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Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez Break Up Rumor Looks to be False


Wondering if the Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez break up rumor is true or not?

Look no further than the iconic teen couple’s latest outing together for a clue.

On Saturday evening, JB made a surprise visit to girlfriend Selena Gomez’s concert in Boca Raton, Fla., but was forced to make a hasty retreat once fans realized he was in the house.

Earlier in the day, in an apparent attempt to throw his rabid fans off track, Bieber had written a post on Twitter mentioning he was in Canada.

But once the truth of Bieber’s whereabouts got out amongst the audience, the 17-year-old heartthrob had to escape using a back door, in order to avoid being trampled by a riot-like horde of screaming tween girls.

The Boca Raton surprise visit wasn’t “the Bieb’s” first – he also turned up at Selena’s tour debut last week.

In that outing, Bieber joined a seemingly shocked Gomez on stage and the two embraced for a romantic hug.

Following the show, Justin proudly tweeted to his fans:

‘Had a #greatnight and surprised the people. felt good to be on stage. nothing is changing that. #REAL. @selenagomez u did great tonight. proud of u.’

Watch Justin’s surprise serenade/performance of Cry Me A River during Gomez’ July 24th tour kick-off concert.

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83 Responses to “Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez Break Up Rumor Looks to be False”

  1. Anonymous

    Oh thank goodness! I don't know how I could have gone on!

  2. Crystian Valdes

    Get over it…hes a guy like everyone else in the world -.-…………………

  3. Anonymous

    Very important news while the world crumble's around us…thank god it is not another story about "American's dying from heat stroke durring the latest "heat wave" that is crippling America….no this is way too important…hope ya grandparent's have a box fan…or did u bother to call them?

  4. Mirny Mirn

    Awww, no fair. They are sweet together and stuff, but I think they are so young, they need to date other people! She looks very cute with Shia LeBeouf. I'd love to see that happen in the future…

  5. Anonymous

    Is the public really this gullible and mindless? They never were together to begin with. It's all a publicity stunt to make him look like he's not gay, when all of us THINKERS know he is. WAKE UP PEOPLE!

  6. Anonymous

    Who care? These are just two little kids feeling each other up for now. Get Married? Get REAL!

  7. Daniielah Martiinez

    why wont people leave justin nd selena alome if they heve feeling for eachother well that's them nd if girls or boys lik selena or jb well jb or selena is never going to be urs cuz she or he doesn't kno u exixt duh so get over it nd leAVE THEM ALOME >!

  8. Nicole Stafford

    He's just using her. It all say's it in his tweet, and the fact that he just said he's PROUD OF HER! and that he was delighted in the fans when they saw him. And the fact that he is always on her tours singing, there not there for her there for him then. FUCK HIM! using Selena like that, for one she isn't a dog and two it was her damn tour and her damn moment not his.

  9. Nicole Stafford

    The fans are not there for her. They only go now because they know JB is going to be there. Because he so KINDLY decides to show up on her state, and then post thigns like this BS ‘Had a #greatnight and surprised the people. felt good to be on stage. nothing is changing that. #REAL. @selenagomez u did great tonight. proud of u.’. It was her stage that night not his, he's using her point blank.

  10. Arthur Pendragon

    It's all good them splitting up and all. She is far far to good for him anyhow.

  11. Mora Mario

    WHAT. THE. %$##@!

    Who CARES about the trivalities of two people so above the day to day cares and woes of your average person that it makes the news?

  12. Steve Deno

    Hey – if they're happy – they're HAPPY and that's all that matters. Look at all they have in common – the same fan base. They're young and have both made it big and are pretty rich. I think they make a cute couple. Who decides is they call it quits? Thankfully NOT people commenting on stories such as this…

  13. Anonymous

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  14. Christiane Browne

    Aw I think it's cute that girls love him. I have fond memories of my JT crush back in the day.

  15. Alexa Lily Hanson-Wagner

    I am not a bieber lover but his eyes are so dreamy, bless my little soul.

  16. Rakin Hasan

    Hi Selena..justine bieber left u…… what? its not a matter…i m still now free…u can be my girl friend…….

  17. Rachelle Fritz

    people who make up rumors like these, has no life..

  18. Katherine Millush

    Really how can people make up lies about peoples personal lives. Selena Gomez is a good person with so much influential compared to other artists. She deserves to be happy and I surely pray and hope that Justin doesn't turn her in a different direction. Selena I cant wait to see you in concert next week.

  19. Velvet Rose

    Don't fuckin' worry about how people write,your no one's English teacher so mind yours,you bitch.

  20. Anonymous

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    Check my site if you need XTRA BUCKS!

  21. Ashley Anderson

    Please Stop calling the two kids, they are both adults.

  22. Quốc Quang

    how can two girls be together. one girl and one lesbian..

  23. Anonymous

    Your outnumbered looks like most of the people on here do not care either.

  24. Natalie Cendejas

    Well, if they don't care, (and I'm assuming that you supposedly don't care either) then people shouldn't be wasting their time even saying that they don't care. It's kind of like saying that you hate a person so much and you don't care about them but then all you do is try to find out everything you can about them… Or your topic of conversation seems to go that way. It's hard to prove that you actually are not interested in knowing things about them at that point. The people who are reading this probably clicked on this page from a link on another page they were viewing because it was a popular article. The people who wrote this article are just trying to bring traffic with to their website with articles that they know people will read. It's about making money, you see. They are not in the business of creating awareness for real issues, or writing things you like to read. If you don't like reading these articles don't read them. Perhaps you should go find a book with subject matters you like and read those instead. (I for one, don't mind hearing about JAYBEIBS and Selena Gomez.) And next time, please use fix your obvious grammar mistakes! You look like a silly fool!

  25. Nautika Drummond

    -_________- Justin Bieber is NOT gay . never was . never will be ! come on . youy probably a grown person . sitting here talking about a kid . if you dont like him DONT READ ARTICLES ABOUT HIM ! like do you not understand ? & their relationship might be real . leave them alone as much as i am very jealous ! your sitting here writing worthless comments . the only reason i reply is to make you feel STUPID ! im sick of all the Stereotypes . SHUT UP & GROW UP ! get a life .

  26. Nautika Drummond

    she never asked if she was outnumbered ? what does that have to dao with anything ? she ust wanted to let you know that your hate comments are totally un-needed . They are worthless & you could have been actually doing something with your life instead of waisting it hurting someone elses felling .

  27. Nautika Drummond

    i think the solution to americas problems is ….. GET JOBS ! GET A HOUSE & buy an air conditioner . If this isnt importnant to you than go read that other article . but this is somethng that i actually would like to hear about . at 15 i dont want to be reading about death . & you can shut up cause reading it does NOTHING . why read about it ? its not like anyones gunna make a difference . no one cares about anyone but theirselves & thats americas biggest problem but we cant change anyone soo for now read about justin bieber . Hes hot & interesting (:

  28. Nautika Drummond

    SELENA CHANGED JUSTIN ! in case you didnt know (: & shes not as great as you think she is . Beatuiful YES ! but that doesnt mean shes a good person . Justin is all about her now & he forgets his fans . But he has always been for charity . thats one thing very known about him but not very known about selena . so whos the good person now ?

  29. Katherine Millush

    Um if you havent heard Selena Gomez is the Ambassador of UNICEF for Africa so obviously she is doing charity work research it. She is a good person compared to Miley Cyrus and also she is a Christian as well as he is. Justin makes his own choices just as well as Selena. How has he forgotten his fans when that's all he talks about when he wins awards or sees them on the street. Besides how are you in charge of someone for he or she dates that's their choice. She is actually great i have met her in person and she says alot of great things about Justin's fans well for how supportive you are of him.

  30. Natalie Cendejas

    Are you talking about me? Of course I'm wasting my time… I'm reading and commenting on articles about Justin Beiber and Selena Gomez.

  31. Tiffany Crecco

    actually selena is the ambassador for stfu if you dont know wtf you're talking about..which you obviously dont. selena IS a good person and just cause justin spends time with her instead of creepy fans like yourself, doesnt mean she changed means he cares about her and wants to be around her. get a fucking life instead of fantasising about bieber all day.

  32. Tiffany Crecco

    he may be hot and sexy, but he's famous for his musical talent.

  33. Tiffany Crecco

    I soo agree with you! Finally somebody who see's it my way, like the fans are soo creepy, like the ones who are like "Justin's going to marry me..blah, blah, blah" they need to stfu! Ahaha :) BTW: please work on your spelling.

  34. Martin Tate

    Jesus you fat bitch, This isnt some soap, shut the fuck up and let her date whatever she wants

  35. Matt Williams

    Nautika Drummond Just so you're aware, people click on these links specifically to complain about the fact that people are trying to pass this drivel off as news. You said you're fifteen? At fifteen you should be getting actively invested in the stock market, doing homework, studying world politics or working, not caring so much about a couple of regular people who make regular mistakes for irregularly large sums of money. Here's a list of people who you should really be caring about; Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Warren Buffet, Ron Paul, Mitt Romney, President Obama and other political leaders and industry shapers.

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