Alec Baldwin Is So Happy To Receive Key To City, He Gives Out An Impromptu Performance

Alec Baldwin is one versatile personality. The man, who recently got arrested, was bestowed with one of the most prestigious awards that a city can offer.

Alec Baldwin received the key to Rhode Island’s smallest city. The actor accepted a key to the city of Central Falls for his support of its local library. Apparently he was so overjoyed with the gesture, in a quirky and intimate appearance, took to a Providence stage to read aloud a short story, reported The Providence Journal. Coincidentally, the actor has a supportive fund called ‘Baldwin for Books

Baldwin is surely a generous man and is interested in conservation of institutions that are striving to protect the increasingly lost art of reading books. In late 2011, Alec Baldwin donated $10,000 to the Adams Memorial Library in Central Falls. He said he was moved by a New York Times story about how the library was forced to close because of financial problems. Clearly he must have felt great because the next year in 2012 he gave another $5,000, reported Fox News.

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