Amid Pregnancy Rumors and Break-Up News, Jennifer Aniston maintains Healthy Skin

Jennifer Aniston Reveals Her Secret To Gorgeous Skin

Amid pregnancy news and break up rumors, Jennifer Aniston knows how to maintain her healthy, gorgeous skin. And now, the former Friends star is sharing her skin care secret with the world.

In a recent video found on E!, Aniston dishes out several skin care tips thanks to her role as brand ambassador for a product called Aveeno.

“The more lotions and potions you mess with, for me, my skin would just erupt,” she tells E!, pledging her loyalty to the brand. In addition to using Aveeno for her skin, Jennifer was asked for some natural beauty tips for maintaining her healthy glow:

“[Cucumbers] are good,” Aniston says. She also recommends chamomile tea bags on her eyes and cutting out salt from her diet as a way to maintain healthy, radiant skin.

Overall, Jennifer believes diet is the key to it all:

“I think [diet] is extremely important. Like the old saying, you are what you eat. You know the difference between having a hamburger or something processed versus having a healthy salad with vegetables and protein.”

Jennifer Aniston certainly has her hands full these days if tabloid reports regarding a miracle pregnancy and a potential break-up with beau Justin Theroux are true. According to Life & Style magazine, Justin has been cozying up with his Leftovers co-star Liv Tyler, and the magazine is using her Instagram account as evidence.

Meanwhile, Jennifer’s friends are apparently none too keen on her and Justin taking that eventual trip down the aisle, either. According to OK! Magazine, “Jen’s friends think Justin is aloof. They say that he’s never made an attempt to get to know them, and they think he has zero personality.”

The report continued:

“They think Justin is the coldest man Jen’s ever dated. When he’s been around Courtney, Chelsea and the others, they say he goes out of his way to make them feel like outsiders,” the insider continued. “His world is the only one he cares about— he’s never really embraced Jen’s world, and it’s caused a huge strain on her friendships.”

Finally, Aniston has been linked to hiring a confidence coach, as reported by The Inquistr, to help face her fears of confronting Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie at George Clooney’s impending nuptials.

But through it all, and thanks to Aveeno and a healthy diet, Jennifer Aniston has managed to maintain the radiant skin we’ve all come to expect from the We’re The Millers star.

Watch Jennifer Aniston in this commercial for Aveeno.