Twins 24 Days

Twins Delivered 24 Days Apart [Video]

A set of Boston twins was delivered 24 days apart. Lindalva DaSilva and Ronaldo Antunes are the proud parents of Alexandre and Ronaldo. Although the boys are certainly twins, they were born nearly a month apart.

On February 21, Lindalva started having strong contractions. The expectant mother was terribly concerned as her pregnancy was only six months along. Although doctors attempted to halt her labor, it was simply too late.

Little Alexandre was born four days later. While he was rushed to the neonatal intensive care unit, doctors prepared for the birth of his twin. However, Lindalva’s contractions subsided and her cervix eventually closed.

Doctors at Tufts Medical Center in Boston were stunned, but they all agreed Lindalva should carry Alexandre’s twin as long as possible.

As reported by ABC News, Lindalva and her unborn child were at risk of infection. Therefore, they were closely monitored throughout the next 24 days. Although she remained hospitalized, the new and expectant mother had an opportunity to spend time in the NICU with Alexandre.

Twenty-four days later, Lindalva’s contractions began for the second time. Although Ronaldo’s birth was far more difficult, Lindalva said “he was born like a regular baby.”

Although he was just over three pounds, Ronaldo was far stronger than his brother. Lindalva said he “didn’t need a breathing tube or anything.”

As reported by WCVB News, Lindalva’s twins were born 24 days apart, but it was worth the wait. The new mother said she experienced numerous emotions throughout the ordeal. She admits that the first weeks of motherhood have been far from easy. However, she is looking forward to taking both her sons home:

“There were times when I would cry a lot… I just had to tell myself it’s in God’s hands now. There’s nothing we can do but just pray and believe… They’re my miracle babies Ronaldo because he stayed inside, and Alexandre because he’s a survivo r… I’ve got everything ready… I can’t wait.”

Although Ronaldo is strong and healthy, Alexandre is still struggling. He may require surgeries for an eye problem and a hernia, but he is expected to fully recover. Doctors said both boys should be home within the next week.

It is quite rare that twins are born 24 days apart. Thankfully both Alexandre and Ronaldo survived the unique experience. Lindalva DaSilva and her husband are looking forward to having their sons home soon.

[Image via WCVB]