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‘My Boobs Are More Important Than The Law,’ Says Court-Defying Model With 11 Convictions [UPDATED]

Sophie Dalzell boobs more important than law

Sophie Dalzell, a 20-year-old topless model in Manchester, England, skipped a court date on a charge of assaulting two police officers because she flew to Belgium to get breast augmentation surgery — and the court let her get away with it.

“My boobs and my appearance are more important than the law,” Dalzell, who makes her living appearing on late-night, adult TV programs, told The Manchester Evening News. “My career depends on it.”

The January operation was the second time she has had surgery to make her breasts bigger.

When Dalzell, who has already racked up 11 convictions on various assault and vandalism charges, presented a letter from her plastic surgeon confirming she had the breast-enlargement surgery — if the Manchester magistrate couldn’t see for himself — the court let her go.

Now the so-called “glamour model” is refusing to perform a court-ordered 400 hours of community service because she says that picking up trash is “too hard and tiring.”

She says that her normal schedule consists of about two work days per week, and she is paid £500 — about $850 — per photo shoot, “and the rest of the time I just chill out.” It’s not fair, she said, for the court to force her to clean up litter and rake leaves for no pay at all.

So she is simply refusing to do the community service because “I hate everything about it,” and “it’s a waste of a full day and it’s just too hard for me.”

Instead, Sophie Dalzell plans to spend the summer on the resort island of Ibiza, on vacation, and “deal with the consequences when I get back.”

She has already fulfilled a bit more than half of the 400 hours she was ordered to perform in 2012, for the drunken assault on two female police officers. It’s the final 180 hours where she is drawing the line.

She also reportedly still owes £150 in fines (about $240 in United States cash) for her various convictions and court appearances. In 2012, she was fined after refusing to wear an electronic ankle bracelet. She was ordered to wear the bracelet because she also refused community service on a criminal damage charge.

Sophie said that wearing the ankle bracelet would interfere with her work as a performer on erotic television shows.

Now Sophie Dalzell says, “I haven’t done anything wrong,” and the courts are “just jealous” because she managed to escape the rural northwest England county of Cumbria where she grew up and has “done something with my life.”

UPDATE: Of course, Sophie Dalzell has a great role model for her behavior — her mom. As reported in the Inquisitr story at this link, Andrea Dalzell, 48, who is unemployed and the mother to three other kids as well as Sophie, made headlines in Britain in May of 2015 when she refused to apologize for using the U.K. equivalent of $30,000 in government child care welfare benefits to obtain her own multiple plastic surgeries.

Andrea Dalzell, who also has three grandkids, has undergone a breast enlargement that resulted in her now sporting a E cup size bust, as well as a face lift and a “designer vagina,” whatever that is. So perhaps the attitude toward the law displayed by her daughter Sophie should come as no surprise.

[Image: Sophie Dalzell Twitter]

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79 Responses to “‘My Boobs Are More Important Than The Law,’ Says Court-Defying Model With 11 Convictions [UPDATED]”

  1. Anonymous

    and until a court balls up and actually punishes her I say she is right. Take advantage of cowards if they prove to be all bark and no bite.

  2. Brian Simpkins

    what a clueless bimbo…..throw her a** in jail and make her do things worse than picking up leaves….this b***h needs a reality check

  3. Anonymous

    She does have a nice rack…store bought or not she looks pretty hot…I luv girls that pump up their boobs and lips…the bimbo look…I wouldn't take'em home to see mom but they are fun to party with.

  4. Nate Hale

    In America, a judge would be man enough to pull her into his chambers and offer her the chance to make it all go away for a blow job. But in tthe sorry excuse that the UK has become, y'all couldn't take the time away from licking your muslim overlords' buttholes.

  5. Joyce Rennick

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  6. Joyce Rennick

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  7. Veronica Champhe

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  8. Veronica Champhe

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  9. Anonymous

    So taking cock for photo shoots is now referred to as "doing something with my life" . gg

  10. John Stevenson

    Can't do the time, shouldn't have done the crime. Lock her up and conveniently forget where the key is. She needs a reality check.

  11. Fred Baker

    Her punishment should b have all those bad teeth people N England have a turn w her that'll teach her skancky ass a lesson

  12. Joe Lehman

    Adam Chandley What does not being America have to do with anything?

  13. Jon Jacobs

    Mike Khunt and Joe Lehman, Maybe Adam is implying that other countries deal with issues like these without resorting to "throwing her ass in jail/bitch needs a reality check"? A comment on the penal system in the US vs. elsewhere? (not saying I agree, just my own interpretation)

  14. Mike Khunt

    Jon Jacobs Oh so refusing to do court ordered community service, skipping out on court dates and being a general piece of shit human being is ok? I mean honestly Brian was right. She does need to be tossed in a cell for awhile.

  15. Sarah Jennison

    what did she do with her life besides become a whore? Reality check, sweetheart. You aren't that pretty, and are fake as on nails. The only reason you get work, is your fake, malformed titties…

  16. John Stevenson

    Tom Jordan To be fair, he's writing from Alaska. If we didn't have oil there, he'd be speaking Russian right now.

  17. Matt Holmes

    Jon Jacobs Perhaps this is exactly why England has people like this? They know they can get away with it, with no consequences, which she obviously has to this point. If you did this to an American judge, you'd be in jail for contempt of court, because no, in fact, your boobs are not more important than the law.

  18. Beverly Duggins-Whittingham

    She needs to get her boobs out there and do what she was ordered to do!

  19. Michael Z. Williamson

    Tom Jordan: We might have bad teeth according to stereotype, but damn, at least we can construct a proper sentence, even if its of nonsequiturs.


  20. Joseph Jose Maciel

    The good Lord made boobs to be protected and handled with love, care and kisses. Let us protect the boobs. Just one horn dogs opinion

  21. Jennifer Brooks

    Bitch please, hope the consequences you deal with are jail time for being a flipping idiot and thinking you are above the law and other people because of your "profession".

  22. Adam Wojcik

    "Now Sophie Dalzell says, 'I haven’t done anything wrong,' and the courts are 'just jealous' because she managed to escape the rural northwest England county of Cumbria where she grew up and has 'done something with my life.' "

    They're lawyers! Lawyers, you fucking twit! Even at the civil courts level, it takes a little more than just a 4 year degree before you can become a lawyer, and even more to become a judge. Jesus fucking Christ, how fucking stupid do you have to be to not get this?

  23. Fred Baker

    Hey alexi frest no one said anything bout raped ur the one who brought it up u have a sick mind I can't believe u wanna run this woman's life by getting her raped

  24. Jo Smith

    A direct quote from you: "Her punishment should b have all those bad teeth people N England have a turn w her that'll teach her skancky ass a lesson"… Is it your assumption that she'd willingly open her legs for every bad teethed person in Northern England? Doubtful. So yes, you obviously implied you want her raped, which makes you a sick, misogynistic creep. Well done.

    I'm right, and you know it, but why don't you humour everyone by telling us what you supposedly meant.

  25. Maciek Bajda

    "all those bad teeth people N England have a turn w her that'll teach her skancky ass a lesson" and that can't be read as rape her seriously think before you write sicko

  26. Maciek Bajda

    Talking about 'British' values that UKIP wants to defend!

  27. Cody Koma

    Matt Holmes there are people like this everywhere. but their are ALOT more in america. this is the cost of having america on the planet. you guys export the trashy white person culture. you guys simply invented it and excel at it. some of the E.Us trashiest white people see this and emulate it. same here in canada and australia.

  28. John Stevenson

    For your own sake, stop posting. For our sake, stop lowering our IQs with your drivel.

  29. Sean A Ferguson

    I hope she gets a chance to spend some time in jail to reflect on how much money she's losing being locked in a jail cell vs how much she would still make with the ankle bracelet and some honest work. She doesn't want to pick up trash for no pay!? They're paying you in freedom you dumb bitch!

  30. Rick Bell

    John Stevenson About being fair….. If we didn't have oil in the Gulf of Mexico most of Texas would be speaking Spanish…. Hey wait, most of Texas is speaking Spanish!!! LMAO….

  31. J.R. Potter

    She needs to serve her sentence just to set an example for all the immigrants you let in everyday who have no respect for your country.. it might suck but set the right example, it's the least u can do… I guess you could sentence her to help build a mosque if all else fails…

  32. Mendo Kusai

    She looks so much older than 20. That and her lazy attitude will decline her career pretty quickly. I think and I hope she'll just lose everything by then.

  33. Lemon Cupidd

    yeah – I feel sorry for her too… with a face like the back end of an elephant, she needs to be getting breast enlargements in order to take away attention from that face. You're only young once, and she'll be old, overweight and on welfare in no time – let her enjoy her youth until then!

  34. Brian Cullen

    Sorry but no person should be able to assault police officers, then just choose what and how they serve their punishment. She is a spoiled brat who needs to be taught right from wrong.

  35. Jazzi Gremes

    except in this case her doctor made them….twice

  36. JoAna Southard Duffy

    She should get some work done to her face!!

  37. Chris Bowen

    What the hell? She thinks she works? She lays on her back for a living.

  38. Tony Phil

    She is right. Boobs are more important than stupid laws.

  39. Joseph Jose Maciel

    he's a great doctor to do them twice… And I want to thank you, thought every woman on here would condem me for being an honest man

  40. Anonymous

    Tom Jordan Shouldn't you have a comma after the word Damn?

  41. Jazzi Gremes

    no…not condemning…just dont know if "the good lord" should get all the credit on this one

  42. Randi Middleton

    Cody Koma As an American… I completely agree. I'm not the one doing it myself, but you are right. There are some dumb dumb dumb people in this country.

  43. Randi Middleton

    All she wants is for people to talk about her, and look what is happening. I don't know… we may be the dumb ones for clicking on the link.

  44. Anonymous

    Throw her spoiled butt in jail for contempt of court. Then, when she comes back to apologize and will do anything the court says, then sentence her to a year in prison for failing to comply with her original sentence.

  45. Cody Koma

    Randi Middleton i hate to speak in generality's. its wrong to put the failures of many on the backs of a few but on a global scale we cannot afford to hold punches when it comes to understanding the flaws in our western culture that are holding us back.

  46. Randi Middleton

    Cody Koma , The flip side being that all this girl wanted was for people to talk about her, and look what we are doing. We all clicked on the link. We should be pointing just as many fingers at ourselves as anyone else. This stuff would go away if we didn't fuel the fire.

  47. Brian Michael Smith

    In the states, if you're broke, they throw you under the jail. But even the rich here won't tell a court what this dummy did. So, are consequences lax over there, or what? Enlighten us.

  48. John Stevenson

    Rick Bell Check your history. The US wanted Texas long before petroleum was considered a fuel source. Texas was part of the Louisiana Purchase in 1803.

  49. Patrick Tanzillo

    This bimbo is not unlike a lot of 20 something's these days. They feel they are entitled to their wants and no one has the right to stop them. Her ignorance is a scary state of affairs for alot our youth today. Punk ass Kids !

  50. Shah Minhaj

    wow !! My question is ..who was that "Manchester magistrate" ? DANG !!!

  51. Cody Koma

    Randi Middleton couldent agree more. attention in todays world is the root of so many toxic things. school shootings. hell normal every day shootings. sour personality's all to get a bit of attention.

  52. Rick Bell

    John Stevenson John, Check the present, the majority in Texas speak Spanish! And to keep you up on current events, there is more oil being depleted from Texas than currently in Alaska.

  53. Miranda Hardy

    I understand… she has to put her career first.. i dont blame her for not wanting to pick up trash with those big melons.. maybe she should make payments to pay off her fine…

  54. John Stevenson

    Rick Bell Oh, poor, poor Rick. You didn't understand the initial comment at all. You poor thing. Let me spell it out for you.

    Fred Baker said some pretty tasteless things. He's commenting from Alaska, a state that was added to the union in 1959 primarily because A) it was a big "F-U" to the Soviets, and B) because it had large reserves of petroleum at the time.

    The joke, which is now completely dead due to it being so far over your head that it needed to be explained, was that America isn't responsible for Fred's obvious lack of an education, due to the fact that we only recently acquired Alaska as a state for the sole intentions explained above. Fred's ignorance is relegated to being the unfortunate byproduct of that state acquisition.

    Why you decided to bring Spanish, or Texas into the argument, I can only fathom. Perhaps you saw something on the internet that you thought you could inject a pointed barb into, I'm not sure. But, in the future, you may wish to take the entire context of the comment into account. As it is, your comments have only served to highlight your ignorance, and to ruin an otherwise fine joke that, judging by the "Likes", everybody but you understood.

    I'll leave you with one closing thought:

    “Explaining a joke is like dissecting a frog. You understand it better but the frog dies in the process.”

    ― E.B. White

  55. Scott Hedrick

    Considering how folks on benefits act, why would anyone be surprised at this? Too many freeloaders produce an entitlement mentality.

  56. Quentin Walker

    Adam Chandley America is a lot tougher on crime than the UK. They make a profit off private prisons.

  57. Quentin Walker

    Alexi Frest they made a ridiculous comment but prison rape jokes are joked about far more with the other gender. I am surprised that isn't noticeable.

  58. Tony Cristaldi

    This is less about where the girl is from than it is the fact that she places herself above the law because she has ascribed herself to be in a class of people above everyone else. Typically, this sense entitlement is a result of coming of age around money, power and fame, regardless of the country.

  59. Ronald Lee

    Sam Carroll what is naive? the fact she thinks she is above the law, as i was saying some jail time would change her mind she would know then she is not above the law. She is nobody special, and thats exactly what the ghetto chicks in jail would teach her, she is nobody special.

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