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What happens when you duct tape a cat?


Have you ever sat around wondering what would happen to your kitty cat if you placed a length of duct tape somewhere on its body? If the answer is yes, do I have the Japanese video for you.

Behold, the magic of duct taping a cat. The inquisitr does not endorse the duct taping of cats, unless you want to video it and put it on youtube for the rest of us to enjoy.

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2 Responses to “What happens when you duct tape a cat?”

  1. Tandy

    If anyone's going to try this…DON'T use packing tape or actual duct tape.
    Once I got this horrid idea into my head that because my cat looked so silly constantly shaking his feet with little strips of scotch tape on his paws, I'd put a piece of packing tape on his back and see if he totally flipped out. I ended up having to cut a large chunk of his fur off because trying to remove the tape hurt him so much. Stupid idea and I feel horrible for it. Be careful not to hurt your cat!

  2. Jean Bird

    WTF IS WRONG WITH THE JAPANESE? It just shows you how sadistic they are. Why why why would anyone even wonder what would happen? Must be sick or psycho or just plain thick in the head.

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