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Kendall Jenner Forgets Her Underwear At MuchMusic Video Awards

Kendall and Kylie Jenner co-host the MuchMusic Video Awards in Toronto last night

It looks like Kendall and Kylie Jenner are following in their big sister Kim’s footsteps when it comes to making bold fashion choices. They’ve recently been in the news and raising eyebrows with their daring choices and their latest outfits are no exception!

Last night the two showed up to the 2014 MuchMusic Video Awards in Toronto donning some stunning, albeit ‘barely there’ gowns. Kendall, who is 18, wore a full-length jeweled gown with two slits from her waist to her feet while her little sister Kylie, who is 16, wore an orange mini-dress with sheer panels that was open in the back.

Posting a picture of her racy number to her Instagram account, Kendall was quoted as saying:

Why do one slit when you can do TWO?!

Her sister Kylie soon followed suit with posting her own picture of another racy dress she chose to change into during the awards ceremony. Kylie wore an elegant white, black, and blue number which covered her bust, but not much else up top.

The two youngest members of the Kardashian/Jenner tribe were in Toronto to co-host the awards show. This would be Kendall’s first appearance as a host for an awards show since she appeared at the Billboard Music Awards on May 18. During the Billboard Music Awards, Kendall accidentally started to introduce the boy band 5 Seconds of Summer as One Direction. It looks like she made up for her previous shortcomings when she and sister Kylie co-hosted the MuchMusic Video Awards show last night. Kendall even poked fun at herself for her previous awards show blunder during her duties as co-host last night.

The two Jenner sisters shared the stage with acts such as Ed Sheeran, Imagine Dragons, and Lorde, to name a few. The big winners for the night were Canadian rockers Hedley, winning for Video of the Year, Pop Video of the Year, and Favorite Video of the Year. Drake also took home some awards that night, winning the Hip-Hop Video of the Year and International Video of the Year by a Canadian.

In related news, Kendall and Kylie look like they are starting to define their own niches within the Kardashian/Jenner empire. Could a career in fashion be imminent for them?

[Image credit: Kendall Jenner Instagram]

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105 Responses to “Kendall Jenner Forgets Her Underwear At MuchMusic Video Awards”

  1. Mike Nichipor

    won't be long till the video is released w/ a black 'd' list rapper

  2. Patrick Wallace

    I don't care that their efforts are based on sluttish behavior…what gets me is that they are some part of a musical award show when neither of them have any musical talent to speak of. Why don't they go to Vegas when the Porn industry has their awards. It certainly would be more in line given the talent they are now trying to push on the public. Or they can go to the NAACP awards show or the United Negro College Fund award show!!!

  3. Nina Chavez

    How do u walk in that without exposing it goods…..? It's Kardashians I forgot they don't care

  4. Jessica Torres

    How do all of you know they are sluts??? You people are what's wrong with this country…dress has nothing to do with bedroom behavior which by the way is none of your business!

  5. Karmah Chameleon

    Those 2 are worthless. In fact – ALL of the Kardashian's are worthless!

  6. Anonymous

    Noooo not more… Ship this lot out of the country with Justin Bieber ASAP.. we've all had enough!!

  7. Bruno Brutus

    She didn't forget her underwear her pimp err I mean her mother told her not to pack any. When does her sex tape come out?

  8. DeWayne Mereness

    None of them got Tits. Got to show the rest to get attention.

  9. Jackie Marynik

    Of course they did, they have to do whatever it takes to draw attention to anywhere other than their mouths; since they're so f'ing dumb!

  10. Lori Hayes Kuykendall

    When you dress a certain way (like a total slut) then your a slut. These are the Kartrashians, they are all trash, not one has done a damn thing to really earn all the attention and money they get. But when you put it all out there which they have all done, and now the little 16 and 18 are doing the same, dating or trying to date Black boys who have money and a name, then they are just two more Kartrashian whores in the making.. Did you see some pictures these two new little sluts have posted online when they are underage???? No normal pretty girl with class post pictures like that, but if she is a slut and wants the attention that her older slut sister are getting, well then they will wear very little and post it. If this family wants people to stop trashing them, saying what no good sluts or whores they are then they should get out of the public eye. It is the embarrassing shit they do and say that makes them laughing stalks big time and no one has respect for them for the way they act and again the shit they say and do. They made this nasty bed if they don't like it then get out of it dumbass people..

  11. Anonymous

    She's just following in her family's footsteps…Really, it started out with Robert Kardashian – y'know the lawyer who defended OJ Simpson. Their rule seems to be: 1) get as much attention/publicity/money as possible 2) even if it means baring/selling your body and soul

  12. Frankie Marks Bowling

    These girls wil never amount anything. Just spoiled brats riding on the backs of the rest of their slutty family.

  13. Jon Beltran

    You're tripping! Come back to reality. One of the things wrong with this world…is women who dress like skanks and expect people to respect them, moron!

  14. Gary Stanford

    If she thinks she's go something nobody ever seen think again.Stand them on their heads and they all look like sisters.

  15. Robbie Solomon

    This should not be shocking. Her sister is Kim..and we know her reveal..definitely the genes come from the MaMa.

  16. Bruce Montgomery

    I beg to differ, Karmah…what would the black footballers, basketballers and baseballers have to look forward to once they reach stardom in the big leagues if the sisters weren't around…the Kardashian sisters are the real prizes for the young black athletes.. and as long as sports are dominated by Afro
    Americans, the Kardashians will never have to worry about their sex lives…So they do have some worth.

  17. Patricia Loyd Dillon

    Do they ever read comments like the ones posted here and give any thought to what is being said about them? Someone once asked me a very profound question – How do you want to be perceived? It is a question worth asking for everyone, but I guess if you have tons of money you don't have to think about that. Someday it will matter.

  18. Anonymous

    I'm pretty sure she didn't forget to wear her underwear. Looks pretty hot. I don't see why she has to dress like a street fighter character though to get attention. She's hot no matter what she wears. No point in making herself look like a tramp.

  19. Dave Fisher

    stupid head line she forgot to wear under wear, the low life whore didnt forget she wants to make it easy to get porked at momet notice, no getting undressed, jut move one slit to access another slit

  20. Robert Reno

    Jon Beltran …she doesn't get it,thats why these skanks are still relevant for nothing,because people like her don't think anything wrong with what the Kardashian ho's do

  21. Anonymous

    What's that they say about the apple and the tree? Rich White Trash!!!!

  22. Danny Warson

    heee..hee..'state' we are IN!!….politicos forgets their brains !, TV anchors forgot for who they broadcast,
    banksters who's $$$$ they steal!…and kids they are just kids not $$$$$ machines? ooops Kardashian's , they forgot decency !!!!…heee…heee

  23. Lynn Byrd

    This whole family is one fu**** up group of morons. From Bruce wanting to be a woman, to girls barely old enough to drive walking around naked. Ain't this life wonderful, no morals. And for Bruce coming out of the closet, wish you woulda stayed. It was a waste of a gold medal to hang around your perverted ass.

  24. Bruce Montgomery

    because you know slutishness when you see it…maybe you cant define "Slut" but like pornography, you know it when you see it. As you say though, slut has nothing to do with bedroom behavior..but it does have lots to do with in what manner you present yourself to friends, family, your peers and the public….whether a super star or not. There is an opposite to the word "classy"…and the word "sluty" pretty much fits the anonym.

  25. Stephanie Sullivan

    A Kardashian forgetting her underwear. Is anyone really surprised by this??

  26. Wj Martin

    whole family of sluts who are not even famous yet manage too be forfront in the news someone explain why plz

  27. Evelyn Moore

    New generation of skanks. She will marry another ugly celebrity low life. It runs in the family.

  28. Sue Christensen

    Why are they so skanky??????? What is the point of being international trash?

  29. Louis Swan II

    How in the HELL are you going to forget your underwear. She just want to advertise that Kitty, once her Mother let her pose nude, she got a taste of it in her blood, now she wants to show it out in Public. DAMN SHAME.

  30. Jon Beltran

    Dennis Chapman – oh, okay…our bad! It is fine to look like a slut..if your a model. But, if you work at Safeway…oh, hell no, tramp!!!

  31. Carrie Doussou

    really, i think people should stop calling them sluts and stuff. We all know how they were raised and they were raised by a mother who encouraged this kind of behavior and dress. When Kris was asked about why her daughter dressed in that way, her reply was "why not? she has the perfect body" who says that about their kid? If all your life, this is what you know. That is something that you may well keep practicing.
    I was one of those who was annoyed by them but in the end, it is just clear, their mother runs the show and obviously the media.

  32. Kelly Sabin

    I'm not sure jealousy is what people are feeling. It's more disgust than anything. Having trash like this in our faces constantly tends to put people in a bad mood. It's about time we celebrate and idolize people who actually work for what they have instead of dressing/acting the way these entitled idiots do.

  33. Bill Accord

    The NAACP and the United Negro College are too classy; therefore, the jenner's would not be welcomed there either.

  34. Dawn Marie Klüg

    Ms Torres, A person can be a "slut" by purely displaying the outward behaviors, not just the "bedroom" ones. These girls (they are not women) do nothing of worth, have talent only as clothing mannequins and little else. A 16 year old dressed like a whore can be taken as just that. Maybe their mama didn't give them enough hugs, just training to work their "wares".

  35. Mark Vernon

    She 'forgot'.. Yeah right. If you believe she forgot I have some wonderful swampland to sell you.

  36. Robert Reno

    She may have a pretty face,but what else is there?I feel embarassed even looking at her photo,because she looks like a prepubescent girl.

  37. Ileana Lopez Vergne

    Forget the underwear Forget! For God's sake!!1 Nobody forgets that. I think she wanted to forget, or….she is already having Alzheimer's signs. POOR CHILD!

  38. Elinda Williams

    All of you people must be miserable with your own lives and have nothing better to do than continuously bash these people who you DO NOT KNOW with all of this hate. GO READ A BOOK! DO something positive with yourself rather than spewing negativity all over the internet. It is very sad and i will pray for all of you.

  39. Vaughn Briscoe

    jessica, you look too young to make that kind of comment. The guys below you on this post said it right. Those 2 just like their sisters are white trash. They are getting filthy rich, for sleeping around with famous people. They have 0 morals, and just so you know, that family could care LESS about you. As long as you keep giving them your money, time, attention, they will still be in our news. They are sickening, whore-mongrel, sluts. I know I'm being judgmental, and that's not my place, but I just help it with those girls.

  40. Ty Rammstein

    she cant read. she does not know how to get dressed and the world loves this family.. what the hell has happened to sanity and integrity?

  41. Anonymous

    It looks like these two need to make their own sex tape ASAP!

  42. Elinda Williams

    You people are mad because they are making millions meanwhile you cant even afford to pay your rent or take care of your multiple children. Do something positive with your life PLEASE! and i pray you all find it in your heart to just let people live! and be happy and comfortable in their own skin.

  43. Anonymous

    Why can't Kris Jenner and Bruce Jenner be adults here and stop the whoring behavior of their daughters?? Why are they so devoid of ethics, morals and good taste??? This Kartrashian Klan is nothing more than a family of exhibitionists!!! Shame on them for whoring their daughters and setting the worst possible example for other teenage and 20-something girls!!!!

  44. Evelyn Moore

    Too bad she has toddler boobs.. Mosquito bite boobs.

  45. Dan Carlton Sr.

    WOW……I'm real impressed……………………..not.

  46. Elinda Williams

    Her dress is GORGEOUS! its called high fashion people. Meanwhile you fat fucks cant even fit into a dress like this! lmao miserable people i feel bad for all of you. Just go to the gym dont be jealous of her.

  47. Raymond Knox

    Why does the media keep reporting on this family of SLUTS?

  48. Conrad Mendoza

    why are they still allowed to walk the earth…? WHY?

  49. Bill Accord

    Not to mention all of the plastic surgery they had when they did not need it in the first place.

  50. Marvin Thayer

    They put their bodies out for comment. They are making a conscience choice to dress like that to gain attention They want the comments, they have to put up with the good and the bad. They feel that all they have to offer the world is their bodies, same as their sister and mother. They better get smart, because the world will quit caring and then they will have to use their brains to eat, and not their looks. Looks will go away, smarts an decorum won't

  51. Purita Fleschhut

    I wonder if this family ever heard of the word modesty. Kudos to Kris Jenner for turning her daughters into sluts.

  52. Hectorcito Ledezma-bongiovi

    we have enough real slots over here. They're no good.

  53. Martha Griebel Adkisson

    IDK, is this supposed to impress me or disgust me? Why do people report this stuff and why do people think everyone wants to see them flaunt their bodies? Yawn

  54. Morgan Clendenen

    Hmm,and everyone thought these two would be classier…. Why were they asked to be cohosts anyway? That's stupid.

  55. Alice Donahue

    Yay! Following in the footsteps of their older sister who is famous for a sex video, another older sister who keeps having children out of wedlock, another older sister who isn't too bad when she isn't being vulgar….all in all good prospects to be hoed out by their pimp mother for dollars……

  56. Anonymous

    Yes they're following their big sisters in the art of being sluts.

  57. Fran Lester

    Robert Reno it would seem they have been in training all of their lives. so sad

  58. Al Sanchez


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