50 Cent On Beyoncé’s Screaming Fit: ‘Her Breath Doesn’t Smell’

Famous rapper 50 Cent — real name Curtis James Jackson III — really held nothing back when he appeared on the U.S. TV show Watch What Happens Live on Wednesday Night.

In just one interview he took trash talking to new heights, according to a report in Us Weekly. The host of the show, Andy Cohen, was questioning 50 Cent in a section of the show called Plead the Fifth. The idea is that the interviewee has to respond to three of the most impossibly difficult, and usually embarrassing, questions. If he or she declines to answer they can “Plead the Fifth,” which is actually taken as an answer anyway.

The first question Cohen asked 50 Cent concerned his confrontation with the singer, Beyoncé, when she screamed at him in front of a group of photographers and journalists at an event held at the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas last New Year’s Eve. Cohen actually said, “So what’s it like to have the world’s most famous diva shriek at you with paparazzi watching?”

50 Cent replied: “It’s not really bad, like her breath doesn’t smell. But it’s one of those things, like the paparazzi were taking pictures of us at the same time, so there’s not really a right way to respond. You’ve just got to accept it. You’ve just got to have an expression on your face, like, ‘What’s the matter with you?'”

He added, “It’s like if you’re in an elevator and you’re attacked, you can’t do nothing.” This was an obvious effort to highlight the recent incident in which Beyoncé’s sister, Solange Knowles, went after Jay Z in an elevator in a New York hotel.

Cohen’s second question was about a claim that 50 Cent had sex with Kim Kardashion. The rapper did not rise to the bait. He simply denied it and said, “We took pictures with each other in Australia at the MTV Awards and I posed the picture.”

For the final question, Cohen asked 50 Cent, “Who is the most overrated hip-hop star of all time?”

To 50 Cent the answer was a no-brainer — it was so obvious to him: “I mean, Jay Z,” he answered. “He would say he was overrated. Rather be overrated than underpaid.”

Could be that there was just a tinge of jealousy there from 50 Cent since Jay Z finished higher than him in Forbes‘ recent ranking of hip-hop’s wealthiest artists?