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Ellen DeGeneres Divorce: Portia De Rossi Reportedly Jealous Of Ellen’s Relationship With Sofia Vergara

ellen portia and the biebs

Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi are putting on a good face in public, but behind the scenes, divorce rumors are kicking up amid reports that Portia is jealous of her wife’s close relationship with Sofia Vergara.

The couple was spotted this week walking hand-in-hand through the New York City streets, the picture of a perfect marriage. But, as they put on a good public face, Ellen and Portia have reportedly been fighting over everything from Ellen’s controlling ways to Portia’s desire for a baby.

The latest reports center on Ellen’s friendship with Sofia Vergara, who is a frequent guest on her talk show. A source told OK! Magazine that their friendship has grown even closer since Sofia broke off her engagement to businessman Nick Loeb.

“Portia always resented Ellen’s friendship with Sofia, and now that Sofia is leaning on Ellen for support, she’s even more jealous,” the source said.

Ellen DeGeneres Divorce: Portia De Rossi Reportedly Jealous Of Ellen's Relationship With Sofia Vergara

But divorce rumors regarding Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi should be taken with a grain of salt. The couple has faced many other reports that have gone nowhere, including a rumor earlier this year that Portia was secretly pregnant.

A few weeks after that report, when it was clear that Portia was not pregnant, a new rumor emerged that the couple was instead fighting over Portia’s desire to have kids. Ellen has been steadfast in her desire to remain childless. She even addressed the baby rumors during an appearance on the Tonight Show in 2012.

“I heard you and Portia are having a baby,” Leno told DeGeneres. “Is this true?”

“I’m here for your sperm,” DeGeneres replied. “That is not true. I don’t know why people want this. I’ve said it so many times: We are not going to have a child. And they say that we’re looking for the right donor. Although, you would be a good donor, so I’ll keep it in mind, just in case. I mean, it would have beautiful blue eyes, and a good sense of humor, and a good shot at a NBC show. We would do well.”

Sofia Vegara.

Sofia Vegara.

The latest rumor is also pretty curious, especially considering the fact that Sofia Vergara is straight and just got out of a relationship with a man.

For their part, Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi have done their best to quash the divorce rumors. Ellen told People magazine earlier this year that the reports were bunk, saying: “I fall more in love with Portia all the time. I really do.”

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140 Responses to “Ellen DeGeneres Divorce: Portia De Rossi Reportedly Jealous Of Ellen’s Relationship With Sofia Vergara”

  1. Mi Dube

    This is so sick of these women! shows parental neglect causing homosexuality and DeRossi was missing her dad from age 9 on.

  2. Alice Williams

    Wait, is this the online version of the National Enquirer? Is there also an article about someone who has a lamp that's haunted by Elvis and someone else who recently saw JFK making shell necklaces on some tropical island?

  3. Anonymous

    tongue and fingers cannot replace what woman wants..

  4. Jerry Tyller

    Proof positive that those gay marriages will never work. In 10 years, after gayers find out what marriage is really all about, I expect to see another gay movement -to ban gay marriage!

  5. Tommy Salem

    i am so tired of hearing about these sick homo people. They are not normal in any way.

  6. Tom Cook

    Portia is going about this the wrong way. Instead of being jealous she should be encouraging Ellen to get closer to Sophia. Think threesome!!

  7. Meghan Courtright

    I'm so tired of hearing from sick bigot people.

  8. Meghan Courtright

    Obviously what 'woman wants' varies depending on the woman.

  9. Tom Cat

    Yes, the north African tribe of owabi's and the middle east clan of sombawa's think it. So do three eskimo's from anchorage alaska and one person from the dakota's north dakota i believe.

  10. Tom Cat

    If you are normal then why do you put such an odd pic up next to your post. That smiling gay guy seems to conradict what you wrote.

  11. Dea Gibson

    I've never seen a happy lesbin's couple. One of them is always jealous,and let it be know I don't care. I just wish they wouldn't have to tell the world. and yes I can't spell ha ha

  12. Anonymous

    Typical fat old white man, living in the past, can move forward, stuck in no man's land, him and that gay pic. of a guy

  13. Anonymous

    I had to look twice, I thought Ellen's girl looked like Justin, or is Justin sporty a lesbian haircut?

  14. Anonymous

    Then you have never been with a real vagina, you blow up doll F__Ker

  15. Anonymous

    So who is that Gay guy between the girls? Or is that a Female, Lesbian friend?

  16. Jil Shelton

    I see you are from a University and instead of teaching and sticking to facts, it seems the universities agendas in this country is to spin us and our kids towards Socialism and that means destroying the family unit and endorsing homosexuality, and everything else that is morally corrupt and bankrupt……

  17. Anonymous

    and yet you clicked on this article because….? Me thinks you a closet case, BIG guy!

  18. Anonymous

    That photo with the Beebs reminds me once again why I've always thought he looked like a lesbian. LOL

  19. Vicki Driver

    I'll be sure to cancel insurance policy with you tomorrow. You are in customer service you need to keep your derogatory mouth shut. I can't wait to start spewing to the gay community that you may serve and tell them what nasty human being you are.

  20. Vicki Driver

    I'll be sure to cancel insurance policy with you tomorrow. You are in customer service you need to keep your derogatory mouth shut. I can't wait to start spewing to the gay community that you may serve and tell them what nasty human being you are.

  21. Anonymous

    there are a lot of haters out today, they must have problems getting laid. Shame on you bigots, you are a laughable bunch. Be careful you will get ulcers from all your hating.

  22. Anonymous

    When celebrity lesbian marriages can't make it work what hope is there for the rest of us?

  23. David McElroy

    Typical, most of you preach tolerance and to be accepting yet your are more vile than those you disagree with. Hypocrites

  24. Anonymous

    Who gives a flying fuck..excuse my right to the point language,.

  25. John Williams

    Wow, Vicki, so just because he owns a business he's not entitled to express his opinion? I guess if his opinion was in support of the gay community you would have no problem with him sharing his opinion – am I right about that? You are obviously a vindictive person and no better than the man you are criticizing.

  26. Anonymous

    If you are so tired of it, why did you click on it? Do you have zero control over your own actions? Are you utterly incapable of avoiding things you don't like?

    Get over yourself.

  27. Anonymous

    They do not make a marriage. They are just two women who are together. A marriage is a union of a man and woman. Also, the fact that they have to find a donor should tell you something. How sick is that. You are going to find a man to donate sperm and then raise the child without its father. You people make me SICK to my stomach.

  28. Anonymous

    And yet you can't control yourself. You have to click on these articles, even though you profess not to like them.

    Another idiot who apparently has zero control over his own life.

  29. Susan E. Hardin

    Don't you just love celebrity gossip? Maybe they should adopt Justin so at least he would be in a 2-parent family!

  30. Anonymous

    wowsabin is that all you have to insult someone. You are obviously a complete fucking moron if you think that only fat white men feel this way. The fact that you must insult a person's physical being, shows your immaturity, and stupidity, not to mention shallowness. I'm not surprised someone like you would support homosexual bullshit. Go shit in the sea asshole.

  31. Anonymous

    It must suck to know that you don't get to decide what is and isn't a marriage.

    By the way, there are infertile heterosexual couples who use donors, you brainless hypocrite.

  32. Anonymous

    Who gives a rip….really….Lo Maranatha. Looking forward to Judgement Day.

  33. Anne Savana

    Is not Sofia married??!!!! Ellen has always been a fun loving happy person I dont think this worth the time there are other underlining issue going on with them and to drag Sofia or anyone else is just rude. If their married cannot stand the heat then make a decision to call it off stop blaming others for your issues!!!!

  34. Mike T Jay

    jt_fotoman Just because he clicked on the article to make a comment doesn't mean he came here to read it.

  35. Bill Dobbin

    wowsabin You are so critical of someone else picture let's see yours. You probably are to embarrassed to show it. Until you do your a hypocrite for making disparaging remarks about someone else's picture.

  36. Babette Olsen

    I am just tired of people publishing crap that is overheard somewhere and they think it is a story. And bigots don't come under the heading of NORMAL when you look in the Dictionary .. Tommy. Hear me ? Fat White men should get off Facebook and do some exercises.

  37. Bill Dobbin

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  38. Babette Olsen

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  39. Babette Olsen

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  40. Helmut Uberschnauzer

    Dea gibson – how is it that you are an expert on lesbians? Your worldly and well socialized views are amazing, lol. I myself am an expert on all hetero couples and they are all so happy and jealousy does not exist.

  41. Anonymous

    jt_fotoman …seems you do not also. You clicked. DUH

  42. Steven Clyde

    Give me a break @Meghan Courtright….cause people like you throw around the word "bigot" and call it a day because you dont want to discuss anything. Look up what the word bigot means….it means intolerant of anyone elses views. You yourself are intolerant of HIS views.

  43. Jon Ding

    So sick of hearing about anti-American religious nuts trying to take away our freedoms!

  44. Jon Ding

    Not that other people's marriage is anyone's business anyway there is nothing on this planet I hate more than homophobic Christian right wing nut jobs!

  45. Art Carney

    Meghan Courtright yea, i so tired of hearing from sick people like yourself who do not know the proper role of men and women

  46. John L. Baker

    Hey leg licker, us old fat guys have the good book, public opinion and simple good taste behind us. What do you have other than a bunch of politically correct fruitcakes.

  47. John L. Baker

    I don't hate, could care less if you sleep with a German Shepard. Just do it in private. Don't try to change the law. Do what you want and enjoy your life style but don't accuse because we don't agree with it. God Bless and keep you safe.

  48. Anonymous

    Oh but homosexuals promised everyone that "marriage" would make them happy. Yet another blatant homosexual lie.

  49. John Strom

    These three are NOT good role models for anyone in the world. WHY do we keep seeing them in the news? We do get tired of this crap being thrown if our faces which is WHY I'm posting my comments. Don't like them? Who cares.

  50. Anonymous

    Its a sad day when you can no longer hold your liquor.

  51. Craig Grant

    Ellen and Portia to divorce among rumor Ellen is to close to a straight woman. Seriously,why is this a story? Play up the rumor mill then spend half the story saying she's straight and has never shown signs of being a lesbian,then saying it's BS anyways.

  52. Anonymous

    NOOOOOOO, not Sofia. Now I know how the women felt when they found out Rock Hudson was gay.

  53. Wade Shipman

    John L. Baker…if you don't hate then why do you insist on separate laws for straight couples? It's about changing the laws to allow equal protections. Do you think that only some deserve civil liberties? People who have sex with animals, or any other nonconsensual being, do not have the right to be protected by law.

  54. Anonymous

    Wasn't it about two months ago that Portia and Ellen were getting a divorce because Portia was so jealous of Ellen's connection or support of former President Bill Clinton? Why do people always want to cause conflict? Ellen has a lot of charisma and connects well with all genders. Who is the next person to cause a "divorce" going to be? It's their lives, their business. Let them live it.

  55. Francis Laws

    I guess Men are not the only Gender that is suffering from the infidelity bug after matrimony. The women seem to be catching up or is it that they are just revealing what was always there to begin with?

  56. Anonymous

    Hey Ellen…back off and keep that "thang" in your pants girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  57. JO Taylor

    Says the fatbody idiot who couldn't get laid if he walked into a women's prison with a suitcase full of pardons.

  58. Bret Andrysiak

    Ellen is gay because no guy would touch a woman that looks like Gilligan with bleached hair.

  59. Rodney Small

    So sad. Woman wants a baby but can't have one because her wife is a woman….. It takes sperm baby and you don't have any…. lol

  60. JO Taylor

    Mike, are you claiming he could formulate a response without reading it? That sounds like fundamentalists pontificating about things they know nothing about.

  61. JO Taylor

    Mike, are you claiming he could formulate a response without reading it? That sounds like fundamentalists pontificating about things they know nothing about.

  62. John Hoyle

    And by the way marriage has but one condition i.e. pre-requisite [man and woman]. The ability to procreate is the benefit of meeting the pre-requisite.

  63. Nance Richard

    @jtfotoman: Suck being the proper word for the Female Smackers & I believe you're one of those transgender person's, did the taxpayers pay for your transition & your welfare check, I bet so!!

  64. Tim Hayden

    Hate to tell you troll that you can get pregnant without getting married. Marriage is nothing but a contractual agreement between two people.

  65. Anonymous

    Can we just leave the personal lives of EVERYONE where it belongs… personal! It is no one's business what anyone does in their private life. If they are a public figure like them or not like them for what they do in that job, not who they are as a person. If you can't separate the two and don't like something someone does in private then don't like them, that is your choice, but do we need articles sensationalizing peoples private lives just to make a buck? That is just sad.

  66. Charles Conrad

    jt_fotoman Infertile straight couples are a different story. They can't conceive due to a physical or medical issue. Homosexual couples can NEVER conceive because of nature. They were not born with the ability to make babies together. That would be like trying to fasten woodwork with all bolts and no nuts or vice versa (no pun intended). Therefore, ALL homosexual partners who wish to raise kids must bring a third person into the relationship. That is a big reason why marriage among homosexual couples is not the same as straight couples, and it should not be treated the same legally. Justify it all you want, but nature is not in agreement with you.

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