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Prince Harry Gets Wasted At Friend’s Wedding, Loses Wallet And iPhone

Prince Harry

Prince Harry may be royalty and a pretty big deal to most Brits, but that didn’t stop him from getting wasted at a friend’s wedding party at the secluded, five-star Chateau Bela hotel in Slovakia.

During the weekend wedding, which spanned two full nights of drinking and partying, the Prince fell asleep at the bar and lost his wallet and iPhone because, it is alleged, he was so drunk. He was also spotted downing cocktails and flirting with a mystery brunette, staying up till the early hours of the morning.

Among the 250 aristocratic and business moguls at the wedding was Prince Harry’s ex-girlfriend, Chelsy Davis, who stood by his side for most of the weekend, but also enjoyed some time splashing around in a swimming pool.

In various photographs taken by guests at the wedding and shared with the less than scrupulous British tabloid press, Prince Harry can be seen talking to two woman while three other male guests sit around drinking and smoking in the background.

The grandiose wedding, which saw Alexander Mavros, 34, and Alexandra von Krockow, 29, get married, took place near Sturovo, 100 miles east of Bratislava.

Having arrived at the hotel on Friday, the Prince enjoyed an early evening barbecue while local gipsy music was played in the background. Later on, he and his friends retired to the hotel bar where they downed rounds of Bloody Mary cocktails and rum and Cokes.

Prince Harry gets ready for South Pole trip by spending 24 hours in a cold chamber

A waiter at the event, who wanted to remain anonymous, said: “The bar was open all night, and they just ordered Bloody Marys, ten, 11, at a time. It was so busy. Harry also liked rum and Coke, and he ordered vodka as well.”

After the grand wedding ceremony on Saturday, Prince Harry and his buddies danced the night away while drinking heavily in keeping with the very best of British tradition. When the Prince left his wallet and cell phone in a salon room, a waiter, Stephan Csonto, found them and returned them to him.

Csonto said: “When I returned it to the Prince he was happy and thanked me and shook my hand. I knew it was Harry’s as I had seen him with the same wallet before. He puts it on the table when he sits down. He told us that the best thing about the wedding was that he could be himself, and nobody bothered him because he was Prince Harry.”

Prince Harry, Cressida Bonas head over heels

A barman who was leaving to go home in the morning said he still has Prince Harry’s handprint on his windshield: “I was about to drive off, and Harry was out in the grounds with friends. He then jumped in front of my car with his arms stretched, shouting, “Arghh.” He then told me, “Don’t go, don’t go!” It was funny. His handprint is still on my windscreen,” he said.

Prince Harry’s behavior at his friend’s wedding might not be considered “Right Royal Behavior” even at the best of times, but isn’t it a relief to see that some members of the royal family are able to let their hair down once in a while and party like the rest of us.

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28 Responses to “Prince Harry Gets Wasted At Friend’s Wedding, Loses Wallet And iPhone”

  1. Anonymous

    I'm surprised he's not a full blown alcoholic. His grandmother had his mother murdered. thats enough to screw up anybody.

  2. Kathy Pegg

    really the Queen had Diana murdered. where is your evidence?? simple car accident. da

  3. Laura Lee Jones

    Kathy Pegg – Actually, Scotland Yard recently reopened the investigation into Diana's death because the ex-wife of a British SAS soldier told them that her husband had admitted to her that one of the men in his unit had been involved in the assassination of Diana and Fayid. When she expressed how appalled she was and asked how anyone could do that, according to the report made to Scotland Yard, he shrugged and said, "Orders are orders." Ultimately, we'll never know the truth, but it was more than a simply car accident.

  4. Dannie Christansen

    a lot of people believe Diana's death was not accidental. I think Diana's fiancé's family has an ongoing investigation into it. just saying. you have to remember that the royal blood line has a long history of crimes in regard to the crown…little boy princes waking up dead, lovers executed, queens beheaded. the royal family is not golden. just saying…

  5. Sheri Lyn

    He wanted to be liked for "himself". Now we know who the real Harry is….a drunk. There was nobody around to remind him that at his age, perhaps he needs to stop acting like a spoiled brat.

  6. Sheri Lyn

    set Hewitt's, Charles', and Harry's photos side by side…..then decide. It's obvious.

  7. Eric Deflesson

    Who cares, what does he actually do? What will he do in his entire that will be of any importance to mankind.? No more than me

  8. Robin Manee

    waking up dead? that takes mad skillz!

    And people really need to stop getting 'true' info from trash tabloids.

  9. Linda Flickinger

    Always wishing Prince Harry well. He was among friends……he's a young unmarried man. What would you want him to do………sit in a corner and brood? We hope he will find
    just the right young woman and have a happy productive life.

  10. Dan Myers

    That is stupid to say the queen had Diana murdered- If anyone should have been killed ;it should have been that pig Camella or whatever her name is- Looks like a pig and has no class.

  11. Anonymous

    He told us that the best thing about the wedding was that he could be himself and nobody bothered him.

  12. Anonymous

    Prince Harry looks like a Spencer. He favors Diana's brother, as well.

  13. Giannis Lambadarios

    I think this finally proves conclusively, that Prince Charles, is not his biological father, but rather the Captain of the Guard, that Diana, was enamored with is..His ex, must've taken the phone, and wallet, to show how "unprincely", and "unqualified" he is….He better watch his step, b4 he meets the same fate as his loopy mother..

  14. Anonymous

    I love Harry – but, then again – he looks eerily like my own son, so I might be a bit prejudice!

  15. Anonymous

    OK he lost his iphone.. lot of photos are on the way

  16. Nancyphillip Gordon


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