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Lance Armstrong Accused Of ‘Relentless’ Perjury

Lance Armstrong at podium

The ongoing lawsuit between Lance Armstrong and SCA Promotions, the sports insurance company, heated up this week. First, Armstrong lost his appeal for temporary relief, which (if it had been successful) would have blocked the company from collecting $12 million in prize money that Lance Armstrong was paid for his 2002, 2003, and 2004 Tour de France victories. The loss of this appeal came during a bad week for the disgraced former cyclist, coming as it did just days after the denial of his appeal to the Dallas-based Fifth Court of Appeals.

Lance Armstrong had sought to prevent an arbitration panel from re-convening in the matter of SCA’s ongoing suit.

The ongoing legal dispute stems from a 2006 settlement between the cyclist and SCA. In the proceedings leading up to that settlement, Armstrong testified (in November 2005) that “I’ve never taken performance-enhancing.”

Both the cyclist and his former racing team insist that the 2006 settlement was the final word on the matter, despite Armstrong’s having admitted on national television, to Oprah Winfrey, that he had been doping during those victories.

Naturally, SCA Promotions and their attorney, Jeff Tillotson, view the cyclist’s televised confession to perjury in a different light. Tillotson said as much to USA Today on Friday:

“Our position is simple. No one should be able to relentlessly perjure themselves and get away with it.”

The case looks relatively simple at first glance. Lance Armstrong was under oath in 2005, and he made statements that he knew then were false. (At least, we assume Armstrong knew that a man named Lance Armstrong was doping him. We have only the victim’s (Mr. Armstrong’s) word for it. The man accused of doping him, one Lance Armstrong, has not admitted to having told his victim that he was being given performance enhancing drugs. Let’s be straight about this, even if the record gives us trouble about the details.)

The general public should be excused if, a year after his televised confession, they are confused as to why Armstrong would insist that the original settlement, which was based on his knowingly false statements, should be considered valid.

Of course, the general public would be missing the point. Armstrong is not just using legal chicanery to shield himself from the natural consequences of his actions. He is also trying, desperately, to avoid being put into situations where his natural talent for dissembling might lead to future legal consequences. The fact that he might be able to accomplish this by simply settling and returning his prize money seems, for the moment, to have eluded both the cyclist and his attorneys.

Tillotson, for his part, seems to see the tip of a very big iceberg in all of this talk of Armstrong’s perjury, and his words to USA Today point to a deeper need on his part to see “justice” done. Perhaps that is not it, though. Perhaps this is just a grudge match between Lance Armstrong and the plucky young lawyer whose gut instinct about falsehood and graft proved to be too true, but to also carry too few consequences.

Either story fits the narrative, especially since Tillotson seems to have his heart set on another confrontation with Lance Armstrong deposition, having written to the arbitration panel that, “SCA remains concerned about the extreme delay perpetuated by Mr. Armstrong in this matter and therefore requests the earliest possible dates for (depositions).”

No matter how you look at it, the case spells hard times for Lance Armstrong, and we should not find ourselves shocked if his smile is just a little slower, his jokes are told in a little lower voice, and he avoids saying anything at all whenever there is a camera (or even a teenager on a smartphone) in his immediate vicinity. This whole kerfuffle, this minor issue of committing fraud in the course of a court procedure, this one-time fib, is threatening to stamp out what rubble remains to represent his integrity and public character.

Of course he’s going to try to save it. Lance Armstrong has finally learned what every two-penny hustler has known since covered wagons brought snake oil to the west: You don’t go out and start telling the truth after you’re caught lying. That’s the absolute worst time to do it.

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25 Responses to “Lance Armstrong Accused Of ‘Relentless’ Perjury”

  1. Scott Brines

    This lawyer needs to think before he speaks. LA was only deposed once under oath. Where he perjured himself if we take his admission on Oprah as the truth. Sure, he repeatedly lied for years afterwards (how could he not without the whole world coming crashing down around him?), but he technically only perjured himself the one time. Nitpicking? sure, but that is exactly what attorneys are supposed to do, find tiny flaws in your argument to discredit you. Don't know what LA's lawyers are thinking by not settling this and having him get deposed by the same lawyer again. He doesn't have a prayer of winning his case and keeping the money so why risk getting in more trouble?

  2. Anonymous

    Did this guy even have cancer? Or was that another elaborate hoax as well?

  3. Bella Dupree

    @SCOTT BRINES. STOP THE NABBY PAMBING BS..THE WHOLE WORLD CAME DOWN ON ARMSTRONG BECAUSE HE ASKED FOR IT, DESERVED IT AND NOW IS PAYING THE PRICE OR THE PIPER. Such a disappointment to me and millions of other supporters UNTIL! FACT: lANCE ARMSTRONG IS DECEITFUL, A LIAR, A CHEATER AND AN EMBARRASSMENT TO OUR COUNTRY. I HARDLY CALL WHAT THE LAW IS DOING TO ARMSTRONG AS NITPICKING. THE ONLY VICTIMS IN THIS SICK SOB'S LIFE IS HIS CHILDREN AND WHAT THEY WILL HAVE TO PUT UP FROM MEAN SPIRITED, BULLYS THE REST OF THEIR LIVES..OR UNTIL THEY HAVE NO CHOICE BUT TO GIVE SOMEONE A "FIST SANDWICH." GOOD QUESTION "QU CASEY.."did Armstrong ever have cancer or was that one of his many lies, deceits and cheat heart? I always have to laugh when I see these types of celebs like Armstrong, etc. riding high on the hog..The BIG ARROGANT SMILES, the photogs following them everywhere hoping to get a picture and a statement. Then the sorry look on their faces, sorry coming out of their mouths/verbage /AND ONLY BECAUSE THEY FINALLY GOT CAUGHT.

  4. Margaret Fahy

    Because he is just that arrogant….unbelievable…if i were him, i'd return all prize money and start leading a very quiet life away from the public….i think he's a horrible person…has hurt so many people….i never liked the look on his face….and i was right…he's a true creep…

  5. Anonymous

    "the case spells hard times for Lance Armstrong,

    He is living proof of the validity of the old saying – Megalomania is its own reward.

  6. Martin Dewhurst-Walker

    In a perfect world we would be done with this man. But alas, that is not the case. I am curious as to why Perjury charges are not pending and why he is not in a jail cell, after all, if we lied under oath that would be our punishment. I am also curious why fraud charges are not being pressed. The man basically admitted to swindling the world out of millions of dollars. At the very least he needs 30 years in a Mental Institution if he is in fact crazy and cannot tell the difference between the truth and lies. How many more millions are being spent on this man?? Heck of a message we send to our youth when we dont have the courage to prosecute celebrities. The legal system is so skewed its pathetic. Lance Armstrong is simply a criminal living the good life.

  7. Christie Johnson


  8. Anonymous

    Martin, the same could be asked of Landis and Hamilton, and why they have gotten away with fraud and perjury. Both took money from supporters for their legal defense fund (including me) stating that they hadn't doped, even wrote books that they sold to supporters, that they hadn't doped, then later oops..sorry, I doped. I have long wondered how they have gotten away with not being in jail. But then, I also ask (daily) why the big bank CEO's got away with bilking billions from investors (like myself) then took money from the US govt and not a single one even was prosecuted or indicted.

  9. Anonymous

    Scott, anyone who thinks Lance is going to be broke after all this is said and done is smoking some good Colorado weed. Look, the guy had great attorneys and accountants and there's no doubt that he set up trusts for all his children and himself to protect himself. He's not stupid and he has always had good attorney's. Trusts protect him from losing his assets as the trust owns everything, not :Lance and a trust cannot be sued.

  10. Anonymous

    Gary, won't happen. He'll come out of this just fine. I bet you didn't raise hell when the CEO's of the big banks lied under oath to the US Congress, bilking billions out of the US taxpayers and not a single one ever was prosecuted. Think again, Lance's assets are tied up in trusts which and he will come out of this in fine shape. And he should.

  11. Martin Dewhurst-Walker

    ultrarunner I guess it is the new and improved America. Where right is right and wrong is right (if you are loaded). What happens with these millionaires is about the same as what our Congress and Politicians get away with. campaign contributions buy friends and exemptions. And they say that does not happen hahahahaha. just look at Hernandez (football player) got money, gets to get a mental evaluation to put off the trial. Now says he is broke, legal teams wants to back out, more stalling, same as O.J. Simpson. His lawyers should be forced to do it for free, they jumped on the publicity wagon, and everyone that was on the Armstrong publicity wagon should have to stick by him. Lady Justice used to be blind, now she is dumb, deaf and stupid also !!

  12. Melvin Poteet

    Margaret Fahy And you are a superficial idiot. He raised tons of money for cancer research which far outweighs the so called "cheating".

  13. Melvin Poteet

    ultrarunner Now there is a comment that makes sense. Why are the REAL liars, cheats, and thiefs – the bankers that nearly wrecked this country – not in jail? Everyone jumps on Lance because he broke their fairy tale but I don't see anyone jumping on the crooks who did real damage.

  14. Anonymous

    This headline would fit perfectly for Obama also!

  15. Scott McLintock

    Why didn't the tour de France give first place to the second place finishers when they took away Lance's titles??? Because they knew that everyone was using performance enhancing drug.
    SCA promotions made money off of Lance and now they are trying to get more.

  16. Beverly Campbell

    Scott McLintock He maliciously destroyed the reputations and careers of anyone caught telling the truth. I do not believe that the end always justifies the means. This was just cruel.

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