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Kate Middleton Gets ‘Female Minder': Flashbacks To Princess Diana?

Kate Middleton And Princess Diana With Their Children

When Kate Middleton’s bare bottom was on display in a German tabloid last week, it wasn’t the first time paparazzi had snapped an indiscreet photo of the Duchess of Cambridge. The snap, taken by accident by Australian travel agent Diane Morel, happened as the Duchess was departing from a helicopter. The wind from the chopper’s blades caused Kate’s dress to blow up.

It was reminiscent of a nearly identical situation during Kate and William’s 2011 trip to Canada, when Kate’s yellow dress abruptly blew up as she exited a helicopter.

Now, the Mirror reports Kate Middleton will be assigned a “female minder” to prevent any future embarrassment to the royal clan.

This last incident has some noting the striking parallels to Kate’s late mother-in-law, Princess Diana, and her uneasy relationship with paparazzi. As the Australian Times recounted Friday, in 1980 then Lady Diana Spencer posed with children at the nursery school where she worked. Back lit by the sun, her sheer dress showed a clear outline of her legs.

The royal couple have themselves noted the unsettling parallels with the late princess. In 2012 William and Kate took legal action when a French magazine published topless photos of Middleton, taken while they were vacationing. Representatives for the couple issued a statement that read in part: “This is reminiscent of the worst excesses of the paparazzi during Diana’s life and the more upsetting to the duke and duchess for being so.”

Princess Diana died in a car accident in 1997. Despite recent controversy over the details of the crash, published as recently as last year in the Sunday Express, the princess is widely thought to have died while being chased by paparazzi.

Bloggers who follow Kate Middleton see a backhanded upside to the focus on the Duchess’ posterior. The Hollywood Gossip made the glib comment that the photo diverted attention away from speculation as to whether Kate Middleton is pregnant or weighs 98 pounds. A Sydney Telegraph editorial made even further light of the issue, saying the ball wasn’t merely in the paparazzi’s court: “If the Duchess can’t be ­bothered protecting herself by having hem weights sewn into her garments, why should the media protect her?”

Meanwhile, the amateur photographer who took the picture is donating the money she made to charity. E! Online reports Morel wanted to honor the work the royals were doing in Australia:

“Kate and William spent so much time speaking to the victims of the bushfires that I decided I would donate any money raised from the sale of the photo to the Blue Mountains Bushfire Mayoral Relief Fund[.]”

As The Inquisitr previously reported, William and Kate are continuing to travel, and Middleton squashed pregnancy rumors last week by sampling whiskey in Scotland.

[Princess Diana Image: Australian Times/Kate Middleton Image: Oz Beauty Expert]

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35 Responses to “Kate Middleton Gets ‘Female Minder': Flashbacks To Princess Diana?”

  1. Edith Katheryn Rowntree Grins

    Can you imagine the Queen or the Queen Mum going without knickers? Kate needs someone to tell her to cover up and act decent.

  2. Samantha Cahill

    if the photographer wanted to honor the work the royals were doing, she should have had some common decency and respect and never sold the picture in the first place. there use to be a common respect towards people, that seems to have been lost to the highest bidder or getting more hits for a site.

  3. Anonymous

    Rubbish! "Female minder" is a silly made up name for female servant. For example: Prince Charles has a valet. Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II has a lady-in-waiting who travels with her for her personal wants and needs to be attended to. This servant is a lady of a queen's or a princess's household appointed to perform tasks dictated to her by the queen or princess.

  4. Melody Anne Ribis-Roy

    Perhaps if everyone wasn't out to make a dime at someone else's expense, then this story never would have been written, The person's first thought was to how much she could make off the picture, but now with all the comments telling her just how tacky it was she is back peddling and now wants to give the money away ya right.

  5. Melody Anne Ribis-Roy

    She is a paid employee of the royal household who is most likely a body guard too. Whatever you call her, lets hope she can prevent any more mishaps like this. Servant by the very definition is one in servitude, which is not what this person will be. She will be well paid and can walk away anytime she wants.

  6. Laura Roberts

    why in the world I she walking around without underwear?

  7. Bengasi Ann

    I have no respect for this women, she is not Royal for me ,her poor personality ,

  8. Anonymous

    NO MORE this boring KM…..Please let her learn to wear under war…..the low class cheap KM NO MORE ABOUT THIS IDIOT …….this OLD FASHION OLD LOOKING …..NOT SHOWING any more her nasty bottom on after another pic…..shame on her this idiot William shame on him too…

  9. Anonymous

    Never ever have any RESPECT for this cheap LOW CLASS KM one after another pic of her nasty bottom without any under wear shame on her and IDIOT William…..lost his hair and his mind by being with this idiot NOT learning KM she is so lazy too even her looking is so boring…..NOT anything but fake smile what in the world can be this idiot blind William…….is

  10. Anonymous

    I have NO RESPECT for this IDIOT POOR PERSONALITY shame on her and her IDIOT family it is so disgusting to see so many different time she show herself without underwear……..she does NOT want to learn basic things only wants sex…….

  11. Karen Sherry Brackett

    The Windsor's have hired a Lady-in-Waiting to help keep Kate's Bum Covered with what used to be commonly known to all females as "hem weights". Apparently, from this article the British are not aware they may purchase removable ones which may be used on multiple garments as needed and are still using the old sewn in and ugly chain variety for added weight which is so yesterday it may as well be called yesteryear. Hem Weights can be quiet lovely and elegant just like any jewelry choice and be as bejeweled or as demure as you would like them to be. Why are women on the world stage today both in the Middle East and in London suffering a fashion crisis over the most simplest common sense things? Fashion should never be based on fear, such as the Indian actress Monica has mistakenly chosen. Fashion should in fact be designed to remove all fear by its adornment. To wear a scarf for fear of Muslim reaction to hair is as inappropriate as it is to sew in brass chains for fear of a breeze. Fashion is about art and function working beautifully together and not about "female minders" and "converting to Islam".

  12. Monica Nightengale

    who cares if she's bare down there??? obviously she DOESN'T… she's done this before… it was no accident she knew she'd be in the heli…sooo please puts some panties on for George's sake! if not God's or the Queens sake! Sounds like some type of Pippa move..

  13. Aisha Aliyu

    will the female minder's job be to hold down kate's hem? this is just stupid as always….kate should wear longer dresses or pants when going on helicopter rides simple!!!!

  14. Anonymous

    Has it ever been said/shown she was not wearing underwear? I had assumed she was wearing thong style underwear…a style many women have worn. Many of you are sounding rather judgmental here.

  15. Enrique Fernández Roberts

    The shot didn't show everything, it's possible she was wearing a thong. Which makes sense given the sheer dress she was wearing. It's too thin of a dress for a "slip" which means visible underwear lines with any other option.

  16. Enrique Fernández Roberts

    But I do agree that a more conservative option is likely the better route for a princess to take…

  17. Nikki Simonich McDermott

    Has no one ever heard of a thong. No panty lines, but all the important parts are covered. Wearing a thong does not make her trashy; she's a young woman wearing what young women wear. No need to wear granny panties.

  18. Luisa Almeida

    She was wearing "knickers", just no "granny" type, Thongs are comfortable and popular!

  19. Pat Harter

    Dryasna why are you foaming at the mouth angry? Sad, that something that has no effect on you directly causes such a rabid response. Your bitter comments do not reflect well on you and has no effect on the royal family. if you do not approve of the royals simply do not read any news reports about them. I suggest you calm down and move on.

  20. Katherine Inserra

    Who said she wasn't wearing any? Thongs are underwear and quite popular with the under 50 crowd.

  21. Anonymous

    Diane Morel, obviously has a radically different idea of what "honoring the work the royals were doing" means!

  22. Kim Hogan-Morley

    How difficult is it to at least wear underwear in a public setting? If a reveal by the wind happened once, it certainly can happen again. Kate is a smart girl; she surely realizes how the papparazzi operate. If she doesn't want pictures circulated of her bare bum, let her wear underwear!

  23. George Alexander

    If she sampled anything in Scotland, it would have been whisky; get the spelling right. Also, there is nothing wrong with the occasional sip whilst pregnant.

  24. Scamuel Jones

    If the Duchess wants to show me her azz or tits I'll be happy to look!

  25. Joz Molody

    Kate is a woman in her 30s who has never held an honest job. You would think she's be intelligent enough to wear knickers to a photo shoot but now taxpayers have to pay someone to tell her she has to wear knickers when she's at photo shoots. There are no parallels between her and Diana, an honest royal who held a responsible job and was over a decade younger than Kate when she married and had children. Still Diana managed to wear knickers to photo shoots and keep her bathing suit on when on holiday outdoors overlooking the ocean.

  26. Allison Laster Fitch

    why not just assign Kate some panties? Decent ones that cover her butt. No smart person will go out without something to protect their butt from exposure when they're wearing a dress, but the royals, as bastions of tradition, are under twice as much scrutiny. It's a lot cheaper and more practical if she just gets a good pair of panties.

  27. Denise George Rhodes

    Maybe she was wearing flesh colored underwear, I find it hard to believe that the Duchess would go anywhere without wearing panties.

  28. Linda Landiak Bender

    Shouldn't we sound judgmental? I mean she is a princess and one ay could be Queen. Se has been burned before by not wearing clothes. But for her to go out on walkabout in the wind wearing a dress with no underwear is just low class. Kate, your not 20 anymore and your the mother of the future King, but on some britches. Stupid as*.

  29. Virginia Jauhar

    Times are tough financially in the England, the Royalty are no exceptions. Everyone seems to be on a budget, especially, Kate, not buying undies could be a good place to start in saving money.

  30. Edith Katheryn Rowntree Grins

    Well, in any case she knew her bum was naked

  31. Edith Katheryn Rowntree Grins

    Well, in any case she knew her bum was naked

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