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WWE News: Where Cody Rhodes’ Stardust Gimmick Came From, And Why It Is Here To Stay


WWE shocked us all last night with the debut of “Stardust.” Stardust is basically Cody Rhodes in Goldust paint. He came to the ring in a similar fashion,and did similar moves to Goldust with a mix of Rhodes still in there. This was actually kind of funny as no one really thought it would happen. It was rumored that Tyler Breeze would be the new partner for Goldust this week, after losing with a few random people the last number of weeks.

Either way, most knew that the losing angle would end with whomever tagged with Goldust regardless.

A lot of people have been wanting to see a new character for Rhodes, as he has played two great ones since his early years in the WWE. Playing himself is good and all, but Rhodes is certainly a performer who can play a gimmick to it’s fullest. Whether it’s being a vain man having to look at himself in the mirror every 5 minutes or simply having a mustache and thinking it’s the end all, be all….Rhodes is showing that he can do it all.

Many think he is worthy of a World Title, and he has shown sparks of greatness. Last night, many saw the Rhodes they loved. While it was playing an out of the box character, it was still fun and entertaining enough to show why people love Cody so much. Goldust was a wonderful performer in the 90s. His gimmick was able to keep him alive for a long time, and many thought he was World Title material then. While he did hold the Intercontinental Championship a few times, he never got a shot at holding the ultimate gold.

Goldust returned a year ago and has looked fantastic. He is in better shape than he has been in years, and the WWE took notice. He was only supposed to be around through WrestleMania 30, but was offered an extension to his deal due to the terrific work he has been doing. This only helped Cody, as he was kind of falling off the radar. The brother formed “The Brotherhood” and were able to perform really well together, having 5 star quality matches against The Shield among others.

Goldust has been doing a great job, but he has to retire at some point. Could Stardust simply be the replacement for Goldust? A lot of people forget how big Goldust was in the 90s. He was worthy of the main event, but so many major stars like Steve Austin, The Rock, Shawn Michaels, Undertaker, Triple H, and others were all there main eventing. So Goldust, despite how good he was, happened to be a crowded field.

Today a gimmick like his could work, and with a guy like Cody….it could do really well. It’s different enough and holds enough Attitude Era nostalgia that people young and old can enjoy it. We will have to see what the WWE ends up doing with Stardust.

Currently, we know that Cody has changed all of his social media to the name Stardust and seems to be staying in character with all WWE events. So it looks as if the Stardust gimmick is here to stay for some time. The name actually came from Dusty Rhodes, who gave Cody the nickname when he was younger. So it seems like WWE picked a lot of Rhodes material out of the closet for this one.

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48 Responses to “WWE News: Where Cody Rhodes’ Stardust Gimmick Came From, And Why It Is Here To Stay”

  1. Mark Cenon

    funny i was just thinking about golddust the other night, I was thinking what should WWE do to be relevant nowadays. I thought that WWE attitude era is like Grunge music revolution back then, gritty and natural. Now "in" music is like "shock pop" (never like this generations music thou), maybe gold dust or other same gimmik might work

  2. Ralph Snart

    Make up is different and Paul Stanley is Starchild not stardust. So I have no clue where you see a lawsuit here at all.

  3. Joe Stanley

    Reminded me of Starman from the old Pro Wrestling game on NES. I figured that was where he got the look from since Cody is a gamer, just with a little goldust spin to it. After all, he used to sport the triforce on his boots.

  4. Anonymous

    Is this a "cry out" for a reunion with Goldust / Dustin? Too much difference in size to pull off the old "switcheroo", though not impossible for distant "plot" shots.

  5. Jay Sanz

    This could be really big for Cody. I think it's the right timing and the right person for the gimmick that really does it. I see Stardust as kind of a rogue comic book superhero who can't really decide if he's good or evil.

  6. Cletius Parish

    yes its good fo cody but he has the same body, the same skills,the same musles,why could,nt they win win before? wrestlers should win by their own sklls

  7. Anonymous

    They should've featured him a bit more, the match only lasted like 30 seconds.

  8. Anonymous

    Thank you! People so forget Goldust was pretty popular back in the day. He has always been my favorite. Happy to see he still has the goods.

  9. Joe Burgett

    It was just a story. Sometimes a change of venue helps an athlete on a sports team. So why would a different gimmick not do the same for a wrestler?

  10. John Donovan

    It's not the same as Stanley, but even if it was he wouldn't have standing for a lawsuit. The colors are different and he does not hold a patent on a star shape.

  11. Match Austin

    So the WWE's best idea for Cody Rhodes…is to rerun the gimmick they gave to Dustin Rhodes?

    ….k. This is why professional wrestling is failing so badly.

  12. Rick Robertson

    More proof that WWE is running out of ORIGINAL ideas………

  13. Anonymous

    I continue to be "shocked". When will this "shock" wear off?

  14. Bill Woddyard

    Kool so lets get Dusty's kids Gold Dust and Star Dust get into a good old fashion old family feud!. The wrestlers going by the name of Bray Wyatt and Bo-Leave are real life brothers and decedents of the great Blackjack Mulligan and Barry Windham . This would stir up some of the older fans, and would be a great transition for both Bray Wyatt and Bo-Leave

  15. Bill Woddyard

    On another note its going to be very interesting to see how Cody transforms his body and wrestling maneuvers to mimic more of his older brothers gestures!

  16. Anonymous

    Relatives of Windham (nephews,) not descendants… Descendants of Blackjack and Irwin R. Schyster (Mike Rotunda)…

    Bo's character is cool enough, but he needs to get his teeth whitened if he's going to smile so much, and he needs to hit the gym and tighten up the abs. When he takes his victory lap, his belly jiggles like mine…. Also, the Bo-Dog is NOT a solid finisher.

  17. Chad Dobbins

    If you really think this will work as well as 90's Goldust, your sniffing some dust. Not with the shit faced way the WWE is run today

  18. Ramon Guzman

    They ruin Dustin aka Golddust career know they are going to ruin Cody with this dumb stardust

  19. Larry Stine

    Bring back old school good ole boy wrestlers with promos and old school story lines.

  20. Rick Robertson

    Mike Puck Taylor just an opinion…..rebooting or angling off Golddust…..Guess I'm just getting old and have seen a lot of the gimmicks already….LOL

  21. Rick Robertson

    Mike Puck Taylor I just noticed this post about Dusty coming back as Moondust…..after thinking about it that would be a great way to help….Dusty is one of the legends!

  22. Tracy Kent

    how about "dustdust"….he comes out to the ring all dusty and throws dust in his opponents faces? 😉

  23. Jason Everett Broce

    I absolutely loved the stardust gimmick. It was like all this energy got added to the both of them and they were having alot of fun with it. Especially Cody, who immitated a younger gold dust extremely well. To me this has to be the best character change in the last 10 years. Not only that but it always makes the team uniformed instead of these mismatched singles wrestlers that are thrown together. All great tag teams were ones that were a TEAM not two individuals. About the only one I can think of that wasn't was edge and christian. The rest of the singles wrestlers that were teamed up were short lived. I would love to see gold/star dust get a tag team title run now!

  24. Jason Williams

    agree i love it too. however, best character change in the last 10 years has to go from husky harris to bray wyatt

  25. Jason Everett Broce

    Jason Williams Hmm guess that was probably when i wasn't watching for a bit. Well they the definitely knocked it out of the part with the Wyatt family. Hopefully Cody can blow this gimmick up too.

  26. Vy Tran

    They seem to be trying to push Rybaxel a little, although I don't know if that can be considered a great tag team.

  27. Daniel Hall

    The move from the top rope – the suplex type ddt – should be called the Supernova or something similarly celestially titled :)

  28. Mickey Tate

    John Donovan Although Gene Simmons has a trademark on a moneybag…

  29. Ozzy Vincent

    well any one who knows wrestling knows that he didnt need the paint to start with he is not supper skinny like is older brother he is not fat like their pop and and the only good lookin one in his family

  30. Michael McCroskery

    Star Dust should fight Gold Dust in a steele cage match so that the loser, most likely gold dust ,will in no proper shaper but to retire. A steele cage match happened between Bret and Owen Hart so why not with gold and Star Dust.

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