Justin Bieber Goes Into Studio

Justin Bieber Hits The Studio With Chris Brown And Akon: New Music Rumors

Justin Bieber posts a ton of selfies and hit a Los Angeles recording studio with Chris Brown and Akon on Friday, after news that a plea deal in the singer’s Miami DUI case has been agreed and the LA County District Attorney has rejected a felony charge of attempted robbery against Bieber due to zero evidence of wrongdoing.

With his legal load now a little lighter, Justin Bieber followed up his Friday sad selfies and bed selfie with an Instagram photo of himself, Chris Brown, Akon and others at a recording studio.

Based on Justin’s happy expression in his Instagram, which was posted Saturday morning and captioned “Studio,” he and the boys had a great time in the Los Angeles music lab.

There’s no word on which artist booked the session. It’s possible Bieber dropped in on Chris or Akon’s and vice versa.

Could Brown, Akon and Bieber be making music together?

Justin Bieber, Chris Brown, Akon, Maejor Ali In Studio