Cristiano Ronaldo: The Philanthropist, Can You Hate Him After Reading This?

Cristiano Ronaldo. The name alone brings out the best and worst emotions in millions all over the world, but love him or hate him, the man is to be respected for the good he does with his millions. You may not know it, but “pretty boy” contributes to worthy causes on a regular and unselfish basis.

There is no question that Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the best, if not the best football player in the world today. This year alone, he won the coveted Ballon d’Or title — taken by his nemesis, Lionel Messi, for the past four years — and he was crowned European Champion in the UCL and Copa del Rey.

Ronaldo had a spectacular season in La Liga, the Spanish League in 2013/2014, but has yet to prove his worth on the biggest stage of all, the World Cup, where he has been less than successful with his Portugal team. Detractors are happy that he is not 100 percent in Brazil and ready to proclaim to his fans that Messi is actually the better player.

Undoubtedly, Cristiano is not modest about his physique, which he works extremely hard to maintain, or his looks, his girlfriend, his many cars, his mansions and his new museum, which he built in his native Madeira because he ran out of room to store his many trophies. All this irritates those who loathe him to no end.

But, we will take a look at those good deeds Ronaldo does, which may change your opinion of him, if not make you stop hating the man who has it all. The 29-year-old superstar is widely regarded as one of the most generous athletes (even more than Messi) and takes up causes that are near and dear to millions.

He not only donates thousands of dollars to organized causes, but seems to have a big heart with individual cases that are put in front of him. This was the case when a Real Madrid fan was diagnosed with cancer, and Cristiano Ronaldo sent a signed shirt to the sick fan and called him to invite him to attend one of Real’s games as his VIP guest.

Ronaldo doesn’t only show his kindness to strangers. When his Real Madrid trainers took such good care of him and helped him get fit after an injury, he bought each one of them a car. That’s right, a new car for each of them.

The latest example of Cristiano Ronaldo, the philanthropist in action, was when he was made aware of a very sick 10-month-old baby who needed brain surgery and he didn’t hesitate to jump in. The Portuguese striker not only paid for the $83,000 life-saving operation, but funded the child’s stay at the hospital.

Cristiano Ronaldo doesn’t only do good deeds with his money, he has also shown his kindness on more than one occasion with his fans. Ronaldo stopped security from taking a young boy, who jumped onto the field, away earlier this year and let the fan hug him. He later appealed to authorities to reduce the kid’s sentence for breaking the rules.

Whatever people think about the flashy Cristiano Ronaldo, not many can deny the good deeds he does with his fortune and how unselfish he appears to be with others. It is unlikely, however, that this information will change the minds of millions of fans who are watching the World Cup. They will most likely continue to loathe the talented Portuguese striker. Being one of the best does have its drawbacks, too.

[Image via Twitter]