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Tim Tebow Still Making Waves In NFL Circles, Even Though Career Likely Over

Tim Tebow Still Making Waves In NFL Circles, Even Though Career Likely Over

Tim Tebow will likely never play a down in the NFL again, but the unconventional quarterback is still having a big impact on the game.

Tebow wasn’t on an NFL roster last season, but the incredible media attention that followed him from Denver to New York to a short stint in New England is still fresh in the minds of those caught up in it.

New Cleveland Browns coach Mike Pettine was in the midst of this Tebow-mania with the Jets, and recalled it this week.

Pettine said the attention surrounding rookie quarterback Johnny Manziel is much different than the hype surrounding Tim Tebow.

“The circumstances are different,” Pettine said, via Tom Reed of the Cleveland Plain Dealer. “Tebow was an established NFL player [when he was traded to the Jets], he wasn’t coming in as a rookie, unproven. It’s a little easier for us with Manziel because he understands he earned Johnny Football as a college player and nobody understands it more than him. It’s like, ‘Listen, I don’t want to be named starter coming out of the draft.'”

But Tim Tebow and Johnny Manziel are alike in many ways. Tebow entered the NFL as one of the most followed players in years. He came from one of college football’s most polarizing programs, the University of Florida, and was the subject of many arguments over whether his unconventional style would find success in the NFL.

In the end, both sides were right. Tim Tebow was successful in the NFL — for a stretch. After taking over as starter for the Denver Broncos in 2011, he led the team on a comeback and a playoff berth, with defenses struggling to stop his running attack.

But eventually defenses caught up with Tebow and exposed his lack of accuracy, and he would never start another game after leaving the Broncos. Tebow was cut before the 2013 season began and seems unlikely to get another chance at the league.

Manziel has faced many of the same questions, surrounded by uncertainty over whether the playmaking ability he showed at Texas A&M will translate to the NFL or whether his small stature will catch up with him. There seem to be as many people thinking he will be a bust as there are thinking he will be a star quarterback.

Though the beginning of their careers may seem similar, Cleveland Browns are likely hoping that Johnny Manziel ends up with a better time in the NFL than Tim Tebow.

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68 Responses to “Tim Tebow Still Making Waves In NFL Circles, Even Though Career Likely Over”

  1. James Hinson

    why not talk about a very good productive OB Conner SHAW that came out of south carolina he went to the browns also?

  2. Larry Brown

    Tim Tebow may have been just as good as Payton Manning, they both accomplished great things with the Broncos , but Tebow did it in one year and Payton in two years. Both had a crash in the end, both had their rear end exposed, both lost the big game, Why was one ran out on a rail?

  3. Anonymous

    Tim Tebow was a class act. The Jets used him for publicity. And now the ghetto Jets have Vick the dog killer for publicity. Tebow is too good for that team. The Jts lost a lot of fans when they saw how Tebow was treated and lost many more when they signed Vick. Nobody considrs them a NY team anyway. They ned to change their name to the Jersey Jets. They stink just as bad!

  4. Anonymous

    IMO it's because he worshiped God and not Ryan or Sanchez. Good for him. Now I have no reason to root for the Jets anymore.

  5. Anonymous

    @Rothom, why do they have to be ghetto Jets? Is it because Vick is a Black player and you associate all Black players as being from the ghetto? The NFL has a good mixture of Black and White players–so are the White players ghetto too? I just think you need to get off the racist bandwagon and accept them all as professional football players. As far as Vick, I love dogs too and hated what he did to them but the man paid his debt to society and lost tons of money in the process. Thousands of people have been convicted of animal cruelty and the vast majority of them never got any jail time. Let it go man and move on. If you can't do that, then stop watching the NFL and the ghetto boys show and tune into Hockey. I can guarantee you won't find any ghetto boys on it.

  6. Fred Cashew

    We saw Peyton's lack of accuracy in the Super Bowl. It just depends on how good they are defending the quarterback.

  7. Anonymous

    Tebow gave Denver much hope at a very low price and resurrected the franchise. Manning gives us hope in a different way. Too bad Tebow wasn't here to learn under Manning. We would have loved it! Success to you Tim! Good luck to you Mr Elway

  8. Tim Donovan

    Because one is the greatest regular-season QB in the NFL, and one is undoubtedly among the worst. Yes, Tebow took them to an 9-6 record when he was under center, but he benefited from a league-leading rushing offense and a kicker who could kick 60-yarders to win games. There are far too many talented quarterbacks out there to pacify a guy who can't complete better than 46% of his passes and still has difficulty reading defenses. Best he go peddle bibles in third-world countries. That's his true talent.

  9. Anonymous

    The circumstances are different….yea like Johnny can actually play quarterback and has some talent…

  10. Anonymous

    or maybe he should work for ESPN with all the other losers in suits talking.

  11. Kenneth W. Henry

    Tim Donovan At least he has his priorities straight. His love for GOD and people makes him a class act. The world needs a lot more people like him.

  12. Anonymous

    Tim Donovan …..If you go back and look at the stats…They we're near the bottom of the league in rushing before he took over the starting job. And the same 60 yard FG kicker was on the roster while they went 1-4 to start the season! Maybe people like you should give him a little more credit!

  13. Uhmbaya Laury


  14. Uhmbaya Laury


  15. Michael Fallon

    Everyone knows (including the media and the NFL) that he isn't in the NFL because of his unconventional style, but because he was a disciple of Jesus Christ. The media and the NFL were gnashing their teeth at this great quarterback. Sometimes it is good to actually state the truth. Anyone who disagrees will prove my point.

  16. Vicki Christensen

    Tim just can't lose with God on his side, he is an absolute winner! no matter what he does in life.
    Just him knowing and understanding this will get him through, we all really need to remember this simple truth in these crazy unbalanced days. He who is for us………

  17. S.t. Czaja

    We get undrafted or late round picks becoming starting stars; while hyped first rounders failing quite often, (In all team sports).
    While at Florida-Tebow's religion was rarely mentioned as he won Natl. titles and Heismans.
    When he began his pro career (as a 1st round pick) SOMEONE thought he could play.
    It didn't work out. Pro QB's rarely do. And it has NOTHING to do with what church they attend.
    Never seen so much hatred directed at a very decent, moral man. He should be a role model.
    instead of an object of scorn. He did his best and now time to move on. Tebow is. Why not his haters?

  18. Gary Schneider

    This article says that eventually ''defences caught up with Tebow.'' It never happened. Beat Pittsburgh in the playoffs and then lost to New England in the playoffs. Completely biased article. There is still a month before NFL training camps begin. We will see what happens. I got a feeling that those of us who support Tim Tebow will see some great football out of him yet.

  19. Anthony Millsaps

    Tebow isn't in the league anymore because he can't consistantly throw any accurate passes. The guys completion percentage was abysimal! He had the heart, just not the talent to play at the NFL level. Period. If Bellichick one of the greatest coaches in the NFL couldn't find a way to utilize Tebow than no one could.

  20. Anonymous

    Watch the wording, the article says he had success, then defenses….no…he was traded to the Jets who never planned on using him. He does fine, better than lots of qb's out there. He should be playing NFL.

  21. Todd Headlee

    Tim Donovan — Tim your last two sentences reveal your true colors — you're a typical Tebow-hater who can't muster up even the slightest bit of credit for Tim Tebow's unique talent for winning. The common denominator of Tim Tebow's entire football career as a starting quarterback at every level he has ever played is the fact they he always WINS more games than he LOSES. Coincidence? I think not. Tim Tebow has been held to a higher standard since the moment he entered the NFL, much to the chagrin of his many haters who always insisted he could not succeed in the NFL. When, against all odds, Tebow actually proved his critics wrong by helping to lead the Broncos out of that abyss that this so-called "league-leading rushing offense" and "kicker who could kick 60 yarders" couldn't seem to save them from pre-Tebow, the hating kicked into full gear. Of course, Tim Tebow's captivating and electrifying 2011 season won him legions of fans that reached far beyond the game of football, and seemingly overnight Tim Tebow had become a bonafide phenomenon. This thrilled Tim's fans and left his haters seething at all things Tebow. Yes, the NFL has spoken — they want nothing to do with Tim Tebow. Forget the fact that there are probably 2 dozen starting quarterbacks currently in the NFL who get no where near the attention, nor have they had anywhere near the success in the NFL their entire career that Tebow had in a single season — and they probably never will. All kinds of mediocre QBs get multiple seasons as starters to develop and hone their craft as professional QBs, but nooooooo not Tim Tebow. He is deemed "incapable of improving"…."mechanics that are set in stone"….unworthy of so much of a tryout on any team even when they are desperate for a QB who can actually WIN. Sorry, throw all the stats out you like, but this will NEVER make sense to me. Tim Tebow not being in the NFL is a loss to the fans and it's a loss to the sport. Say what you want about Tim's talent, but when he is on the field watching football is a whole lot more interesting and exciting. Just my 2 cents…

  22. Todd Headlee

    Gary, from your mouth to God's ears. It boggles the mind that Tim Tebow has the supposedly most influential sports agent in the business (Jimmy Sexton) and he can't even get Tim a tryout on a team. Either things are going on behind the scenes that we don't know about, or Jimmy Sexton needs to be fired. What I do find interesting is that Tim is still training almost daily at UCLA with coaches. Maybe he knows something we don't in terms of things in the works

  23. Fast Eddie


    Here in Denver we love Tebow.

    Get that Manning clown outta here, what a circus…

  24. Gary Schneider

    Todd Headlee About two months ago Urban Meyer said that Tim told him some things are happening behind the scenes. I can only assume that means that Jimmy Sexton and Tim are talking to some NFL team. Tim believes in loyalty and I think that is why he stays with Jimmy Sexton. I don't think it is Jimmy Sexton's fault and I think Tim knows that. I also believe that the reason Tim is training almost daily at UCLA is because there is training camp coming up in July and Tim wants to be sharp. My guess is that Tim will be trying out as a backup but if Tim looks good enough he could get the starting job. I am sure that Tim is better than four or five of the current starting quarterbacks in league. The naysayers will always have some pooh pooh about Tim but the fat lady has not sung yet.

  25. Blake Huggins

    Tebow doesn't need the nfl at this point. He may want to play in the nfl again but he doesn't need to. He will accomplish many goals outside of the nfl and make plenty of money…. and continue to stay in the publics eye despite his haters whining about his success.

  26. Joseph Weber

    Tim Donovan Tim Tebow one of the worst? His stats over 2 years and avg to a 16 game season come out like this. 2,800 YDs passing, 19 TDs 10 INTs, 1,100 rushings YDs, 11 TDs. That isn't exactly what I would call one of the worst ever.

  27. Tuan Dinh Vu

    Defenses did not catch up to Tim Tebow. He just was never given a chance to start again. In New York, they made him gain weight and block and even used him as a receiver (LOL). And in New England, he obviously would not start over Brady.

  28. Tuan Dinh Vu

    Tim Donovan The reason the Broncos were a league-leading rushing offense was because of Tebow. Before he started, they were not that good a rushing offense. It was his rushing ability that had defenses off balance.

  29. Tuan Dinh Vu

    Greg Durkan Kind of hard to come back after the Jets wasted a whole year making him do time as a blocker, ball carrier and decoy. Then to try to make it on a team that only carries two quarterbacks, where the backup has been there for years, would be difficult for anyone.

  30. Tuan Dinh Vu

    Like many quarterbacks in the NFL, if the team goes all-in and builds their offense to the strengths of a good quarterback, he can excel. The thing is, Tebow is unconventional and not many teams are willing to retool their offense to play to his strengths. Teams already have invested too much into their system to change. Hopefully, Tim can adjust his game to fit into the typical NFL offense. All I know is, I never had so much fun watching football than that year he started for the Broncos and took them from a 1-4 team to a playoff win over the Pittsburgh Steelers.

  31. Anonymous

    willc112573 Good point. Orton never gave Prater a chance to win a game with a field goal and went 1-4 before Tebow went 7-4 with the same team. Those two 50+ yard field goals were in the Chicago game and were only necessary because D. Thomas missed a TD pass early in the game that hit him in the hands. The score should have been 14-10 Denver with 3 minutes to go, if Thomas had done his job.

  32. Anonymous

    Josh McDaniels has coached Brady, Orton and Tebow and taught them his offense.
    Tebow used it in 2010 with 82 throws and 5 TDs. That's a TD every 16 throws.
    Orton used it in 2010 with 498 attempts and 20 TDs. That's a TD every 25 throws.
    Brady used it in 2013 with 628 throws and 25 TDs. That's a TD every 25 throws in McDaniels' offense.
    You won't get a much better comparison than 3 QBs using the same offense and the same coach.
    Watch Tebow's first three starts in his rookie year 2010. In his second start he threw for 308 yards with 27 yards rushing. He had a rushing TD in all 3 games. He scored every 16 attempts with 16.27 yards per completion. Notice how he connects with a quality receiver like Brandon Lloyd. He doesn't throw many short passes, but he can like he did in NY with 75% completions or he can run it for 5.4 yards per carry. Tebow is a QB that does it all.

  33. Todd Headlee

    Greg Durkan — Tim didn't "wash out" with the Pats. The Pats have Tom Brady, what was he suppose to do, knock Brady out of the starting job? HA!

  34. Anonymous

    Greg Durkan The Pats owed Mallett two more years on his contract. They weren't going to cut him and they weren't going to carry an inactive QB.

  35. Cameron Sharpe

    Yea, people get away with animal cuelty, and that is a shame. Vick was supposed to be the leader, he put himself before his team when he did what he did. He got his 100 Million from ATL then he didn't even try to help the team. He embarrassed our team and messed us up for a few years. He never was that good of a QB in Philly, see what happened when he got benched, they went straight to the playoffs. He shouldn't be starting, and I sure can't see letting Tim Tebow go to get him and Geno Smith, That is ridiculious!! Tebow is 10 times the man and football player either of those guys, same goes for their coach.

  36. John McAlexander

    Tim Donovan – I guess you forget – he did not start the year in Denver – and he took over and got them a play off slot. Too bad ego's could not handle the talent.

  37. Sarah Mahala

    The reason he is not in the NFL is because he is a devout Christian and let the world know he was. If he had been of any other religion, he would still be in the NFL. Christians are the only people that, if they screamed discrimination, would be told they had no rights. Other religions, when they scream discrimination, get exactly what they feel they are being deprived of while Christians are ignored. Tim Tebow is a disciple of our Lord Jesus Christ and in showing his faith in public, his career has suffered. The NFL is the worse for it because they didn't have the guts to stand up for one of their own when he choose to show his faith in God!

  38. Anonymous

    It's because most of the owners are Jews whose enemies are Jesus Christ and Goyim – White Western European People of the Earth.

  39. Michael Jason Howe

    Except keep a job in the NFL. He has massive flaws in his skill set and no GM wants him based on what he has shown in game film. It's pretty cut and dry cause they don't look at stats they look at film. I know you have trouble understanding that but till you can hire for the NFL it's what counts and nothing else.

  40. Michael Jason Howe

    Except keep a job in the NFL. He has massive flaws in his skill set and no GM wants him based on what he has shown in game film. It's pretty cut and dry cause they don't look at stats they look at film. I know you have trouble understanding that but till you can hire for the NFL it's what counts and nothing else.

  41. Michael Jason Howe

    Defense very much did figure him out. They lost 4 of their last 5 games with tebow getting worse on execution of plays and reading coverage. It's why he tucks and runs so much because he misses reads and doesn't make adjustments well at all.
    Everyone in the NFL that does evaluations have pointed these things out for years about tebow's major flaws in his skill set but fans who don't have a clue how they evaluate a player have all these wild conspiracy crap that's so far from true.
    If tebow showed he was great based on what GMs look at not fans he would have a starting job. He didn't. The moment he couldn't run the type of offense teams want he was done. This has been said inside NFL circles over and over tebow's fans just fail to listen to the people that do the hiring in the NFL.
    His later game film have defenses confusing the hell out tebow. The patriots did it to him twice, so did the bills and the chiefs. This twisting and finger pointing of some great crime the NFL did needs to stop cause you folks are just getting more wacko month by month.

  42. Michael Jason Howe

    That's funny cause i've heard from so many people that work in and around the NFL and no one says even in private that it has to do with anything but his sloppy skill set and circus he creates due to his fans driving the media. Plenty say they'd quit if they thought it was anything to do with his faith as many of them share the same faith as him.
    But if it helps you sleep better at night then go with your conspiracy theory.

  43. Michael Jason Howe

    You didn't prove anything other than you don't know what is said around the league and by those in the league. You just wanted to have a little gimmick in what you said so you could convince yourself of something that isn't true.

  44. Michael Jason Howe

    When you take a little time to study what they do look at with evaluation of players and not just how you think they should do it you'll understand better. Tebow did not show what they look for and even he has said he finally understands how important those fundamentals are now. Pushing religious discrimination because you don't understand what GMs look at in QBs doesn't make it true.

  45. Michael Jason Howe

    I love it how you just don't know much of anything about the NFL and believe child like setup makes you think you're right. Lol.
    Let's see, if you respond again you prove every fact about the league that i've stated. Is that how it goes…oh wait, you can't actually backup anything about how you feel but just love gimmick tactics to hope and pray no one will call you out. Not me dude, i know far more about our great NFL and people in it than tebow knows the bible… how i did that.

  46. Michael Fallon

    I think you are letting this upset you a little too much. I guess that happens when you are consumed with hate. Thank you for your help!

  47. Michael Jason Howe

    Not really. I have nothing against tebow but take issue with anyone that accuses someone or something of something that is clearly not true.
    I greatly enjoyed watching tebow play at florida but anyone that really knows football knows college and pro aren't the same and wild ass conspiracy crap just pushes idiots to believe things because they don't fully understand the process of evaluation. Anyone can learn it but for some reason i've seen far too many tebow fans not take time to understand. Stats and wins mean zero in evaluation, every snap he made in the pros they count the same. Him missing reads, not knowing how to adjust for defensive scheme which made the denver line look bad in the eyes of tebow's fans cause most of them don't know crap about the sport all counts the same as the pass to beat the steelers does because they care about consistency.
    I have no problem with tebow making it long term in the NFL i just know the NFL well enough to see that GMs weren't gonna keep him long term. He was done in denver the moment the team had to change the offense because he couldn't run the type of offense elway wanted. It's not one thing to do with tebow's faith and i have close friends in the league and it's completely tebow's skill set he isn't a starter and his fan driven media circus is why he isn't a backup. If you tebow fans didn't act like you do he would be doing what he needs to do and learn as a backup. No coach though is putting up with being asked about the backup QB all the time because his fans can't understand the issues in his game and worse yet lash out at anyone that points out what his fans refuse to learn.
    Loved him in college. One of the greatest to ever play the game but NFL isn't college, ask every player to ever play in the NFL. The game is very different.

  48. Kelly Parker

    Football is a business. If Tebow was good enough to make someone rich, he would not be out of work. The NFL does not care if he is white, black, on work release, or Christian.

  49. Stephen Sesko

    Seriously. I read this article twice. I have no idea what it is about. Really.

  50. Kelly Parker

    Still quite a few people who believe he is just a victim of religious persecution and the NFL is suddenly no longer capable of judging talent.

  51. Michael Jason Howe

    Because shaw has many fundamental issues just like tebow does and manziel does. What someone did in college means nothing to scouts and GMs. They care about fundamentals that fit the offense they want long term and possible development. Clowney wasn't drafted based on stats though media had a field day about them. Gets down to what fans don't look at but everyone that hires in the NFL does. That's all that matters.

  52. Michael Jason Howe

    More full of shit, you or tebow…? You have many names on facebook and don't know shit…… tomlin or what is it exactly? (Lol)

  53. Michael Jason Howe

    More full of shit, you or tebow…? You have many names on facebook and don't know shit…… tomlin or what is it exactly? (Lol)

  54. Mark Ketchum

    Michael Jason Howe actually you are quite wrong. Tim Tebow has an NFL skill set. Proven with the Broncos. The article states that defenses eventually caught up with him… really ? He made it to the playoffs and beat the best defense in the NFL… ??? And then he was traded and never got a chance to really shine again… here and there… play a bit…. nothing to really show his talent. He is, right now, according to many sources, better than many starters playing next year.

  55. Sara Chase

    It's interesting as he was rated the 2nd best passer of college players, of all time. His passer rating was great…………until 'they' messed with his head enough, convincing him, and everyone else, he had a problem with throwing. He didn't have a throwing problem. His 'throwing problem' was created, obviously to mess with his head, discredit him, and create a reason to black-ball him. With his dyslexia, it was a perfect set-up – change his throwing motion to 'correct his mechanics', thereby messing with his brain, his muscle memory, then a problem is created. Even so, had the Bronco's receiver's not been the 2nd worst in the league in dropped CATCHABLE passes in 2011, his passer rating would have been more appropriately rated to his ability, which is obviously way better than many of the QB's in the league that are continually rotating around the league, because they don't have a winner's mentality. Tebow does. Regardless if his throwing motion is liked, or not, he seems to win a lot, pulling the rest of the team up with him.

  56. Sara Chase

    One did it in his first starting season, the other in his 14th. I was under the impression the big deal in the league is the big game – the Super Bowl. Getting there, and winning. Tebow got within 1 game, his first starting season. Manning the same his 14th season, 1st with the Bronco's. Made it to the big game his 2nd season with the Bronco's, only to blow it miserably. Manning was as much to blame as the other players. He simply did not play well. A big difference between the two – one steps up to the plate under pressure, the other caves.

  57. William Moran

    In my opinion, not very smart on the part of the coaches that let him go. Not to name names but Ive seen really unproductive players that have been kept on teams much longer than Tebow. Hopefully teams will smarten up soon . Its also a relief to know all of us crazy, wagon hopping, faith fueled fans did not ruin his career entirely.That would have been disgraceful.