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Eric Cantor: House Will Stay Open Over The Weekend, Threatens Democrats With Default

Eric Cantor

Majority leader Eric Cantor has announced that the House of Representatives will remain in session throughout the weekend as the debt ceiling crisis continues to produce no results.

The House will meet on Saturday and Sunday and votes will start at 1 p.m. EDT. Some votes may occur on late Friday since lawmakers will not be returning to their home districts.

Among votes for Thursday is a plan proposed by speaker John Boehner (R., Ohio) which aims to reduce the debt ceiling and then increase the countries $14.29 trillion debt ceiling in two phases. Senate Majority leader Harry Reid (D., Nev.) has already said that the Senate will block that bill immediately.

In remarks directed at the Democratic party on Thursday Cantor told Harry Reid and his party that they needed to accept what was being given to them or “face the consequences.”

According to Cantor:

“Harry Reid has three different options,” while adding, “One is to suffer the economic consequences of default, which all of us hope he doesn’t choose. Two is to bring up the bill we sent prior … or to accept the compromise bill that we are sending over today…”

Sadly nobody wins when both parties are attempting to strong arm each other into bills that neither side is willing to accept.

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16 Responses to “Eric Cantor: House Will Stay Open Over The Weekend, Threatens Democrats With Default”

  1. Lawrence Mintz

    I think Cantor's mother must have dropped him on his head at a very early age and when he woke up he thought he was a right wing zealot.

  2. Ally Barrett

    1. why does yahoo only link left leaning sites like this and huff post and cnn and never right leaning. yahoo should be neutral right?
    2. why are these articles so dramatic? the world won't end. stop underestimating the power of Americans' abilty to function without the Government.
    3. at least the house is trying. Obama supporters should be preplexed by the lack of leadership this very smart man is demonstrating. (i'm not being a sarcastic, I just want him to stop scolding everyone else and put action behind his words).

  3. Anonymous

    CALL HARRY REID he is as much to blame for this mess as anyone. The democrats have not passed a budget since April 29, 2009, that's 821 days. They have been running this country on an open checkbook, since the beginning of this administration our debt has increased 35%, discretionary spending has increased 84%.
    Bills that have been passed out of the House are not even allowed for debate.
    CALL HARRY REID and demand to know why Harry can't or won't do his job?
    PLEASE CALL HARRY REID 1-202-224-3542.

  4. Randy Owens

    q1. Right leaning posts rarely fact check.
    2. The articles are dramatic because the financial situation is dire.
    3. The house is trying but the republicans are afraid of the Tea Party nut jobs.

  5. Anonymous

    OK he says the Dems are wrong for trying to strong arm the Republicans into something they won't except, But yet they say they won't accept anything the Dems send over either?
    Does this make any since to anyone here?

  6. Hamish Clark

    Will Cantor and his mob expect to be paid overtime for his lack of abilities to provide wise and sensible leadership. He leads the "Me Bag" brigade in the House and with hime at its helm is has become a refuge for the selfish and US Taliban cllones.

  7. Lawrence Mintz

    I am perplexed at the lack of his leadership and quite unhappy with him. But I am horrified at the tea party and their Christian far right agenda They are constantly screaming less government so corporate America can run amok and yet they want more government to ban abortion and make gay people second class citizens. Why is every member of the tea party white and Christian. Another group once had the same dynamics. It was called the Klu Klux Klan.

  8. Victor Cortez

    Cantor is willing to drive the economy off a cliff to support his quest for the Speakership. A loathsome, malignant narcissist.

  9. Mark Wigginton

    Eric Cantor is the biggest hypocrite in the House- he lobbies for hedge funds, therefore is against tax hikes on the incredibly wealthy, even though "trickle down economics" has failed to prove itself over the last 3 decades… He is an idiot in a GQ model's body.

  10. Terry Luce

    How come "their way" is the only way? Actually, consequences for the Republicans will start at elections in 2012. Time to throw out ALL of the present Congress and get new faces that can do the peoples business and not their own agendas. Neither party is impressing me right now.

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