Leonardo DiCaprio Rumored To Have Snubbed Justin Bieber At Canned Nightclub

Leonardo DiCaprio Snubbed Justin Bieber? Or More Into Skanking Out Than Hanging Out?

A tabloid story claiming Leonardo DiCaprio snubbed Justin Bieber in a Cannes club during the film festival last month is doing the rounds, partly because it’s the kind of item many hope is true and mostly because it’s DiCaprio and Bieber.

Justin Bieber snubbed by Hollywood actor cum appalling dancer Leonardo DiCaprio at a Cannes nightclub?

Star magazine is currently claiming DiCaprio rebuffed Bieber at the Gotha Club as the two stars partied separately during the Film Festival last month.

It’s worth mentioning Star’s sourcing in their story – the magazine published 19 false rumors in March alone – is described as “sketchy” by Esquire.

There’s another reason why the story is interesting.

Apart from the fact that it may not be true, what’s missing from most if not all reports on this story is a recap on DiCaprio’s seedy conduct at Gotha when he was photographed grinding on three different women, according to multiple outlets.

As previously reported, both Leo and Justin arrived separately and partied at Gotha on May 19, the same night rapper Rick “Bawse” Ross was in the house to perform.

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