parent of this kid ? if they are out of the picture then may be she should be taken away from gran ma for a couple a years till the lady gets her shit together

  44. David Franciosi

    If they lied about the KFC then they might have also lied about being attacked by a Pit Bull… Who knows the kid might have been beat by the grand parents ????? Once I catch someone lying I find it hard to believe anythiiiiiii9ng they say..!! I'm impressed KFC will still give her 30 grand but the rest of the money should be returned….

  45. Greg Pierce

    If this is a hoax, which I have believed from the very beginning, KFC won't give this family one dime. Rather, they should sue the pants off of them. Imagine the number of people who felt empathy for this little girl, and refused to go to a KFC. It gave them a bad name and reputation, just so the family could collect some money. And it seems a lot of people actually fell for it, sending in $135,000, which in my opinion, should ALL have to be paid back. What a family this is!! They shouldn't be raising ANY kids or grandkids. They are nothing but lowlifes. A boil on the butt of humanity.

  46. Micheal Frisbie

    "What should happen to the grandmother if this does turn out to be a hoax"
    … she should have to give kfc all of the donations they receive/received to help cover kfc's costs and damage to their reputation.

  47. Andy Dufresne

    What a joke. This woman may as well have walked into KFC with a gun and robbed $30,000. I will bet they don't prosecute her though.

  48. Laurie Spears

    By reading the posts, I see that most of you believe that the grandmother is lying, and that may be true. But that does not change the fact that a little girl is still scarred and needs medical attention. If it is a lie, maybe the grandmother needed help for her grand-daughter and did not know where to turn. Do I agree NO, do I understand that all mothers and grandmothers will do just about anything for their children Yes. KFC is doing the right thing here and maybe an apology by the grandmother is what is needed. The one thing that I realize is that KFC by doing the right thing has changed all of the perceptions about the company to a good thing, The little girl has the money now with the help of so many people, she will maybe be able to get those scars taken care of and get a little bit of normality back into her life. I see this as a win win situation. Just a different view on a wrong doing going to a good PR for a company and a little girl getting surgery that she needs.

  49. Anonymous

    I wrote on the day this first came out that something smelled "fishy" at the chicken place.
    While it is obvious that this little girl has an injury all of a sudden the family is $200,000 richer.
    KFC corporation give HUNDREDS of thousands of dollars every year to different organizations., so $30,000 is a lot for ONE donation they can afford it, BUT not if it was by deceit.
    With the idiocy of "social media" that makes things like this become "FACT" within minutes, I wonder just how much KFC LOST in revenue and reputation because of of this HOAX?

  50. Rachelle Reese

    Agreed. Not to mention, they don't train their dogs right, so it puts another undeserved blight on the pit bull breed. These people are despicable.

  51. Robert Smith

    that's what I was wondering where are the kids parents out doing CRACK, instead of sending grandma to jail send her to a Pit Bull rescue shelter for about 200 hour of service

  52. Micheal W. Adkins

    Ever who put the STORY & a very wrongful story needs some time behind bars plus re-pay KFC for damages. Now don't get me wrong, I hurt so bad for Victoria but growing-up in a home that lies for profit will do more long term damages than the dogs did. I hope someone is watching where all that money is going that the family has duped folks out of by this horrendous lie to pull on hard working folk's heart strings. Why do I see new cars plus a new house & other pleasures of life obtained by these falsehood liars? Give all the adults a check-up & send CPS over to granny's. Where's mommy at?

  53. Ann Purcell

    When I first read the story I took it as a way to get money for the girl's medical expenses.

  54. Jean Zimmerman

    The grandmother and aunt are guilty of fraud and should be punished. I'm glad the little girl will still receive the money she needs to obtain medical care, but something should be done to put the money in trust for that purpose.

  55. Luke Pascale

    I wonder how many of the jerks who said we should "boycott KFC" and vilified them for being an evil corporation will apologize now.

  56. Stryder Kennset

    Two words. LAWYER FEES! It looks like this KFC thing is false..But the rest is still true. Namely, the fact that the grandpa raised 10 pit bulls…Why would anyone do that is beyond me…There is a reason why Pit Bulls are always named one of the most dangerous dog breeds in the country and had to shoot 3 of them to get it off of the grand daughter….What do you think that did to their bank account because now, that el stupido of a granda is in jail on account of at least child endangerment and involve manslaughter? So now the even more el stupido of a grandma decided to rip off KFC with a BS story involving her grand daughter again to recover some of the lawyer fees…..Yeah, that woman needs to go to jail stat because this is even worse for that poor little girl!

  57. Luke Pascale

    The bills have already been comped. It's free money for grandma even though she belongs in jail.

  58. Donna Sutherland

    Is this story a hoax? Did they get their tea & mashed potatoes that day? Gma said she left the hospital & stopped at a KFC. Reenactment. right now.

  59. Bill Hahn

    The way the internet works, this story will keep surfacing for years and will cost KFC lots of money in lost sales.

  60. Robert Taylor

    i see what your saying here. so why did KFC jump so fast ??? to pay the little girl. the story said one of the KFC is closed. right?? but later in the story it said they check both ( both KFC and found no video proof if it's close how do you check BOTH registers and video. there something not right here KFC said their waiting on the investigation report that is not complete as of yet but are still willing to help the child out. and i look up the guy doing the investigation he's a women and another news station Sean Murray. she is useing the name sean Murray from NCIS

  61. Anonymous

    Well, how about checking the other store first before reporting this was a fraud?

  62. Anonymous

    I can believe someone would do that, just like someone would tell gays to go elsewhere, deny them service and other things…

  63. Joylynn Howie

    I got a lot of thumbs down for pointing out that a group of adults who allowed these injuries to happen to that child might not be trustworthy to begin with and look what happened? I hope child services gets involved before they exploit this poor little girl even more.

  64. Ryan Downs

    Robert Taylor – no, it said they checked the Meadowbrook and Woodrow Wilson locations. It said the State Street location was the one that is closed. Not the same locations.

  65. Anonymous

    Man people are so stupid and gullible these days.

    "Huh, some fast food chain humiliated a girl for no logical reason whatsoever? Seems absolutely legit. I definitely do not need more insight than that. Here, take my money!"

    Something tells me I need to start taking advantage of these stupid and gullible people as well.

  66. Micheal W. Adkins

    @ Randi! U R 100% correct….I can only hope that a judge will step-in & freeze those assets for Victoria ONLY! NO BODY can be that cruel to a child that was dang near eaten alive by pitbulls

  67. Roger Scully

    Charge the grandmother with fraud, ban the Facebook page, fire the journalists involved, demand restitution to donors, honor KFC for integrity. Simple

  68. Anonymous

    One of the biggest problems with a fraudulent claim like this one evidently is, is that it affects the response to real legitimate stories such as this one. Kudos to KFC and if this proves to be fraudulent – the woman should absolutely be brought up on charges. The "grandfather" who allowed the girl to unsupervised with a back yard full of pitties should be prosecuted for sheer stupidity if nothing else. WHAT AN IDIOT!!

  69. Scott Darling

    Kudos to KFC for still giving the 30k to the little girl, but what of the other 135k? They get to keep that, too? That is FRAUD. She needs to be brought up on charges! I think every person that donated to that fund should sue for their money back! If nothing comes of this, and they decide no law was broken, then I'm seeing a rash of similar claims being made. 135,000 is a lot of cash to most people.

  70. Michael Isaacs

    " no time on the 15th were any people children in the store…" So exactly what kind of children were in the store? Martian children? Goat children? Kids…. get it?

  71. Antajuan Grady

    its a hoax. i don't think people would be cruel to a 3 yr. old or anyone like that. if she had a bandage on her face then that explains all strangers need to know.but i don't know maybe its not a hoax. hard 2 tell.

  72. Joy Klein

    Whatever happened to good journalists? Before all the instant media, a story like this would have been verified before being reported. Grandma should face charges. Donated money should go toward medical bills and nothing more.

  73. Peta Denno

    I was the opposite. I thought for sure a Grandmother would never use their poor grandchild in such a scam. Not to mention the horror this girl must have gone through with the dog – talk about using tragedy for gain…. If it comes out that it truly is a scam this grandmother needs to pay the price. I hope this doesn't follow this child for her life…she'll have enough to worry about just getting the surgeries she needs…Agreed about KFC honoring their pledge – kudos to them!

  74. Kevin Sharkey

    People are so dispicable. If this turns out to be a hoax then the grandmother/aunt should have to return the $135,000 in donations and be arrested and brought up on fraud charges.

  75. Kevin Sharkey

    room4tea DOnt forget the other $135,000 in donations they got from other people (not just KFC)!!!! This family is disgusting!

  76. Kevin Sharkey

    Robert Smith She should be the person that has to do the obedience training (without the protective suit) at the shelter.

  77. David Lelievre

    KFC has always been innocent, if the story turns out to be true, a minimum wage employee that probably doesn't have a high school degree is at fault of being an as$hat, and still hasn't broken any laws. If they made up the story, then they are fraudulently collecting money under false pretense.

  78. Michael Lawson

    I hate to think that people would sink this low, but it was just a scam to collect money. Giving these people the benefit of the doubt,maybe they were just desperate for funds to pay for her medical expenses. I would do anything to help my children, any decent parent would, even if it involved a crime.

  79. Tim Hurst

    I was the same way. People just KNOW these days if they do anything that might offend someone they'll be in huge trouble. I was more thinking it was likely just another customer that said it tho and they were tryin to say it was a KFC person to get money.

  80. Alex Maddox

    Robert Smith The little girl was still mauled and almost killed by Pitbulls. While the grandmother is at fault,I don't think it appropriate for the family to do anything for Pitbulls,I'm sure there are still friends and family members who had nothing to do with what grandma said.

  81. Alex Maddox

    Robert Smith The little girl was still mauled and almost killed by Pitbulls. While the grandmother is at fault,I don't think it appropriate for the family to do anything for Pitbulls,I'm sure there are still friends and family members who had nothing to do with what grandma said.

  82. Anonymous

    If this is a hoax, all the donated money should be given back to the sources. Any money not returned should be sued for. This family should be barred from entering a KFC if they are recognized. I would go so far as to say maybe charges should be filed. It's lower than low to take advantage of generosity. If KFC which to let the family keep the $30,000 they donated, then fine. That makes them a reputable company. Guess we'll have to see how this one plays out.

  83. Jamie Seymour

    I bet it wasn't even a pit bull that attacked the girl.

  84. Marcel Mallette

    think the grandmother should be made to apologize to kfc in public on cnn an all monies. Controlled by a trust fund for the little girl and oh yes kfc you have me as a customer for life thank you

  85. Susan Knight

    Makes you wonder who's responsible for the original injuries.

  86. Jim Speed

    THIS story is a HOAX.. it is only a RUMOR that the incident was a hoax. KFC Is doing its own investigation as well as hiring a 3rd party investigator. Keep in mind, not all KFC's are "Corporate" stores.. many are franchise's..Best to keep an open mind until KFC itself says its a hoax…

    Note that ONLY the Daily News says its a hoax.. now everyone is running around like morons repeating it.

  87. Anonymous

    Right, and if a customer complained to an employee, that doesn't mean that yshe has to side with the bully! Just say that you are sorry that it it bothers you to the complainer.

  88. Richard Curry

    Thank you KFC for proving that America is not CRUEL. I think the grandmother should spend time in jail for starting such a story and sullying the good name of KFC.

  89. Anonymous

    Yeah, because fast food corporations don't have the money and technology to sweep this under the rug or make it look false and they certainly don't hire inconsiderate jerk workers to work in their restaurants either. If this happened at a company like Chick File, I'd be more inclined to believe the corporation, but KFC…that being said, I'm glad to hear they are still honoring the 30K they promised.

  90. Trish Miller

    sounds to ,e like fraud. starting a rumor. it gets caught up in mainstream media and people send money. $195000 aint a bad pay day for starting a lie. im batten not much of it goes to the child's medical expenses!

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