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Lance Armstrong Doping Saga Continues: Government Sues Him For Fraud

Lance Armstrong

For Lance Armstrong, owning up to enhancing his performance by various dubious or illegal means could, in retrospect, have been a mistake.

The U.S. Justice Department has been given permission by a judge to proceed with a lawsuit against Armstrong alleging that his acceptance of sponsorship money from the U.S. Postal Service constituted fraud because of the drugs he was taking.

The Wall Street Journal reports that U.S. Judge Robert L. Wilkins in Washington, D.C., refused a plea from Armstrong to dismiss the case. Armstrong’s defense was that the lawsuit was invalid due to the time that has elapsed since the alleged offence was committed, and at the time, the Postal Service didn’t want to investigate the allegations about doping on the team.

Judge Wilkins pointed out that Armstrong had consistently claimed that both he and the team were not taking drugs. The case may never have arisen had it not been for whistleblower Floyd Landis, a member of the team, who sued on behalf of the government in 2010.

He was able to do that by applying the False Claims act which permits private litigation by individuals to claim fraud has been committed against the government. If successful, the claimant is entitled to a share of the monies recovered.

In 2013, the government decided to file its own claim against Lance Armstrong alleging that the team had defrauded the Postal Service because it had not adhered to the rules of the cycling authorities which prohibit the use of performance enhancing drugs.

As a result of the deception, the Postal Service paid some $40 million in sponsorship fees, half of which went to Armstrong himself.

Lawyers acting for Armstrong and the Justice Department declined to comment, and Landis’s attorney said he was reviewing the judge’s ruling.

As a consequence of Armstrong’s admission, he has been stripped of the seven Tour de France titles he once held. Landis was also stripped of his 2006 Tour de France title after his admission.

Should Armstrong and the other defendants lose the case, they could be made to pay back damages totaling three times the basic value of the claims.

Apart from Armstrong’s defense about the time that has elapsed, he argues that the Postal Service did not suffer any damage as a result of his actions and those of the team. Indeed, the Postal service received tens of millions of dollars in publicity as a result of exposure to millions of spectators and TV viewers throughout the word.

From an objective standpoint, Armstrong seems to have a reasonable case regarding the publicity. Nothing which happened subsequently had any retrospective detrimental effect on that.

He has also pointed out in interviews that performance enhancement at the time was endemic in cycling events for all teams, and without it, there was no possibility of winning.

Perhaps yet another example of the argument that “the b***tds moved the goal posts.”

But that defense won’t help Lance Armstrong now, and, according to the judge, neither will the claim that the lawsuit is beyond the time limit.

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33 Responses to “Lance Armstrong Doping Saga Continues: Government Sues Him For Fraud”

  1. Anonymous

    unfortunately, the US Post Office cannot prove any damages because they publicly admitted their financial success from sponsoring Armstrong. no damages exist, no case. the US Post Office of course, would never give any of that profit money back to consumers and organizations.

  2. David Pond

    The government is going to sue Armstrong for fraud? What about suing Obuma for fraud against the American people?

  3. MS Doolittles Farm

    Lance is a d****bag who should have to pay back all of the money he rec'd by cheating. Lance is an arrogant a** who puts on a great façade for the public but is truly not a nice person. Lance lived in my hometown in Texas & I met/rode in rides he was in & when there were no cameras around he showed his true colors….extremely rude & cruel in speaking to us peons. His ex gf the singer was just as cruel & rude. Good Riddance & I hope he loses all his earnings he won by CHEATING!

  4. Anonymous

    And Obama continually claims he is a US citizen…at this point what does it really matter?

  5. David Trageser

    I believe the USPS was wrong if they said they had financial success in sponsoring him. Did they put out any hard #'s to that effect?

  6. Anonymous

    Pathetic piece of crap US government postal service wastes $40 million of hard earned tax payer dollars like this and then every year asks for a bailout for it's losses.

  7. Anonymous

    Pathetic piece of cr&p US government postal service wastes $40 million of hard earned tax payer dollars like this and then every year asks for a bailout for it's losses.

  8. Anonymous

    I believe Lance Armstrong was wrong when he said he use performance enhancing drugs. Did he put out any hard #'s to that affect?

  9. Anonymous

    The USPS DOES NOT get any money from the Federal government, you idiot! Get your facts straight.

  10. Anonymous

    Every dollar the USPS gets is from the taxpayers, low iq retard.

  11. Anonymous

    USPS says annual losses will exceed $21 billion by 2016". LOL

  12. Michael Smith

    It would seem if they are going after Lance, all the members of the team and its management are culpable too. May as well recover all the money doled out to Team Postal.

  13. Jeffrey White

    I thought the postal service was broke….My stamps keep going up in price….How is it they can afford to sponsor anything??? $40,000,000.00??? F**k them. Sponsor some of us!!

  14. Brad Deuster

    No it doesn't..stop making up things under all of your alias names

  15. David Pond

    So Tim you telling me obuma should not be held accountable for his administration and all the scandals within it?

  16. Morris Williams

    There are a lot of people in Obama's group that should be sued, or jailed – Obama to start with, add Holder, H. Clinton, that Nancy woman from Calif., Reid, just to name a few. These people have hurt the United States of America and its citizens…

  17. Jose Cantu

    The US Postal Service wants to sue Armstrong for fraud. So how about returning all the monies they derived from their use of his name for their adds. Or, can he now sue THEM for that money?

  18. Robert Viskil

    Please the USPS and all the sponsors helped pay for lance to WIN.. they all knew they were putting money into a Drug program and lance was in return making them a ton of Cash. Lance should Sue everyone in a counter Suit saying they all promised him he would never get caught and as a result they lied to Him! God this is Stupid. get the homeless off the street,pay to have schools fixed, buy sporting equipment for kids in Schools that dont have it, there is so much better we could do in the world then chase down this issue..

  19. Gerald Gerdy

    All the scandals are republican witch hunts for political purposes. The Ben Ghazi attack has been answered over and over. Both Clinton and Obama have been cleared of wrong doing.
    The IRS investigated both parties. Do you think Karl Rove's 501c group should have a tax exemption of 70 million dollars, because you believe that the money went for social welfare programs rather than it's true purpose- political funding. Give this some thought.

  20. Gerald Gerdy

    Can you list there crimes with some proof instead of hot air. Who told you these things; Rush or Fox News, or both.

  21. Larry Parrack

    our govt. suing Lance humm our govt wont control the borders wont control spending and sends guns to Mexican drug dealers,has the NSA spy on citizens , has the IRS attack Americans ect ect ect . what the hell is the postal service doing sponsoring anyone or thing they operate billions in the red—oh yeah its tax payers dollars so they don't care,

  22. David Pond

    One lie after another that is all we get from democrats. I guess you believe the Clintons were broke when they left the white house.

  23. David Pond

    Take off your blinders Gerald. The administration did nothing to help save the men lost at benghazi then tried to blame it on a YouTube video if you believe that you are plan stupid.

  24. Beth Laderer

    i'm sorry, but if citizens are not allowed to sue the government, then the government is not allowed to sue citizens.

  25. Anonymous

    The Libs got balls the size of Church bells. The absolute hypocrisy of government suing a citizen is beyond belief. How about wrongful death suits against Hitlary for Benghazi deaths, and Holder for hundreds if not thousands of dead Mexicans and at least one Border Patrol agent for Fast and Furious. How about the IRS for fraud, the EPA for extortion. OBOZO for plain out being a reprobate and a liar.

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