Sophie Dalzell boobs more important than law

‘My Boobs Are More Important Than The Law,’ Says Court-Defying Model With 11 Convictions [UPDATED]

Sophie Dalzell, a 20-year-old topless model in Manchester, England, skipped a court date on a charge of assaulting two police officers because she flew to Belgium to get breast augmentation surgery — and the court let her get away with it.

“My boobs and my appearance are more important than the law,” Dalzell, who makes her living appearing on late-night, adult TV programs, told The Manchester Evening News. “My career depends on it.”

The January operation was the second time she has had surgery to make her breasts bigger.

When Dalzell, who has already racked up 11 convictions on various assault and vandalism charges, presented a letter from her plastic surgeon confirming she had the breast-enlargement surgery — if the Manchester magistrate couldn’t see for himself — the court let her go.

Now the so-called “glamour model” is refusing to perform a court-ordered 400 hours of community service because she says that picking up trash is “too hard and tiring.”

She says that her normal schedule consists of about two work days per week, and she is paid £500 — about $850 — per photo shoot, “and the rest of the time I just chill out.” It’s not fair, she said, for the court to force her to clean up litter and rake leaves for no pay at all.

So she is simply refusing to do the community service because “I hate everything about it,” and “it’s a waste of a full day and it’s just too hard for me.”

Instead, Sophie Dalzell plans to spend the summer on the resort island of Ibiza, on vacation, and “deal with the consequences when I get back.”

She has already fulfilled a bit more than half of the 400 hours she was ordered to perform in 2012, for the drunken assault on two female police officers. It’s the final 180 hours where she is drawing the line.

She also reportedly still owes £150 in fines (about $240 in United States cash) for her various convictions and court appearances. In 2012, she was fined after refusing to wear an electronic ankle bracelet. She was ordered to wear the bracelet because she also refused community service on a criminal damage charge.

Sophie said that wearing the ankle bracelet would interfere with her work as a performer on erotic television shows.

Now Sophie Dalzell says, “I haven’t done anything wrong,” and the courts are “just jealous” because she managed to escape the rural northwest England county of Cumbria where she grew up and has “done something with my life.”

UPDATE: Of course, Sophie Dalzell has a great role model for her behavior — her mom. As reported in the Inquisitr story at this link, Andrea Dalzell, 48, who is unemployed and the mother to three other kids as well as Sophie, made headlines in Britain in May of 2015 when she refused to apologize for using the U.K. equivalent of $30,000 in government child care welfare benefits to obtain her own multiple plastic surgeries.

Andrea Dalzell, who also has three grandkids, has undergone a breast enlargement that resulted in her now sporting a E cup size bust, as well as a face lift and a “designer vagina,” whatever that is. So perhaps the attitude toward the law displayed by her daughter Sophie should come as no surprise.

[Image: Sophie Dalzell Twitter]