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Pippa Middleton TLC Documentary to Air in August

pippa-middleton-tlc-documentary crazy about pippa

is no stranger to attention. Just earlier this month the 27-year-old – more specifically, her choice of clothing – turned heads at Wimbledon, temporarily stealing the spotlight of the famous tennis tournament.

Back on the radar once again, Pippa is now slated to appear in a TLC one-hour in depth documentary about her life.

Throughout the special, aptly titled Crazy About Pippa, TLC will interview experts and pals in order to provide insight into the childhood, life, and work of the future Queen of England’s younger sister.

In addition to discussing the infamous dress that Pippa donned at the royal wedding, TLC has hinted that the documentary will include commentary about her possible connection to Prince Harry, as well as her highly regarded derriere which, as of today, boasts a Facebook fan following of a little over 238,000.

TLC’s Crazy About Pippa is scheduled to hit TV’s across the nation on Tuesday, August 9th at 9pm ET.

Will you be tuning in?

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13 Responses to “Pippa Middleton TLC Documentary to Air in August”

  1. Linda Nevin

    I find it really amusing that this absolutely stunning young woman has been the best kept secret. I never heard or saw her before the wedding. I never heard mention of Kate's family. Then all of a sudden there she is, bigger then life and her rump is more famous then the rest of the royals. Rather childish and boring. You go Pippa. Ride the wave for what ever its worth. You only go through life once. Have fun! and, Harry looks like fun!

  2. Anonymous

    She's not pretty at all.Just an ordinary looking gal.Wonder why she's getting all this media mileage?

  3. Anonymous

    This is utterly ridiculous! Pippa is a to say the most VERY AVERAGE, SKINNY, girl. She does not have a curvy figure, and she has just started to TRY to be classy…There is no reason what so ever for her to be getting this much coverage!
    This world is bloody mad!

  4. Anonymous

    i though she was LC too first time i seen he, .def reminds me of her

  5. Linda Nevin

    Ordinary??? you need your peepers checked. She has NATURAL beauty bub!!! Petite and well proportioned for a little girl. She is a knock out besides classy!!!

  6. Anonymous

    This is silly. Why watch a show just because a girl is pretty? There are pretty girls everywhere, why not make a show for every pretty girl? Most of them could actually USE the money.

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