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Michael Muhney Rumors: Is Actor Really Returning To ‘The Young And The Restless’?

Michael Muhney 'Young And The Restless'

There are strong rumors that actor Michael Muhney will be back on The Young and the Restless to reprise his role as Adam Newman. Soap Opera Digest reports in their June 9 issue that Michael was spotted at CBS studios recently. The cover reads: “Y&R Casting Buzz! Michael Muhney: Back As Adam Newman.”

Celebrity Dirty Laundry reports of the magazine issue:

“According to the June 9th edition of Soap Opera Digest, Michael Muhney was recently spotted on the set of The Young and the Restless. The magazine goes on to say, ‘The search for an actor to play Adam has intensified in the last few weeks, and insiders report that Michael Muhney could be back in the mix to reprise the role. The actor, whose controversial exit last December sent shock waves throughout the community, was reportedly spotted at the Y&R studios.'”

Y&R co-star Hunter King (who portrays Summer) alleges that Muhney groped and sexually harassed her. News of the allegations emerged last December and producers fired him later that same month. Nothing about the on-set details is public knowledge and remains well under wraps.

Casting the new role of Adam Newman has been ongoing as Y&R tries to fill Muhney’s shoes. His fans are vehement that he’s the only one suited for the role of scheming Victor Newman’s son. Boycotts against the show still exist among viewers who once watched the soap opera; they’re so disgusted producers fired him and refuse to watch unless he comes back.

Are these rumors instilling a false sense of hope for Michael Muhney fans? The Young and the Restless is an extremely popular daytime drama that does well in spite of Muhney’s absence. He plays a great conniving character on the show, but is it enough to warrant him back on the show? Naturally, fans would be absolutely thrilled!

If the actor did stop by CBS studios, there could be any number of reasons that the public just isn’t aware of. If he does return as Adam, everyone will wonder what changed producers’ minds after an actress made serious accusations against him.

This possible development brings curiosity over what’s evolved in the groping and sexual harassment allegations.

It’s not confirmed if Michael Muhney will return to The Young and the Restless,” but judging by Soap Opera Digest’s dramatic headline, it appears that’s exactly what’s happening. Then again, we’re always warned not believe everything we read!

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59 Responses to “Michael Muhney Rumors: Is Actor Really Returning To ‘The Young And The Restless’?”

  1. Vanessa Tobias

    He did not leave he is still there as long as you seeing his hand and he is keeping an eye on his wife and child then he is not gone.

  2. Wanda Wedgeworth Gaddis

    while they are at it, PLEASE bring back Billy Abbott. This guy now is not good at all and he is unbelievable. I so loved the other actor (can't remember his name). He played Billy so well and I just thought he was fantastic!! Please bring him back!!!!!!!!

  3. Deborah Clifford

    If Victor doesn't renew or refuse to take a cut in pay. I will NEVER watch Young in the Restless anymore. Not saying give him what he wants, but he is the reason i watch this program. He is the SHOW. Trust me your ratings will go down.

  4. Pam Nelson Bowers

    Get rid of that ugly whine bag Summer I have to fast forward it through her whinning her role would not be missed.

  5. Tom Kidd

    Anything is possible; it's show business, and you never say "never". Remember, Lindsey Buckingham said he was all done with Fleetwood Mac back in 1987; he's back as their unofficial leader today. Personally, I say bring Michael back and Billy Miller (Billy Abbott), too!

  6. Lisa Bobo

    Chris Dore Jack is what makes Victor, Victor. Without Jack, there is no Victor. ..;)

  7. Lisa Bobo

    Don't get overly excited yet Lol let's just have ants in our pants, till June 9th.

  8. Lisa Allen Adkins

    He was Billy Miller and yes he needs to come back as well!!! I miss him and Michael!!

  9. Wanda Wedgeworth Gaddis

    Victor has really gotten on my last nerve. He is so hateful and mean and coniving. Can't stand him. Hoping Niki divorces him and moves on.

  10. Glenda Irene Chartier

    Yes get rid of Sumner and Courtenay or give them decent roles to see if they have any talent because their current roles portray them both as Bimbo's and for God's sake as well as mine bring the ONLY Adam back!

  11. Darlene Cornwell Hobson

    I want billy miller back as billy! No replacements! He needs to be with Vicky and their baby!! Sorry stitch! Bring our Adam back and he will be good. If not I may stop watching and I've been watching since y&r started!!!

  12. Kevin Little

    Michael Muhney is not coming back. He sexually harassed Hunter King and made a deal to get the heck out of Dodge (or Genoa City) as soon as possible so no criminal proceedings would occur. The guy is a douche and will hopefully never been seen from again.

  13. Denise Welch

    I don't like Michael muhney on the show the young the restess please don't bring him back ok..please bring billy Abbott I miss him

  14. Barbara Coleman

    Bring back Michael Muhney. He can't be replaced.

  15. Jayne Lominac Thompson

    We need both michael a n d billy back!!!

  16. Denise Welch

    Who play ben doctor I do want him off show I do not like him at all I do want billy Abbott stay on show ok

  17. Andrea Brown

    And were are the lawsuits for any of this? I've said all of this is for ratings in the first place – it's doing it's job and getting people worked up isn't it?

  18. Lisa Bobo

    Wanda Wedgeworth Gaddis Yup! that's why we love to hate Victor.

  19. Loreen Whitman Packett

    Does well without him??????? Hahahahhah if thats how they see it, 1.5 million viewers lost is 'well without him?' They better bring him back its the only way to save the sinking ship!!!!

  20. Carole Barbara T

    Michael Mulvane should come back. He is my favorite character! !

  21. David Allingham

    No one is welcome to a re-cast is the problem so let bygones be bygones and let him back on show!

  22. Linda Rivait-McClellan

    I can assure you the allegations were NOT valid. In LA county criminal sexual conduct & criminal sexual battery are both felonies. If there was any truth to the allegations he would have been behind bars by now. Feel free to use the Freedom of Information Act at the LA County PD & SD. There were NO charges filed. Also, the execs who knew about the so called allegations did not report it and allowed him on set could be charged with accessories after the fact. Since NO person has been arrested it seems the allegations were false. 😉

  23. Linda Rivait-McClellan

    Feel free to not watch the show if he comes back. 1.5+ million fans DO want him. :)

  24. Pam Nelson Bowers

    my friend sent me a clip of that kissing scene ith whine bag Summer omgit was so funny she can't even kiss that big old lip was like sucking from under his nose.Really who would make a grab at her LOL she add notho the show except disgust and having to forward I do not watch anymore everyne good has left the storydoesn't even make senseLOL LOL LOL LOL

  25. Kevin Little

    Linda Rivait-McClellan You ladies should be ashamed of yourselves. Nevermind the fact that an impressionable young woman was sexually harassed. No all you women care about is not being able to see your celeb crush on a daily basis. Come out of denial, ladies.

  26. Linda Rivait-McClellan

    Kevin Little I am NOT ashamed. I have worked with victims of domestic violence and rape for over 20 years. I was a lobbyist for stronger laws, better training for those administering rape kits, etc. I am a former police officer who KNOWS what she is talking about. If there was any validity to the allegations he would have been arrested by now. That simple. Feel free to look up the laws concerning criminal sexual battery and criminal sexual conduct for LA County. Both are felonies in that county. What was alleged are FELONIES. The fact he has NOT been arrested means there was NO real credence to it. I have NO crush on him, I support him. He is innocent till proven guilty in a court of law. If Hunter had truly been "harassed" as you call it, he would have been arrested, as well as the execs that allowed him to film three days after being fired. They would have been arrested for accessory AFTER the fact!

  27. Diana Kelen Bakshi

    Agreed! Can't stand her character. Always complaining and pathetic. And throw Courtney in the mix. Terrible terrible actress

  28. Maybelle Jaques

    agree and she is now playing a sl*ty girl who knew austin 5 mins and is begging him to sleep with her

  29. Maybelle Jaques

    already lost 1.5 mil bcuz MM is gone Dic-tor would be no loss he is an old mumbling airhead egomainiac who cannot learn his lines

  30. Glenda Lee

    Don't forget how much in heat she was for Kyle…then it turned to unrequited love. sigh. barf. I don't like the way the soap writers seem to push teen age sex.

  31. Stephi Masakowski Luken

    Oh, yes! I thought the issue was dead. Michael Muhney IS Adam!

  32. Bonnie Hoffman

    Bring the old Billy Abbot back new one just does not fit the part ! Sorry Y&R !

  33. Michelle P Speelman

    not a chance of it.. nothing BUT RUMORS!!!

  34. Karen Elizabeth Gilbreath

    Not unless CBS/Sony wants a major lawsuit in their laps!!

  35. Tammy Dickinson-Ferrell

    In the tribute show to the legendary Jeanne Cooper, actors commented how she would often grab their butts or "packages" and the actors thought it was hysterical and a rite of passage. Evidently, it is okay for an older female to behave in this way, but not a younger male actor. Perhaps the producers need to set some guidelines of behavior.

  36. Michele N. Mason

    I really hope they bring back Michael Muhney back as Adam but I won't hold my breath! The Young and the Restless has made a lot of casting errors! I read that Michelle Stafford is not coming back as Phyllis! Now that is a travesty! I have never seen anyone play a better Phyllis than her! But who am I, just a lowly fan! SMH!

  37. Becky Lovett Massey

    Bring Michael back. Don't believe that rumor. Hunter is a whining little girl. Replace her. Get Phyllis back. Don't like Stafford's character on General Hospital!! Let Billy and Victoria get back together too!!!!

  38. Cathy Weimer

    The show started going downhill when they killed off Delia. The only thing that kept me watching was Billy Millers wonderful acting. They absolutely destroyed Sharon's character when they made her do all those evil things, and then proceeded to destroy Chloe's character by turning her into a crazy lunatic like Sharon. I had just gotten used to the old Kelly finally when they replaced her. But the biggest mistakes were the Billy and Adam replacements. I had gotten to where I thought that Adam and Chelsea were going to be able to bring the show back. I really looked forward to them together. Now, thats gone. Whats left Y&R?? All of this with the loss of Mrs. C was just too much.

  39. Chricha

    Yes, Summer needs to go, she aint that good! and bring back the one and only Michael Muhney, as Adam Newman and Billy Miller, as Billy Abbott. I can't believe I missed this article…LOL

  40. Nellie Valente Pisani

    well i saw his hands and very hard to tell the person behind the monitor has very short nails! now i have to find a picture with Adam hands and see if they are the same!

  41. Eileen Hargis

    This is a rumor started by one of his fans! Not true. He wont be coming back to the show. GIVE IT UP, please. He is history as Adam Newman.

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