Candy Facts

Hey, Candy-Lovers, Here Are A Dozen Cool Things About Sweets You Didn’t Know, In Under 2 Minutes

Do you like candy? Yeah we know, in today’s health-conscious society where we’ve demonized sugar as if it’s on the banned substances list, it’s not cool to admit you’re a closet candy-consumer. But let’s face it, just about everyone loves candy. That’s why they make so much of it.

For example, did you know that 400 million M&Ms are manufactured in United States candy factories every day? Or, did you ever wonder why so many kinds of candy have fun-sounding brand names like Kit Kat, Hubba Bubba and Jelly Belly? It’s because market research shows that you, the candy-loving consumer, are more likely to buy candy with brand names that repeat certain sounds.

Did you know that researchers have actually determined how many licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop, using a specially designed “licking machine?” Or that “3 Musketeers” bars got their name because they originally came in three flavors? Or that the Sugar Daddy caramel-on-a-stick candy bar was originally named “Papa Sucker?”

We didn’t either.

It seems there’s a lot we don’t know about candy. That’s why we asked our pals at BuzzFeed to put together this short video with a dozen of the most interesting and odd facts about candy that they could dig up.

Watch the video, then let us know what else you’d like to learn about everyone’s favorite indulgence.